Vintage style Ladies and Gents Hanging Plaques

Half way through making some cards last week I changed tack and decided to make some plaques instead.  They are made up exactly like cards except they are on 5 mm plywood.  The plywood has had two base coats of acrylic paint.

Here are two of the plaques that are finished

please click on the photos to enlarge



The little fob watch has been stamped on to card stock and then embossed.

The little shoes is a vintage scrap.

Doesn’t the man on the far right like like Sherlock Holmes!! lol!

and the second one

The beads have been sewn onto the lace before the lace was securely attached.

The roses have been attached using silicon glue.

The fluffy gold and bronze fibers on the tops of these are from Christmas wrappings.


I quite like working with thin plywood.  It cuts easily with a sharp craft knife.  It is also quite light in weight so postage is not too bad.  I just used a cheap bulk standard acrylic paint as most of the front is covered over with paper.

Best Wishes Florence


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