Cartoon Characters – Painted plates

Many many moons ago Freddie and I lived on a sailing yacht.  With very limited storage my craft box was a small tupperware container.  My crafty stash consisted of 6 small bottles of acrylic paint, a flat brush, a round brush and a liner brush.  I also had one ink pad and three stamps.   I had hardly any card stock because the damp conditions made storage a problem.  When we left the UK it was difficult getting hold of craft supplies but one thing I could get hold of was wooden plates.  I painted them really to give to other sailing people/families we met on our travels.  Mainly I painted plates for the children on the boats.  The parents would tell me the child’s  favourite cartoon characters and then a plate would be produced at christmas or birthdays etc.   I never kept any photos of the plates I gave out but I did find these photos the other day and thought I would share them with you.


Flo Langley Disney 2DSCN0043B.jpg







The images were copied from books, wrapping paper, old diaries, video boxes or anything I could lay my hands on at the time.  I had never thought about it before, but having another look at these, there is no shading on the characters.

Best Wishes Florence.

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