A quick bag

A few weeks ago I went to the charity shop.  I bought a couple of quite scruffy bags.  I bought the bags for the handles which were in perfect condition.  I unpicked one of the bags yesterday.  As I was unpicking it I thought I would make a pattern of the pieces.  In the end I ended up making a bag.


The scruffy bag    


The pieces

I copied the pieces onto to scrap card board and quickly discarded these pieces.


The flower is made up using 3 sufolk puffs. (See tag “fabric flowers” for instructions on making sufolk puffs).  The bag is lined with the same material as the flower.  The blue fabric is from a pair of trousers that I grew out of!

I am not a very good sewer but I found using the pieces from the old bag much easier than following a pattern and instructions.

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. craftingcottage

    Wow Florence, what a difference! I truly love bags (Tony calls me a bag lady 😉 I usually try to fool him when I buy a new one and hide it around the house for a bit before I bring it out to wear it, in hopes he won’t notice me buying yet another bag lol! This looks to be the perfect size! I would imagine it would fit all my junk that I drag around with me to work every day 🙂 The flower is fantastic! It really brightens up the bag, very trendy. Love It! 🙂 I always find something new on your blog. You Rock! 😉


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Lisa. This is a nice surpise. It is 4.07 a.m in Spain. Insomnia has kicked in! LOL! I usually carry an enormous leather rucksack around. The only problem is I always get followed around by security guards when I am shopping!
      Kind Regards Florence.


    1. Florence

      Hi There, Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. I was quite pleased how it turned out. I am absolutely useless with patterns but this way worked for me.
      Regards Florence x



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