Fabric booklet using Recycled CDs

Do you ever have those days when you put the car keys in the fridge and fill the teapot up with milk?  I still can not find my purse.  I know I brought it home with me this morning.  Better check the freezer!  Anyway…

I tried to start a few project yesterday afternoon.  Nothing seemed to gel so in the end I made a fabric booklet using old CDs  Its not quite what I pictured in my mind but it kept me occupied for a few hours.

please click on the images to enlarge


Here are the pages

This is the booklet looking on from the side


The pages are made up of fabric layers sewn together and then the bottom layer is adhered to a CD.

I made a few mistakes.  I had intended to use book binding rings but I drilled the holes too small!  Not keen on ribbon binding.  The fabric is adhered to the CDs with book binding glue.  Although it is stuck down I am not sure how permanent it is.  Maybe it would have been better to sand the CDs a little to take the shine off them.


Best Wishes Florence.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Marie. Lovely to hear from you. I keep loosing things and forgetting words. Everything is a “thingy”. Signs of getting older! It did only take a few hours. It was still a bit soggy when I took the photos!
      Regards Florence x



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