Oriental Plaque

I was messing about yesterday trying out some ideas that I have to decorate a box.  I thought if I used a bit of plywood it would not be a great disaster if it went wrong.  It did go wrong hence the frames.  They cover up a few sploges of black paint.  I then got carried away and ended up making a plaque.

Here is the finished beast.  It was a bit of a pig to photo so I hope it shows up ok. (up dated photo added)




I do love these little oriental stamps.


Little oriental coin embellishments


This is how it started out


Not keen on the yellow background.


I will decorate the box over the summer but it was well worth trying it out on plywood first.

That’s me crafted out.  Serious housework to do.

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. dollys daydreams

    Oh Florence you make me laugh , you remind me a lot of myself. I start of with good intentions and then the pieces just take on a life of their own due to my errors. Most of the things I make start of simple and then have to have bits and bobs added to cover up my fingerprints. Your plaque is gorgeous though I love your stamps and the colours are fantastic.

    Must go to work now how dare it interrupt my crafting !

    Have a great weekend



    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Marie. You have made my day. I have just been shopping with a friend for supplies for the JFF challenge. We got soaking wet in heavy rain. Got home to 3 inches of snow. Turned on the pute and there was a cheery message from you. Thank you.
      Kind Regards Florence.



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