Clay Sheep Picture

This weeks JFF challenge is mixed media and to include something that you have not used before.

I have not used modelling paste before so I thought I would try it out.

To be honest it took me quite a while to think of a project and whilst mulling it over the tinkling sound of the sheep bells caught my attention so that is what I went with.




Here is my contribution






I started off by drawing the design on a piece of paper and then transferred it onto a piece of MDF.  I then  cut out the shapes of the sheep and the tree trunk from the paper and cut them out of clay.  I did the same with the top of the tree but cut it out of 5 mm ply usign a scroll saw.   Right are you with me so far? I glued down some scrap plywood, on to the MDF,  as a backing plate for the top of the tree.   Then I splodged some of the modeling paste on the MDF for the sky and the grass.  When the paste and the clay pieces where dry I painted them with acrylic paint.   When the paint was dry I added the embelishments to the sheep using Judikins diamond glaze.  The sheep heads are pebbles from the beach.  I then glued the sheep onto  the MDF using PVA.  As for the top of the tree, I gave the plywood shape two coats of acrylic paint and then stamped all over it.   I then glued this to the backing plates using PVA.   I hope that makes sence.  I took some photos as I went along.

Please click on the photos to enlarge

For the first coat of acrylic paint  I used a paint brush but the second I used a bathroom sponge.  I found that easier.

Stamps used:  Script – Crafty Individuals and Fob watches – Elusive images.

I took one idea from each of the JFF “girls’ ” projects.  Thanks for the inspiration.

I am not sure that the picture turned out exactly what I expected but what ever does!

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. Zoechaos

    WOW never imagined anyone would go to such lengths for the challenge or create something as fatastic as this. It is exciting inspiring and completely unique Love it. Thank you for joining in with Just for Fun this week. XOXO Zoe


  2. Von

    Oh how wonderful is that !!! can’t believe we inspired such a peice 🙂 more likely you beautiful surroundings lol
    A plaque worthy of hanging on anyones wall 🙂
    Thanks for joining us again at Just for fun and look forward to seeing more of your creations
    Hug Von x


  3. Sue Abbott

    Love the way you have got inspiration for this piece. You have certainly put a lot of work into it. Well worth the effort I love it! Sue x


  4. Joy

    Hi Florence, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. Your work is so innovative and inspiring, loving the sheep. My son has two little bah lambs born last week, not seen them yet. Love your work.
    Joy xx


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Joy. Thank you for paying me a visit all the way over from Cornwall and your lovely comment. There is nothing nicer than gamboling lambs. I bet you will not be able to resist having a cuddle of your son’s new lambs.
      Regards Florence.


  5. Jaqi

    This is great i love it, wow bet you had a good time making this . I love the way you have used the pebbles for the sheeps heads I would never have thought of that , its so effective. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment too its much appriciated 🙂


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Jaqi. Lovely to hear from you. I did enjoy it. I got into a terrible mess with the paste. In my hair, in my ears and up my nose. Well not quite up my nose but you know what I mean. LOL. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see all your wonderful creations.
      Regards Florence.


  6. neet

    I’m a bit late doing my comments and when I saw this I just went “Phew”. You amaze me with your wood skills. What a lot of work has gone into this but what a wonderful piece of “fun” artwork it is. I hope it is hanging somewhere in your home – it deserves pride of place. Mind you I was blown away with your Angel Wings the other week and feel they need to be displayed too.
    Thanks for joining us at JFF – look forward to seeing what you come up with next time – amazing stuff!



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