Medallions and Buttons

I was having a bit of a sort out last night in my craft room.  Am I the only one that bought packets of scraps about ten years ago and still have zillions left?

I thought I would use some up and make some medallions and buttons.


I glued the scraps onto poker chips using diamond glaze. I found it easier to glue the over sized scraps on to the chips and when they had dried I ran a craft knife round the edge of the chip.  I put some distressing ink around the edges and then varnished them with paper glue.  I then ran a gold pen around the edge.

Here are some buttons I made using poker chips and some pretty papers.  I drilled holes in the chips before I covered them with paper.  I varnished over the paper. When the paper varnish was completely dry I used a small pin to mark where the holes were and then gently pushed a cocktails stick into the holes from the top.   I think when I make some more I will use a slightly bigger drill bit.


These are just under 4 cm in diameter and 3 mm deep.

Best Wishes Florence.

2 thoughts

  1. Gosh what wonderful things you can create from scraps that’s if your name is Florence. Where do you get your inspiration from. They are fantastic.
    Have a little present on my blog for you pop over when you have time.



    1. Hi Marie. Thank you for your lovely comments and encouragement. If it is what I think it is (I’ve just had a peek), do you really mean me? I am absolutely blown away that you would think of me. Thank you.
      Kind regards Florence.



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