Decorations for the plant pots

This year seems to be flying by.  I have only just started to think about decorations for Easter.  I do have a thing about having lots of decorations.   I am not keen on buying decorations not just because of the expense but I never seem to see anything I like.   I have made a couple of plaques.   This time I attached to them pieces of wooden beading rod.   At the appropriate time I will put them  in  plant pots by the doors.  For the sake of the photos I have put them in the same pot.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002


I coated the beading with gloss paint to protect it from the damp soil.    The plaques are made of 3mm ply. I attached the beading rods to the back of the plaques  using PVA glue.  The rods are about 30 cms long.  The decorations will be fine in the ivy pots because the ivy can stand a few days without any watering.   Hopefully we will get  a dry Easter.  If not, then the plants can come inside the porch and the conservatory.

The images of the hare and the chickens are Mamelok scraps.  They are imbossed  but the photos are a little bit poor to pick up the details.

Best Wishes Florence.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Marie. Lovely to hear from you. No, this is just some 3mm ply but Freddie (bless him) did cut it out for me. Thank you for your lovely comment. Dont believe a word of it but thank you anyway. LOL!
      Kinde Regards Florence.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Annette. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your very kind words. WordPress do not have the same following facility as other blogs. They have the subscription method.
      I have sent you an e.mail about this. If you do not receive it in the next 24 hours can you let me know.
      Kind Regards Florence.


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