Easter Eggs

I have spent the morning sorting through the decorations box or I should say boxes! I found the old easter eggs.  I made these about 9 years ago.  At the time of making them I honestly thought they would disintegrate after the first couple of rounds of hiding and hunting.  They have lasted well considering they come out every year,  friends have borrowed them and some have been used as footy practice!  They are a bit dimpled now but still hold lots of memories.

Copy of DSC_0004


These are just a few.  I made them oversized at the time because the children were only little.  I used  small oval balloons and covered them with newspaper soaked in wall paper paste .  When they had sufficient coats of paper on, about 6, I cut off the tail of the balloon and added a few strips of the paper to seal the end. I then painted them with some acrylic paint.

Everyone is slightly older now but they still enjoy racing around the garden trying to find them.  It has just got a little bit more boisterous.

Best Wishes Florence.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Marie. Thank you for sparing the time for a visit and for your lovely comment. I know I am absolutely amazed they have lasted this long although I did give them a bit of a clean for the photo LOL.
      Kind Regards Florence.


  1. chicaandaluza

    Love these Florence! Gorgeous colours. You´ve inspired me to dig out my Easter decorations for the family visit next week. Hope you get many years more of enjoyment from them! Chica


  2. craftingcottage

    Hi Florence! Your eggs are fantastic! My kids would have loved them when they were little. I always set up easter egg hunts for them and it was the best part of Easter, They Loved It! Now they are 20 and 22 and I can barely get them to get up before noon let alone hunt for eggs! LOL! Have a great day!
    Lisa 🙂


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean. I used to love seeing the little ones run around looking for eggs. Squeals of delight – theres one, theres one. Now it’s “ge’rof it’s mine”. LOL
      Kind Regards Florence.


  3. fiztrainer

    This is such a great idea. I would never have thought to do something like this and never would think they would hold up like these have for you. I may have to try this idea myself. Love it.


    1. Florence

      Hi, Great to hear from you. When I made these I never thought they would last so long. I think it must be the acrylic paint I used. It must have given them a really good seal. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence x



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