Cockerel Wooden plaque

Over at Just For Fun this weeks challenge is “inchies” which is the theme chosen by the lovely Neet.

I spent last night trying to come up with an idea for this weeks challenge using an elephant stamp and card.  It didn’t really work.   I think the stamp was too big and also the card I have is no good for stamping on.    It all ended up in the bin.

After thinking about it all morning, whilst doing the shopping, I got to thinking about tiles.  This led on to kitchen tiles, which led on to my friend Carrie’s kitchen tiles, and eventually to the idea of using a cockerel stamp that I have.


This is the first time I have made anything like this.  Now I am about 90% happy with it but I am not sure if the gaps between the tiles are too big? Or are they to big for this image?   In the top right hand corner, I think I over cooked the embossing powder and it altered the colour of the staz-on!  Thats a new one on me.

I have a question.  Can anyone tell me why the embossing cracks?  I have only noticed it in the last few months.  It has never happened before.

Stamps used: Elusive Images.

Best Wishes Florence.

31 thoughts

  1. Florence this is amazing looks likes real tiles beautifully done, as for the gaps I think they are perfect they add great dimension and depth. Don’t know what to say about the cracking could it be climate related ??. BTW I loved this challenge no moaning from me for once, then again there is always next week . You asked me what was in my planter I think it’s some sort of bark I have an orchid in there and they don’t like soil.!!\

    1. Hi Marie. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. To see your JFF wk 13 project better I used Freddies monitor which is much better than mine and I enlarged your photo. In a second there was this photo of what looked like ears in your planter. Sorry it just gave me a fit of the giggles. It’s my sad sense of humour which appears on rare occasions. Glad you are back to being a happy crafter again.
      Kind Regards Florence.

  2. Hello Florence, what a lovely creation gaps look perfect from here. you have captured the whole kitchen tile idea and it looks fabulous.

    I do not usually use ep on stayzon as the ink drys quickly and am a little unsure what you mean about cracking. Is it possible for you to give us a brief description of what you do and maybe a close up of the result complete with cracking. Someone will be able to advise you thats for sure.

    Thank you for bringing this to us at Just for fun this week. XOXO Zoe

    1. Hi Zoe. Thank you for your visit and your kind words. If you click onto the photo, third tile down on the right (ooops (ed)) shows the cracking. I have been using a new UTEP so it could be the brand. It also goes cloudy which I think may be over heating but It would be great for anyone to let me know.
      Regards Florence.

  3. Oh I really love this, its gorgeous. Many is the time I`ve ended up putting something in the bin because it just hasn`t worked as I wanted it to, frustrating isn`t it ? x Lavinia

    1. Hi Lavinia. Lovely to hear from you. Nice to see you back blogging after the holidays. I am glad I am not the only one! Thank you for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence.

  4. I love your piece, the rooster looks Fab, sorry cannot help on your EP question, could it be the powder itself, does it help to put a couple of layers on. Yvonne xx

  5. As always a fab piece Florence love the way you have made them look like tile with the embossing powder but as to the cracking could you have flexed the card ? and the clouding no idea sorry sound like it could be the make 😦
    Thanks for sharing with us at just for fun
    Von x

    1. Hi Von. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. It has crossed my mind in the past if I had flexed the base but these inches are on mount board and so small. Ah.. Just had a thought. I glued them down with diamond glaze and not PVA, which is what I usually use, so maybe that has something to do with it. There is probably more flexibility in PVA than diamond glaze and the weakest point, the top, could have cracked with any expansion and contraction. I will experiment with this.
      Kind Regards Florence.

  6. Hi Florence am loving your inchies, this looks so like real tiles, its perfect. I enlarged your picture to see the cracks………hmmmmmmmmm never seen embossing powder behave like that unless you bent the piece without realising it. Have a great weekend. Do you want to borrow my new hoover…… Annette x

    1. Hi Annette. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. I would love to borrow your hoover! LOL! I had a role of chicken wire for my birthday! At least with your prezzie you can polish it and put it out on display! LOL.
      Kind Regards Florence x.

  7. Florence this is gorgeous. At first when I looked I thought it was an integral part of your egg holder. Love that cockerel stamp – can you tell me who makes it please.
    I think your gaps are perfect, as is the addition of the bow at the base of the card. A beautiful creation!
    Not a clue about the cracking – could be the powder could be your climate. I’ve had the milky thing happen and think it was because I overheated but I think that was on utee.
    I’ll carry on thinking.
    Thanks for joining in again at JFF – Hugs, Neet x

    1. Hi Neet. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. The cockerel stamp is by Elusive Images. I am coming to the conclusion the cracking is a result of what I stuck the tiles down with which made the base too rigid. I will experiment.
      Kind Regards Florence.

  8. Fantastic work on this one. It looks like the sort of tiles I would love for a feature in my kitchen. Great idea to have the eggs as a background for the photograph. 🙂


    1. Hi Chrissie. Great to hear from you. I would love them in my kitchen as well. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. As always they are very much appreciated.
      Kind Regards Florence.


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