A couple more of the cards

Here are two more cards from the stack.  These are my favourites well that is until I get to the baby cards.  I am still ploughing through the photos of the cards I made recently.  The posting frenzy should be easing up soon! LOL!  Well give it a week at the most!






In case anyone is wondering what this strange surge of activity is all about. It’s ok I am not really suffering from any obsessive blog posting dissorder.  The simple reason is that I took, rather hurriedly, three or four photos of each of the cards I made before I needed to hand them over to my friend.   I now have about 150 photos that I need to clear from my computer.

Well that is enough for today.   I’m off for a cuppa!

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. florence and freddie

    Hi Neet. You have made my day. It is always lovely to get a comment but three in one day! You are spoiling me! LOL! Thank you for your visit and your comments they really are appreciated. I am really pleased that you like them.
    Regards Florence x


  2. dollys daydreams

    Love your posting frenzy ! Keep them coming ! Fabulous work and love the mushroom stamp , the flower is gorgeous too as is the paper you have used to back them . Enjoy your cuppa.



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