Embellished Silk Cushion

The Crafty Individuals June Challenge is “Vintage with Hearts”.  For this months challenge I made a small silk embellished cushion.

For full details of the challenge click on the Crafty Individuals link on the side bar.

I made small sufolk puffs for the flowers and added some small pearl beads.  For the main image I painted some gesso onto a small piece of cotton fabric.  I then stamped the image on to the fabric and coloured it using fabric paints.  I covered the stamped panel with serviette varnish.  There is a small amount of filler behind the stamped panel.   I added a metal heart to the top right hand corner.

The stamp I used is Crafty Individuals CI303.

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. chicaandaluza

    This is incredible – I imagine a young Victorian lady making this for her secret sweetheart and swooning every so often as she does with a “fluttering heart”. What a romantic I am! PS: The lace is stunning.


  2. Ephemera

    Florence, this is so gorgeous & perfect, I love it. The stamp goes perfectly with the cushion! The flowers are stunning. I’m intrigued what is serviette varnish? X


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Paula. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. I bought this stamp for these sort of projects. I am really pleased how it stamps on to fabric. The serviette varnish (probably not the correct name?) is a varnish/glue that is used in serviette craft. You paint it onto something ie., a flower pot, candle, glass bowl and then place your serviette or tissue over it. You then coat the serviette or tissue with the glue/varnish to fix it and seal it. I am sorry I haven’t got a manufacturers name. I have found that it works really well on certain fabrics when I have wanted to seal the fabric after I have stamped and painted on it.
      Regards Florence.


  3. craftingcottage

    Florence this is so fantastic! I have to say the way you arranged it with the jewelery box in the photo fits so well, it really looks like you had it professionally photographed! Good On Ya Mate! 😉 I Love It!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    Lisa 🙂


  4. neet

    Can’t believe I did not comment on this. It is beautiful. What a fabulous job you have made of colouring those images with fabric paints. What is serviette varnish please and did you use it to protect the image?
    I love the colours you have used, they all blend so well and the whole creation is absolutely gorgeous.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Neet. You always spoil me with your lovely comments when you visit!. Thank you. I call it serviette varnish. It is a gluse/varnish that people use with serviette craft. IIt acts as a glue to adhere say, serviettes and tissue to a surface but when it is dry it is like a varnish. I find it works really well on some fabrics. Although I fixed the fabric paint with the iron I used the varnish just to protect the image from dust etc.
      Kind Regards Florence x



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