JFF challenge – Steampunk Fun

This weeks challenge over at Just For Fun is Steampunk.  Neet has chosen this weeks theme.  (Edit:  sorry Marie)  This week is a special week as my blogging buddy Marie from Dolly Daydreams (link on the sidebar) is a guest designer for JFF.  If you have not visited Maries blog before then click on to the link.  You are in for a real treat.

After a lot of head scratching and puffing and blowing I decided to go with steampunk vehicles.  I hope they class as steampunk anyway! LOL! Or maybe they are just plain daft!

I really enjoyed messing about with various stamps and got a little carried away.  In the end I made a load of card toppers and put them in a small folder.

This is the one I am entering in to the challenge





These are the rest













The last photo is the folder I put the topper into.

The cogs  (well that is what they are supposed to be! LOL!)  are made from paper punches and fancy scissors.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out.  Maybe the earth moving, rock boring contraption was stretching it a little!  It’s the one that looks like a cup cake!

All in all it was a great challenge and really good fun.

That’s it from me.  I’m off to catch the tennis.

Best Wishes Florence.

Edit : Jaqi this is for you – Stamps used

Top: Fob watch – Chocolate Baroque.  Tea Cup – Kadomo Inc.  Propellers and lines draw free hand.

Working down from left to right.

Tea Cup – Kadomo Inc, Small fob watch – Chocolate Baroque, Bumble bee (propeller) Anitas.  Lines drawn free hand.

Cup cake (on its side) – Joanna Sheen, Dragon Fly (propeller) – Creative Expressions, wheels are from the center of a flower from a collage stamp – Hero Arts

Man on Penny Farthing – Chocolate Baroque.  Propeller and umberella are added free hand.

Clock workings with mans head in the circle (complete stamp) – Crafty Individuals.

Small bird and fob watch (wheels)  stamps – Chocolate Baroque.  Free hand drawn umbrella.

Mans head and shoulders – Chocolate Baroque.  The motor cycle (upside down) on his head – sorry this is very old and I am not sure who made this.

The balloon stamp came in a set with the motor cycle.  Again sorry I am not sure who made this.  The shoe may have come from Creative Expressions.  Lines attaching both are drawn free hand.

The words on all the toppers are typed and printed off the computer.

Regards Florence.


  1. Von

    How creative of you to make your own cogs they are really good 🙂 fab images and love your inventions that cupcake is inspired tehe
    Thank you for playing along with us this week at Just for Fun Florence
    Von x


  2. Zoe Sanderson

    Florence these are all Steampunk, wonderful wild contraptions with a Victorian/Edwardian style to them love them all. Apart from those very clever cogs are your images stamps or digi? Just curious because they are wonderful XOXO Zoe


  3. neet

    Florence, I was busting to see what you came up with this week and you have done me proud with my choice of theme. What weird and wonderful contraptions you have come up with. What a fantastic set of cards. I am totally in awe of how you have married stamps up (read above you joined them up with one or two black lines) by joining lines. Absolutely totally gob-smackilngly fab! Thanks for being you and joining us at JFF each week. Hugs, Neet xx


  4. Suze Bain

    These are really great. Love the background colours and your stamps are fab. I’m a bit stumped on this one – don’t own any steampunk stamps – but I’ll think of something! xx


  5. Jaqi

    Stunning pieces , what fabulous stamps, do you mind me asking where they are from please? I love them all, what an inspiration.
    Sorry Im late in visiting its been a manic weekend followed by 2 very hectic days but im glad i didnt miss these little beauties 🙂


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Jaqi. It is always lovely to hear from you. No need to apologise. I have added all the info of the stamps I have used at the bottom of my post. Hope this helps. If you like balloons and shoes etc. It is worth having a look at the Craft Barn (click on the owls) Stamps by Impression Obsession – Gary Robertson designs.
      Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence.


      1. Jaqi

        Oh how kind of you , thank you so much I will have fun checking these out , and maybe start a birthday wish list hehehe, thanks again its much appriciated 🙂



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