The beast is out..

Everything has been delayed this year.  We had such bad weather from April to the beginning of June and then the dreaded olive pollen.   Finally, on Sunday, I got my wood turning machine out from it’s winter storage.  Well Erm… from under the stairs actually! LOL!

I have not been crafting for a few days so I thought I would share some photos.  Here is the beast.  He looks quite harmless doesn’t he.


Here is a mushroom which I made last year.  I found it in the box with my tools.


I am quite lucky where I live I can easily lay my hands on cherry, oak, olive and hazel wood so I have plenty of stock to pratice with.  Hopefully, this week, I can make a start on some wooden christmas decorations.

I have added a couple of photos of flowers from around the garden.  Just to make the post look a little prettier.





Best Wishes Florence.


  1. Florence you amaze me as always! I just can NOT wait to see what you come up with, with your wood turning machine. You have so many talents!
    Ohhhhhh the pictures of the flowers in your garden are fantastic! With blooms like that, how bad could your weather have possibly been!?!?
    Have a great weekend!
    Lisa 🙂


    • Hi Lisa. Hope all is well with you. Lovely to hear from you as always. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. We had really bad storms with endless rain. The beast is electric so a bit of a no go with water. Now we will have a drought until Sept/Oct!
      Regards Florence x


  2. hi Florence, thnaks for visting my blog and leaving such kind word always. I like your mushroom. The flowers looks so beautiful, Congratulatiions to be one of the CI winners, your work is stunning!


  3. Florence you are one very clever lady,love the mushroom.Congratulations on being one of the Crafty Individuals winners,your cushion is fabulous.
    Janet x


  4. Heck Florence is there anything you can’t turn our hand too lol I did have ago at it once at evening class made the best rolling pin in the world lol but I prefered useing the jigsaw .
    Have lots of fun with your beast 🙂
    Von x


  5. Ooh love your beast ! Are there no end to your talents !!! What other things do you have in ” Winter Storage ” That mushroom is fab so smooth, can’t wait to see what you will come up with next.



  6. Looks like fun! Love your little mushroom! Hope you haven’t got the storms where you are Florence, & are able to play with ‘The Beast’ this week!
    Alison x


  7. What a lovely toy to have! When I was small I used to go and watch an old man who made turned chair legs and table legs, it was so fascinating to watch him! Your flowers look great, too, enjoy the open air season! Valerie



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