Decorated recycled plastic bottles.

Over at Just For Fun (link on the side bar) Zoe has chosen plastic/acrylic for this week’s challenge theme.  Cheers Zoe! LOL! I have stamped on to serviettes to decorate some plastic bottles/containers for this weeks challenge.

This is the one I am entering into the challenge.


I used a plain coloured serviette from the kitchen and stamped all over it using staz-on ink.  The serviettes are 3 ply so I divided the layers and just  used one of them.


I covered the bottle, sections at a time, with serviette craft glue and pieces of serviette.  I use a product by Fontorpin but there are others on market.  I used a bathroom sponge to apply the glue. I didn’t bother to much about getting the tissue/serviette wrinkle free as I quite like the wrinkled look.  I then coated the whole surface again with another coat of the glue.  When that was dry I patted some distressing ink over in places and the sprayed the bottle with Oritas spray varnish to seal.  I added the tags just to hide the bottle shape a little.

I made a couple more items in a similar way.


For this one I tore a plain serviette into strips and then applied it as above.  I stamped onto a piece of serviette paper and coloured the flowers and bee with distressing inks using a paint brush.  I sprayed the small stamped piece with spray varnish to seal in the inks and then glued it to the jar.

This is the third item I made.



For this one I just used a strip of torn serviette around the middle applying it as above.  The orange flower is cut out from a patterned serviette again only using the one ply.

The top one I am filling with coffee beans and the middle one I am filling with dried lavender as small fun gifts for a couple of friends I am seeing tomorrow.

This is what I started with


The small rings of plastic are from an old tube of silicon.  I did think I could have decorated those as serviette holders.  The two other photos are just something I wanted to share.  Freddie takes old silicon out of the tube if it has gone hard and recycles it.  He has used it to make gate and door stopper.  He also slices it to make washers.  Just thought I would share that.  Just to prove we really are scrotters! LOL!

Sorry this has been a long post.  If you have read down to here…..  Thank you!

Stamps used- A selection from Crafty Individuals.

Best Wishes Florence 


  1. Von

    OMG you really have given this a lot of thought and I just love the bottles :). I have stamped onto and used servietts but never had any sucesse at colouring them so I bow down to you lol.
    Just amazed at your recycling skills who’d have thought of useing the dried scillcon , what are scrotters ?
    Thank you again for playing along with us Just for fun
    Von x


  2. florence and freddie

    Von, According to the urban dictionary Scrotters are “dirty, useless leaches on society, usually unembloyable with at least four delinquent uneducated children; where all your taxes go!” LOL! Freddie and I have just looked this up and are now falling about in giggles! Oh dear!

    I use the word to mean scratching about looking for things and making do!
    Florence x


  3. Janet

    Hi Florence,I love what you have done with the bottle,you totally amaze me every week,your other 2 projects are FAB,as for Freddie what a clever guy you have.
    Thank you for your lovely comments you leave me every week
    Janet x


  4. dollys daydreams

    Hi Florence, Amazing…….AGAIN ! I love these projects very inspirational pieces I love how you think every thing out so perfectly and your execution is always so stunning well done once again. just love that word ” Scrottters ” made me laugh.



  5. chicaandaluza

    Scrotters – ha, ha! Had never heard of it either! Love what you did here, so clever. And if you ever feel the urge to make a couple of napkin rings to chuck down the mountain in my direction……:)


  6. florence and freddie

    Hi Chica. Great to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. I was thinking of you when I made these. Remember Freddie mending the back light on the car, with a fairy liquid bottle, after he backed into your pick-up! LOL! Napkin rings on order!
    Florence x


  7. Valerie-Jael

    Great work, love all your decoration ideas, and a great way to upcycle things. The things all look as though you had bought them in a high class store for a lot of money! Hugs, Valeroe


  8. craftingcottage

    Hi Florence, As usual Lovely Work! You always come up with something spectacular! The beautiful tea cup planter full of coffee beans that you added to your photo is such a great touch! I have that exact planter! ….somewhere…. hmmm 😉 Probably buried in the shed! Hope you are enjoying your summer!
    All the best!
    Lisa 🙂


  9. Sandra

    Oh Florence you truly are ingenious these are just amazing. I always look forward to seeing what you make. Oh and the pink collage is beautiful. Hugs Sandra XOXO


  10. Zoe Sanderson

    Just so typical of you something completely off the wall brilliantly creative and fabulous looking love it. As for that word love it. Thank you for sharing with us once again at Just for Fun cannot wait to see what you do with the other materials this month LOL XOXO Zoe


  11. Joy

    Florence, I love your blog. You’re always coming up with something different, you are so adventurous and creative. no-one would ever know there is a plastic bottle in your photograph. Amazing! xx


  12. Lucy Edmondson

    Each of the items and the way you have presented them is so beautiful and original. I love the challenge Zoe has chosen and your take on it. Recyling really appeals to me especially when the result is as beautiful as these. Love the idea of giving your friends the bottles filled with lavender and coffee beans. As for Scrotters – what a brilliant word, I will be adopting this! You sound far too lovely to meet the true definition but it conjures up a wonderful image of the two of you scrotting about on the ground for things to transform. There used to be a word Clampits or Crampits I think, for people you wouldn’t want to live next door to if you were house-proud, who had a permanent skip outside and dirty broken down cars and a messy garden – that’s us!!


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi Lucy. I am still laughing after reading your comment. Thats us as well !!!! I have to admit I do raid other peopes skips! LOL! We have some great builders in the village who let me take what I want. They have, at times, been known to leave things at my gate! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. It is always lovely to hear from you and your visits are very much appreciated.
      Regards Florence x


  13. PsyPenguin

    Wow, love what you did with that first bottle! It looks fabulous. Such a good recycling idea too.
    I was trying a similar tissue technique for an ATC last night and I just couldn’t get good enough images with the Stazon, but you’ve shown how well it can been done so I’m determined to try again now.


    1. florence and freddie

      Hi PsyPenguin. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. It is great to hear from you. Try putting a sheet of thin foam under your tissue. Then stamp on to the tissue. Some stamps may need this. Let me know how you get on.
      Regards Florence.


  14. neet

    Lovely tissue stamping Florence and what a lovely idea to cover a bottle and then add the tags to disguise the shape. Gorgeous candle with that yellow flower head on it. Hugs, Neet x


  15. florence and freddie

    Hi Neet. Always lovely to hear from you. Although you can decorate candles using this technique it is a plastic bottle (with the orange flower on) that I have decorated. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. They are always appreciated.
    Regards Florence.


  16. lynne

    A huge fan of re-cycling so this appeals to me on that level straightaway but it is the fabulous nature in which you have created such beauty from these pieces.
    How amazing.



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