Butterfly picture

This is a sort of experiment picture that I am entering in the Just For Fun Challenge.  This weeks challenge theme has been chosen by the lovely Von who never likes to make things easy! lol.  Von’s theme is “words”.

For full details of the challenge, the Design Team’s pieces and all the entries click onto the JFF logo on the sidebar.

Here is my picture


As I said above this was a bit of an experiment and a bit of a mess about to see what turned out.

This is the picture before I added the blue and took off some of the colour on the butterflies.


If I am completely honest I am not keen on the two small butterflies facing to the side  and my stamping is rubbish.  This is quite a large butterfly stamp and I use a piece of twin walled, clear plastic roofing sheet for a stamp block.  Normally I would added some foam behind the stamp to get a better impression but I have lost my foam somewhere in the cavern which is my craft room.  I am not being down on myself I am just keeping it real.  I did touch up some lines and the butterfly bodies with some black paint.

Right enough of my woffle. I used a 30cm x 30cm piece of MDF.  Coated it with acrylic paint, stamped, masked and stamped some more.  I coloured the butterflies in Marvy Brush Markers because I think they are great! lol.  I then took the some of the colour off with a small paint brush, water and tissue.  The blue ink was put on and then dragged off with some kitchen roll.  The photo has to be enlarged to read the words.  I used Aritas spray acrylic varnish to fix the ink.

If you have read down as far as this, Thank you! and I send you lots of hugs and kind thoughts! lol!

Stamps used: Chocolate Baroque.

Best Wishes Florence.

PS.  I have just checked the photos and in the top left hand corner there is a fly covering the word Whisper!!!!

52 thoughts

  1. Well the cheek of the little fly lol Just love how you have built up the image and removing some of the colour really makes them pop against the background 🙂
    Welldone and thank you once again for sharing with us at Just for Fun
    Hugs Von xxx

  2. I love it Florence – what are you complaining about?! It’s a wonderful picture. And it was a great idea of the fly to smuggle itself into the picture! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Noooo! I’m not complaining. Don’t believe in it! lol! Some times in crafting things work out some times they don’t. You never find out unless you try.
      Regards Florence xx

  3. Stunning! Your stamping is not rubbish but if you really need to know you do not need to mount your rubber stamps on cushion bare rubber with glue stick to any firm block but with a stamp mat or a pile of papers that have a little give when you press the stamp down.

    Back to your sensational piece this week it is absolutely wonderful, thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us at Just for Fun week after week. XOXO Zoe

    1. Hi Zoe. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Totally agree about the mounting block. Good quality stamps do not need any cushioning. The problem I had is that the CB butterfly stamp, which is deeply etched and the best quality, is huge and as I didnt want to buy a X large mounting block I use twin walled plastic which is not completely rigid. It is fine to use with small stamps but the large stamp needs foam just to spread the load so to speak and particularly as I was stamping onto MDF. Thank you for your VALUED COMMENT on this. It is great to share information. Always lovely to hear from you.
      Regards Florence x

  4. I love this! You have such variety and range to your artistic talent. I actually like the second one on the white background and I love anything with butterflies. On the mounting foam debate, I mount all my stamps for preference as otherwise I get in a gluey mess. It adds to the cost though,

    Lucy x

    1. Hi Lucy. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts on mounting foam. It does seem popular with some people. I saw the price of the foam once! I never looked again!!!! Funny you should say you prefer the white one. I do to! Don’t tell anyone! lol! The white one is more me but I wanted to try something different for JFF. My reply is getting longer than my post so I will say…As always lovely to hear from you.
      Regards Florence x

  5. Love everything about it…and the words..ahh the words. “Give your creative spirit wings” Gorgeous. I often have to deal with flies in my photos too (we seem to have had a lot this year) which is not so bad when it´s a snap of my dressmaking but when it´s food…..yuk!

  6. Love this, it is beautifully stamped and painted, the colours are vivid and very complementary, I zoomed in for closer detail and it looks even more stunning close up. The fly has great taste. LOL. XX

  7. Hi Florence, this is by no means rubbish stamping ! If this is rubbish then I will never stamp again ! Your work is always of the highest standard and this is no exception I also zoomed in to enjoy all of the beautiful details , another fabulous piece of art from you .


    1. Hi Marie. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I had better clear this up. I couldn’t get the right amount of pressure on the stamp to give a clear impression. Thats all. If you look closely you can see where the ink has not caught. Seriously, I am not complaining or being hard on myself. I was just being honest! lol! Always lovely to hear from you.
      Regards Florence x

  8. Wow, this is fabulous. I’m usually a ‘less is more’ person but I actually love the blue background, so vibrant, the butterflies are gorgeous. xx

  9. Florence the colours are so vivid I love them and I love butterflies, the whole piece is fabulous, even the pesky fly can’t spoil it. Hugs SandraXX

  10. actually i like those little butterflies facing out.. it looks like theyare about to fly ! and obviously have somewhere to go… BUT I still LOVE love love your puppet.. i am going to pop down and have another look now! c

    1. Hi Cecilia. I was just about to log out and I saw you had paid me a visit. Great to hear from you again. Thank you for your lovely comments. They are really appreciated.
      Regards Florence x

  11. Wow Florence, I found your blog and you make beautiful work. I adore butterflies so you can understand that I love these from you very much. Beautiful Artwork. The blue background is gorgeous. Sure I’ll come back to visit you again.
    Lovely greet from The Netherlands

    1. Hi Marja. How lovely to hear from you. It is always great to meet fellow crafters. Thank you for your visit and for your very kind words. Looking forward to speaking to you again soon.
      Kind Regards Florence x

  12. Hi Florence , oh i love these , both of them, the colours are gorgeous. Butterflies always look so lovely , I cant make my mind up which i like best . I think your stamping looks fab . Thanks for the comments on my blog as always its much appriciated . ( i always reply to the email notification , does that come back to you of not? im never sure) have a lovely week , JAQI X

    1. Hi Jaqi. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated. I haven’t received any reply notifications. Sorry if you have sent them and they have not got through. To be honest I am not sure I receive all my e.mails or people get all the e.mails I send out. I will look into it. Thanks for mentioning it. Have a great week as well.
      Regards Florence x

      1. Oh Florence Im sorry about that , maybe its beacuse they come through blogger, my email address is —– if you would be able to email me with your email address then I can reply directly to you . You must think im awful not thanking you for all of your comments when you havent been recieving them, I do apologise .
        Hope you have a lovely weekend , im off to the Harrogate show , I have some time off work. Thanks again , Jaqi x

        1. Hi Jaqi. Thank you for leaving a comment. Seriously, no need to apologise. I have sent you an e.mail this evening. I hope you receive it ok. I really do enjoy visiting you blog and seeing your creations please dont worrry about the replies.
          Regards Florence x

    1. Hi Debbie. Great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. They are truly appreciated. Many thanks for sharing the challenge information.
      Regards Florence x

  13. Well I cannot see a thing wrong with your stamping. Love the colours of your butterflies and given me lots of ideas for colouring the ones I am doing (if you do not mind). Would not have known about the fly had you not told me but then maybe I will see him when I enlarge the picture to see the wording. Thanks for sharing with us at Just for Fun – Hugs, Neet x

    1. Hi Neet. Hope all is well with you. Of course I don’t mind. I feel extremely flattered that you like the butterflies. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and for your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.
      Regards Florence x

    1. Hi Annie. Thank you so much for calling in especially as you are a fellow Shrophire lass! lol! and thank you for your lovely comments. They really are appreciated.
      Regards Florence x

  14. LOL and there was me thinking this fly was a fabulous stamp, so realistic…………..
    Loving the beautiful colours of the butterflies, plus terrific stamping. Enjoy the weekend Florence. Annette x

  15. Ohhh i disagree about your stamping, it looks great and i adore this piece, the butterflies and the blue is gorgeous
    also just wanted to let you know I have a free collage sheet today for all my friends, please pop by and help yourself
    hugs June x

    1. Hi June. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know about the collage sheet. You are very kind.
      Regards Florence x

  16. You are joking right? the piece is beautiful and perfect! and dont let anyone (or yourself) tell you it is not! A unique and original piece of art, I say!

    1. Hi Susan. Great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments and kind words.
      Susan, If you have a blog let me have the details so I can return the visit and put a link back to your blog from the comment.
      Kindest Regards Florence x


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