Vintage Light Pull

This week over at Just For Fun  the challenge theme is vintage.  This weeks challenge  theme has been chosen by the lovely Neet.   For full details of the challenge, the design teams projects and all the entries click on to the Just For Fun logo on the sidebar.  This week is a special week as  Sandra is guest designer.  Sandra is such a lovely lady.   You can find Sandra’s blog, and see all her wonderful creations, by clicking onto the link Sandra’s Spot on the sidebar.

About 1 a.m. this morning I decided on this weeks project.   The ideas are not flowing at the moment.  Probably over thinking things.  Thank goodness for heat guns to speed things up!

This is my light pull

The reverse side



I used a scrap piece of wooden dowelling 17 cms long approx and with a diameter of 2 cms.  Two wooden flat beads and two wooden round beads for the top and the bottom.  The dowelling has been base coated with dark green acrylic and then distressed using PVA and adding a top coat of cream acrylic paint.  I stamped the image and the script by rolling the dowelling over the stamp.  The beads and the fabric edging has been attached using a glue gun.  The cord is threaded through the existing holes in the beads.

Stamps used: Crafty Individuals.

That’s it from me.  I am off for a cuppa!

Best Wishes Florence.


  1. Hi Florence! This is so creative! I love the vintage look 🙂 It is so amazing what you can come up with from these challenges, they really make you think. Great work as usual!
    All the best!
    Lisa 🙂


  2. Florence this is totally original I just love it. Can’t even begin to imagine how you stamped on such a small circle but you did. Amazing piece. Funny but good ideas do tend to come in th middle of the night LOL. Hugs Sandra XX


  3. Hi Florence,how do you do it,every week you totally amaze me & I’m loving your light pull,your stamping is perfect & beautiful, so vintage.
    Janet x


  4. Florence – you floor me every week. This is just so beautiful. You have captured the essence of this theme for me with your entry. I have not a clue what you do with all the things you make but I think you should start up a shop. I absolutely love this. Lots of Love and thanks for doing such a wonderful piece for my challenge. Neet x


  5. Hi Florence,
    thanks for the lovely welcome back. This is gorgeous, so vintage so pretty. what a great inspiration
    have a wonderful day my lovely friend
    hugs June xxxx


  6. another amazing piece ! Not only do you have amazing ideas but you carry them out so perfectly. I would never have thought of rolling the wood over the stamp ingenious !



  7. Wow….what a fab idea , this is gorgeous Florence , I love it , thats a great stamp. Ive not tried stamping on anything this shape before its turned out beautifully , have a great week x


  8. Hi Florence
    Thank You so much for taking the time to visit my Blog and to view my Steampunk tag. Your comments are always so lovely.
    Could this be any more fabulous, I don’t think so?
    Creative and beautifully made, I for one adore this.


  9. I need this immediately in my old pantry, I have a vintage pantry everything is in old blue glass jars and crocks, and the light is in the centre of a ceiling that is WAY TOO HIGH! The last chain pull fell off in bits. Maybe I should steal a leaf from your book and try and make something myself.. c


    • Hi Ceilia. Great to hear from you. I have seen small rolling pin used as a light pull. In the previous house we lived in the pantry light pull was a wooden spoon. It was supposed to be temporary but it stayed there for years! lol! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.
      Regards Florence x


  10. Hello Florence 🙂 this is stunning superb stamping ! I’ve never done it on a round that smaller diameter , more fab inspiration from you 😉
    Enjoy your cuppa and thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun
    Von xxx



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