Kitchen Finds – JFF Challenge

Over at Just for Fun this week the theme, chosen by the lovely Von, is “kitchen finds”.  The girls have asked us to create something from items found in the kitchen.  Von , Zoe and Neet have come up with some fantastic projects and inspiring ideas this week.   For full details of the challenge and all the fab entries click on the JFF logo on the side bar.

Thursday afternoon I set about hunting my bounty.  I pulled out draws and emptied cupboards.  This is what I came up with from my finds.

Copy of DSC_0050

I filled a large can with water and left if it in the freezer over night.  I used a large masonery nail and made some holes here and there including two in the base to let rain water out.  I left the ice to melt, dried it off and painted it with a coat of PVA and a coat of white acrylic paint.  The embellishments are from a cracker and the handle I am not sure about but both were in “the draw”.   These make really nice rustic tree lights at Christmas.  If, you have little ones staying for the holidays, they are make an economical Santas runway.  I use the larger tea lights which last about 6 hours.  Seriously good fun to do.  Remember to make a couple of scuff marks and some glitter to show where the slay landed! lol!

I revamped an apple which I found  in the “big pot”.  The “big pot” is where all little bits of stray things go if they don’t go in “the draw”! lol! This is a stray christmas decoration that never got put away.


I coated the apple in PVA glue, added some torn pieces of paper from a book.  I found some wire in “the draw” which I coiled around and glued it to the top of the apple.

I made the next item last year or could have been the year before.  I found it in pantry when I was hunting.


For this I used two jam jar lids.  I covered one lid with some padding and then covered it in some fabric.  I  stamped onto the fabric and coloured with fabric paints.  I covered the fabric with serviette varnish to seal it.  I covered up the join of the  lids with some edging.


That’s it from me.  I am full of cold so I am off for a hot toddy.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes Florence

32 thoughts

  1. Fabulous makes Florence, you are so inventive, do love the distressed candle holder especially, I need some of your inspiration as feeling rather lacking in that department at the moment. Hope your hot toddy is working and your feeling better soon. XX

    1. Hi Paula. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you. Your projects are always so gorgeous I find it hard to believe that you are lacking in inspiration. Feeling much better after the hot toddy thank you.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Alison. Hope all is well. Thank you for stopping by, your lovely comments and kind words. They are very much appreciated.
      Regards Florence x

  2. Hi Florence, lots of lovely ideas there! The white tin is especially lovely, I think I will start buying some tins of this and that! Hope your cold goes soon, I am in bed today, with a nose redder than Rudolph! Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie. I read on your blog that your were not feeling to good. Hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Take Care,
      Florence x

  3. You could start a shop with all of those Florence. I love all of them. Now I am off to root around in the big blue recycle bin for more plastic containers cause the biscuit box is amazing lol.

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Hi Chrissie. This recycling can become addictive! lol! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence x x

  4. These are all wonderful makes Florence 🙂 hummm yes it’s amazing what we stuff into our kitchen draws lol and the dumping pot, just had a look in mine and there’s lots of odd toy bits long since thrown away anyway back to your creations , putting two jar lids together is a good idea ……….I wonder if they could be hinged ?
    Thank you for taking the time to join us this week at JFF
    Von xxx

    1. Hi Von, You chose a great theme this week. Really enjoyed it. I found lots of kitchen equipment, during my hunt, that can be used for other projects. There will be nothing left! lol! When I made the jar lid thingy I did think about hinges. To buy hinges for this project, in my humble opinion, didn’t seem economic. I did, however, wonder if, a small piece of leather and a pop rivit might work. When I get chance I will experiment. It does seem a shame not to use the lids. The coating/paint (some lids easier than others) comes off with some wet and dry which would make them great for using alcohol inks on. As always, lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your valued comments.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Cecilia. Great to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and for your lovely comments. It is truly appreciated.
      Regards Florence x

    1. Hi Yvonne. Hope all is well. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence x

  5. I love everything! Love too that Santa has been visiting in the past – he gets everywhere! Sorry to hear you have a cold, do shout if you need me to run over with medicines…

    1. Hi T. Santa always comes to my house because I believe! lol! I have had a couple of glasses of whisky – hic-up! – so should be ok. Thank you for the offer though. It is really appreciated. Always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by.
      Florence x

  6. Florence I have just one word to say “Fantastic” all of the kitchen alterations very innovative. Hugs Sandra XX

    1. Hi Sandra. Hope all is well. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments. They really are appreciated.
      Regards Florence x x

  7. You really did enjoy this one didn’t you LOL fabulous makes here and so much out of ‘the draw’ you’ll be able to empty ‘the big pot’ onto it now LOL. With the move I’ve had to clear out the draw, pot and shelf, imagine it will not take to long to build up a new collection LOL XOXO Zoe

    1. Hi Zoe. Have you noticed over the years the different bits and bobs that go into “the draw”. They seem to mark the passage of our lives. There is usually a sticky, fluff covered menthol lozenge at the back of “the draw” or in the bottom of “the pot” as well! lol! Who puts them in there! ha ha! Always great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence x x

  8. So glad the lovely lady at Chica Andaluza, pointed out your blog to me. It’s fab!! Loads of inspiring projects… and although I can hear my husband groaning in the background at my excitement over more crafty projects, I will take no notice and instead choose my next inspiration from your site!!!

    1. Hi, How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated. You have made my day. It was very kind of my friend Chica to pass on my blog info to you. I am very grateful to her. It is always great to meet like minded crafters. I think our husbands sound exactly the same! lol!
      Looking forward to following your blog.
      Regards Florence x

  9. Florence
    A bounty of creativity.
    I adore the rustic feel to the candle holder, with the shabby paint, very beautiful.
    Great idea for presenting biscuits or chocolates.
    The apple is such a clever idea. I had to lol at this as I also used a Christmas decoration on my latest card.
    Always fun to visit you.

    1. Hi Lynne, Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you. I have been known to take a christmas decoration apart just for that one little piece to finish a project off! lol! Popping over to see your christmas card.
      Regards Florence x

    1. Hi Hazel. Hope all is well. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.They are very much appreciated. So pleased you liked by candle holder.
      Regards Florence x x

  10. Hi Florence,love your projects,my favourite is the altered can,I’m going to try that one out myself,just said to Brian save cans me.I have a drawer in my craft room that “bits” go into,I amaze my self at what I find in there sometimes.You have made me think of when my daughter was little my dad had a ginger jar that he kept all things out of christmas crackers in,grandad told her it was a Genie jar and she love it,when mum and dad passed away Kelly asked could she have the Genie jar as it was still in the house and full of the bits she had played with,25 years or more ago,Bradley her son loves it as much she did and believes it’s magic,she has told him the story of when she was a little girl.
    Janet x

    1. Hi Janet. Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well. My eyes welled up when I read your comment. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Sometimes it is the little things in life that are the most precious. Pleased to hear you are getting Brian involved in your crafting! lol! Looking forward to seeing your project.
      Sending hugs,
      Florence x

  11. Hope the hot toddy has helped Florence and you are feeling much better now. My, you have been busy and I just love the “bucket”. Everything is lovely but the bucket has really caught my imagination and if I have time (have not thought about “C” yet and won’t be at home on a couple of occasions in the lead up to it) I will be making some of those. Look forward to reading what you have come up with every week. Thanks for joining us at JFF again this week – Hugs, Neet xx

  12. These are amazing and so original! I bought a pear the other week in a charity shop, maybe I will do something with it. Glad to hear you have a ‘man drawer’ in your house too! Particularly love the image of the last make,

    Lucy x


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