Rustic Trinket Box

I was up really early this morning.  Obviously the thought of cleaning more windows was just too exciting! lol!  I had a great time catching up with a few of my blogging friends and finished off a little box that has been knocking about in my craft room for a while.

Originally I was making this to put a bracelet in as a Christmas gift.   As is the  norm I over did the distressing but I quite like it so I am going to keep it to put on my bedside cupboard.




The stamps used – Crafty Individuals.

Just to share:  If you are looking for decorated boxes check out Epherameras Attic.  Paula makes the most exquisite projects.  Grab a coffee before you visit though. You will be there for a while.

Have a lovely day what ever you are doing.

Best Wishes Florence.

28 thoughts

    1. Hi Valerie. Lol! I have a plan! If I can get all my jobs done then I have two whole weeks to craft. Now that sounds better. Hope you approve!!!! By the way I hope I didn’t wake you this morning when I came visiting! Always great to hear from you. Thank you for your visit and lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx


  1. Oh window cleaning, you had an early start., but your plan sounds good to me.
    Love your box, its gorgeous.
    Yvonne x


  2. Florence
    The distressing makes it all the more appealing and good for you deciding to keep it all to yourself 🙂
    In total agreement, Paula’s work is astonishingly beautiful.


    1. Hi Von. I think the plan will work. I have a list! lol! Great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence x x


  3. Cleaning windows…… are such a paragon of virtue………
    Loving your beautiful altered box, love the delicate colours and stamping. Hugs Annette x


    1. Hi Annette. I have been called a lot of things in my life but this is a first! LOL! Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your very kind words.
      Regards Florence xx


  4. What a beautiful box, no wonder you want to keep it, I would too, superb stamping and your distressing is perfect. Do I spy a touch of pink on the flowers LOL. I do like this stamp, such a beauty. Thank you for such generous and kind words. XX


    1. Hi Janet. You really have made my day. Always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Good luck with the tooth.
      Regards Florence xx


    1. Hi Cecilia, Hope all is well. Thank you for popping in. Always lovely to hear from you. I think we must have just passed each other in blog land.
      Regards Florence x


  5. Wow – this is brilliant. I love all those textural paint effects and colours on your box which give it a worn, vintage appeal. Gorgeous. And thank you for taking the time to leave a sweet comment on my blog too. Px


    1. Hi Paul. It was a real treat to find and visit your blog. Thank you for calling in, I didn’t expect a return visit from you, and for your lovely comments. You have made my day.
      Regards Florence x


  6. Ooh i am so far behind in my commenting and have missed so much of your fabulous work.I love this box. Beautiful stamping and such lovely colours , another Florence masterpiece.




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