JFF challenge – Art Deco

Over at Just For Fun this week the challenge is Art Deco.  When I think of Art Deco, not that I know that much about it, I always think of Clarice Cliff.

I painted a wooden box for this weeks challenge.  I took the design off a CC plate for the box lid.  Although, now I have done it, I wished I had done my own design in that sort of style.


Not keen on the blue climber or the water wheel but on a day when everything is going wrong I am not that bothered! lol!


I am hoping I can post this.  I am having problems at the moment with the computer and also leaving comments.  We will see in a mo!  Hopefully I will be able to catch up with everyone when everything is working properly.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Best wishes Florence

P.S  The problem seems to be with blogspot.  I can’t leave comments but I have been visiting!

28 thoughts

    1. Hi Alison. Me too!! At the moment I am thinking of making a garden ornament out of the pute!! lol! A quick one two through the kitchen door and see where it lands! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  1. I always think of Clarice Cliff and Art Deco as well Florence and was going to paint a plate until I found the mirror. I think your box is amazing and I love it


  2. Well I think it is gorgeous as it is, blue climber and waterwheel and all. Colours and design and very Clarice and just right.

  3. I love this as I love Clarice Cliff. Sadly I don´t have anything of hers although I nearly did once but was pipped at the post in an auction 😦 Shall have to content myself with looking at your beautiful box…well done on another fabulous creation!

  4. Fantastic Box, I was going to use CC as well until it occurred to me to give my box a metal lid. Don’t think I would have done anything as fabulous as this. Having just had my blogger account suspended and then re-instated , hearing that a lot of people are having problems hope yours are now sorted and it is of course Friday 13th.

    Thank you Florance for sharing this terrific box with us at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

  5. Well I think the colours are spot on and it reminds me of the travel posters 🙂 another wonderful project Florence and thank you for sharing it with us at Just For Fun
    Von xxx

  6. A wonderful nod to Clarice.
    I adore Art Deco and in fact that era completely fascinates me whether it be art, music, style, etc. Your box also reminds me of travel posters of that era with ther cheerful, blocked colours.

  7. This is such a fab project, I love the bright colours and the gorgeous scene. I think blogger has been giving everyone problems lately, it seems a little better today though …… touch wood lol don’t want to jinx myself. Hope you are well
    Lindsay xx

  8. A lovely box Florence. I don’t mind the colour of blue on it as it works with the sides of the box. I know what you mean though, still it does us all good to use something out of our comfort zone once in a while, blue leaves or green, does it really matter?
    Thanks for sharing and joining in with us again at JFF – Hugs, Neet

  9. Hi Everyone, Thank you for all for calling in and for all of your lovely comments. They are truly appreciated.
    I am still having difficulties leaving comments on blogs so apologies to everyone whose blogs I follow. I think it is effecting 80% of the blogs that I regularly visit!! Not sure where I will go from here!! I am visiting albeit in stealth mode!!!
    Kindest Regards,
    Florence xxx

    1. Hi Marie. You have made my day. Two comments in one day. You are very kind! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Hazel. Hope all is well. Thank you for your visit and for your lovely comment. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Janet! hellooooo! Hope all is well. Great to hear from you. Can’t take credit for the design as I copied it from one of CC plates but thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Lavinia! Hi! Really great to hear from you. Hope all is well. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Nice to see you in blog land again.
      Regards Florence xx


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