Hearts and Flowers – cards

The sun is shining, Noddy’s car is gleaming and thank goodness it’s Friday.  I had an unexpected and usual spurt of energy this morning.  Whizzed up to the post office (that was a saga but will say no more),  around our local market,  managed to get loads of jobs done around the house and I finished these cards which I started last night.

These are really birthday cards, but as Valentine’s Day is in a few days and love is in the air, I thought I would go with the hearts and flowers theme.


These cards are being given with gifts so I made some tags to match out of the scraps.


The flowers on these are made from scrap pieces of water colour paper, die cut and coloured with distressing inks.  I did run over one of the flowers with the wheels of my chair but it seems ok.   A bit of extra distressing! lol!


….and the tag to match


I really like these papers.  It’s nice to make a few things without getting covered in ink and paint.

That’s about it from me.  Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting.

Best Wishes Florence


  1. Chica Andaluza

    They´re gorgeous – I still have the Valentine´s card I “commissioned” (or stole without paying!) from you the other year hanging up. Beautiful, especially love the hearts 🙂


  2. Dollys daydreams

    I love Noddy ! Do you have a picture of his car or did you make one !!! Beautiful cards and tags, soft and delicate and beautifully distressed love your stiching. Wishing you a fabulous weekend . Sill snowing off and on here !



    1. Florence

      Hi Marie. LOL! No, no photos! Great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Have a great weekend yourself. Stay warm.
      Regards Florence xx


  3. neet

    Oh Florence, I love these. They remind me of the style my friend Paul has adopted and I just love it. Somehow I don’t seem to be able to do it myself.
    Whoever is getting these will be over the moon when they arrive, they are so pretty.
    You are a star amongst card makers for sure.
    Neet xx


    1. Florence

      Hi Neet. Great to hear from you. I think the dies and the pretty papers that are available now adays lend themselves to this style of card making. Very much along the lines of decoupage we were all doing ten years ago but just with different products.
      Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      To share info: Neet is talking about Paul Browning. Check out Paul’s fab blog The Artsider – link on the sidebar.
      Regards Florence xx


  4. Ephemera

    Gorgeous cards, so beautiful, I do love your sewing all round the cards and like Ann I need that heart die too. LOL I thought I was the only one wheeling over all my craft trimming that fall on the floor, sadly mine are usually seriously squashed and beyond help. xx


    1. Florence

      Hi Paula. Hope all is well. We will have to get you some “Go faster” stripes for your chair! LOL! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx


    1. Florence

      Hi Fatimah, Hope all is well. Letter despatched and winging its way down under! Thank you for popping in and for such lovely comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx


  5. Jaqi

    Truly beautiful and stunning examples of your work, what an inspiration you are thank you. Ive left you a blog award on my blog. Hope you have a lovely weekend x


    1. Florence

      Hi Jaqi. I am so pleased you called in. I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope ALL is ok! Thank you for popping in and for your lovely comments. You are too kind. Enjoy your Sunday.
      Regards Florence xx


  6. niasunset

    Why we are not a neighbour… I wished to live near to you… You are amazing creative lady, I can’t get bored with you and watching your creative works… This is so beautiful and makes me excited too… Thank you dear Florence, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  7. Florence

    Hi Nia. I wished you lived near. You could tell me all about your amazing photographical world over a coffee. Thank you so much for all of your kind words.
    Regards Florence x



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