Ivy Canvas

This weeks Out of a Hat Creations challenge theme is to make something inspired by a picture.  This can be a photograph, painting or a picture.

Inspiration for this weeks project came from a photo on  the lovely Nia’s blog  Photography Of Nia.  The photographs I used can be seen here.  Nos. 4 and 5.  I always feel so inspired when I visit Nia’s blog and see her wonderful work.  Nia also very generously shares the most interesting links on her blog.

This is my little offering for this weeks challenge.


The frame is an old one that I painted and sanded down to distress it a little.  I used a scrap piece of hessian roughly painted with gesso for the canvas.   A paper punch was used to make a small ivy leaf stencil and then I used some fabric paint to make the background pattern.  I added some small stitches in embroidery thread to emphasize the veins  on the leaves.  The large branch coming down is a small piece of scrap washing line covered in fabric.  The larger fabric leaves on the background have just been machine sewn on using the zigzag stitch.  I added some small pieces of twine, again sewn on using the machine, and some buttons.  To be honest the buttons do hide some very dodgy sewing!  The three small hanging leaves were made out of scraps of fabric.  I attached small pieces of painted wire to them and then attached the wire, under the branch and through the canvas.

That’s about it from me today.  I am off for a cuppa.

Happy Crafting.

Best Wishes Florence x


  1. niasunset

    WOW! This is so creative, you are amazing dear Florence. I loved your ivy canvas… And this is so exciting too… The colours, and the composition,…. fascinate me. Thank you so much, and also Thank you for all these beautiful introductions, it is always so nice to meet new bloggers… You are so nice dear Florence… Have a nice and enjoyable day, angels and muses and the sun be with you always… Love, nia


  2. Sandra

    Hi Florence Just love the Ivy picture, gorgeous colours and fabric. Its so fab to use fabric as well as the stamping etc. Well done you. Hugs Sandra XXX


  3. lynne

    This is pretty but I can just imagine how tactile it is with your beautiful sewing.
    A wonderful piece of art for any home.
    P.S. Still wet and very soggy here!


  4. Joy

    Hi Florence, your pink ivy is so gorgeous and your background beautifu.l. Thanks for the links, colours and photography are amazing! have a lovely weekend xx


  5. Paula

    Hi Florence, what a beautiful fabric collage. It is always such a pleasure to visit your blog as you always come up with the unexpected. I’ve recently re-discovered sewing and I’m really enjoying it. Have a great weekend. xx


    1. Florence

      Hi Paula. Hope the patients have recovered! 😉 Can’t wait to see what you make with the sewing machine. If it is like everything else you do it will no doubt be stunning. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx


  6. ceciliag

    Nia is a darling isn’t she and her comments are always so supportive and kind. Your work is lovely as always, such gentle sweet colours today, and I would love to pop in for a cuppa with you! c


    1. Florence

      Hi Celi. Hope all is well. You would be made most welcome 😉 I do love Nia’s blog. Whenever I see the photos they just trigger thoughts and ideas. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx


  7. ajsartjournal

    Hello Florence, thank you for visiting my blog, I have been having a browse of your blog and I am so impressed by your art, you are one very talented lady. I’ve started following 🙂
    Big love


    1. Florence

      Hi AJ, Great to meet you. I was so pleased when I found your blog. Thank you so much for calling in and for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. Looking forward to following your crafty adventures.
      Regards Florence xx


    1. Florence

      Hey Neet. Hope all is well. I think there are gremlins at work. Comments have been playing up over the last few days. I have had problems leaving replys and receiving subscription notifications 😦 Thank you for your perseverance and for your lovely comments. Hope it didn’t cause you too much hassle. Always lovely to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx


    1. Florence

      Hi G, Great to hear from you. I always enjoy visiting you over at Polly’s and seeing your gorgeous creations. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence x


  8. Betty

    Florence, I really love this Ivy Canvas. You are so inspiring, and I get ideas from all of your projects. Using painted and fabric leaves together is stunning. Have a good week.
    Cheers, Betty



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