Vintage Themed – Altered Tin

I have altered a tin for this weeks Out of a Hat Challenge.  The theme this week is to choose a line from the bingo card.  The full bingo card with all the different choices can be seen on the Out of a Hat blog.  I have chosen the top line on the card – Lace, Buttons, Flower and an image.  For full details of the challenge, Chrissie’s, Janet’s, Sandra’s  fabulous projects and all of the lovely entries click on the link above.


I raided Freddie’s shed again for this tobacco tin.  It was full of nails and bits and pieces but I quite liked it because it is rusty and a bit bashed.

 I covered the lid with a page from a book, coated it with mod podge and then a coat of crackle glaze.  Can you see?  I put the page on upside down! LOL!


The flowers are die cuts and attached using hot glue.

Whilst I was waiting for the outside lid to dry I made up the silk cushion for the inside of the lid.  I covered a thin piece of card with wadding and then covered the wadding with a piece of silk, securing it underneath by gluing the silk to the card.  I then attached the buttons with thread.


The little tag is just a punched out shape, distressed, stamped onto and a little flower and a coin added.


For the main part of the tin. I used 3 pieces of 5 mm corregated packaging card.  I cut an apperture in one piece, and pasted strips of book pages around and over the raw edge.  I placed and glued down the photo so that it would show through the apperture and then glued all the pieces together with PVA making a sandwich.


When the sandwich of card was dry I covered the top of it with some pretty prima papers and added a pretty frame around the aperture.  The lace is attached around the outside of the sandwich and across the bottom using book binding glue.


The pearls, buttons and small flower embellishment have been attached using hot glue.  The pink trim across the top is just held in place by pins which are punched into the card.  I trimmed the length of the pins as they are just basic sewing pins but they were too long for the depth of the tin.  Before I placed the “sandwich” into the tin, I lined the base of the tin with pages from a book.


I used some strips of paper around the outside of the tin to cover up the writing.  I coated the paper with mod podge and then added a coat of crackle medium.  I made 3 little embellishments out of die cuts and buttons.

I have only put a quick out line of how I made this.  I am always happy to answer any questions.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the challenge and shared their fantastic projects with the Hatters last week.

That’s it from me.  I am off for my morning cuppa!

Best Wishes Florence x


  1. chrissie

    Just terrific! Such a lot of work went into it and the end result is stunning. Wish I had your Freddie’s shed to rummage around in lol

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Ann B

    This is very beautiful, hard to believe that it was a shabby old tin as you have turned it into a work of beauty. Love the quilted silk lining and all the lace.

    Ann B

  3. craftytrog

    A beautiful project Florence…I can’t imagine it ever being a rusty old tin! I love how you made the aperture, great instructions…might have to try that myself xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Suze. Always lovely to hear from you. Suze, if you see this, I apologise – I have not been receiving notification of your new posts 😦 I will be over in a min to catch up with what you have been up to.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Valerie. It is always lovely to hear from you. I couldn’t believe it when I did it again 🙂 Valerie, I am sorry I don’t seem to be getting notifications of your new posts 😦 Will be over in a minute for a catch up.
      Regards Florence xx

  4. pollyspaper

    This project is lovely. It’s so feminine and softy colored : ) Hooray to Freddie for being a good sport about sharing his stash! Perhaps I will have a look to see what my D.H. Kenny has stored in his garage lol. Can’t wait to see the next beautiful creation. G

    1. Florence

      Thank you Tanya. Well, I did give Freddie a plastic tub in exchange but that is now stored in my craft room! 🙂 Great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

  5. inanoctopusgarden

    Just love this piece…especially the cover but all parts add up to a fabulous tin! I really like the bingo theme challenge- very fun. I am traveling a bit but would love to join in one of these weeks on the challenge. Happy week to you!

    1. Florence

      Thank you Lisa. The Hatters would be delighted if you were able to join in. 🙂 I hope you can when you have time. Have a happy week yourself.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Smidge. A lot of the projects on here are made just for fun. 😉 I do make things for friends and I hope they like them. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

      1. Just A Smidgen

        I really think you could sell them.. maybe on Etsy:) There is a vintage store here that sells notebooks.. they are basic school notebooks (soft cover) that an artist has embellished with ribbons etc.. much like the work you do:) I think you’re so talented!

        1. Florence

          Thank you Smidge for your very kind words. I think we would have to move house to enable me to sell anything. A thought for the future maybe. Thank you again.
          Hugs Florence xx

  6. Deena

    Such a beautiful project! I have many little tins that I keep for something like this, but I just never seem to get around to doing it! Perhaps seeing your gorgeous creation will inspire me!

    1. Florence

      Thank you Deena. I know what you mean. I put stash on one side and think I will do that one day 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your project. Great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Sandra. I was quite pleased with the effect especially on the book pages. Some times the glue shows through on book pages and leaves ugly marks. The crackle medium, in my opinion, disguises some of these. Great to hear from you. Really enjoyed the challenge.
      Regards Florence xxx

  7. papercraftnut

    Really beautiful Florence. I have always loved vintage pieces so I really must try my hand at one sometime soon. I never even noticed the upside down page until you mentioned it. I was too distracted by those gorgeous flowers!

    1. Florence

      Thank you Tracy. Maybe I should not have mentioned it but I am sure someone would have spotted it! LOL! I love vintage projects as well but never seem to make as many as I would like. Great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

      1. PinkOrca

        hiya florence! I am postponing trying stamping for a little while so that I can try out making resin jewellery, its turning out to be really fun and easy! Am also trying to cut down on the craft supplies I buy as I am moving to Canada in a few months, but of course its not working 😀 Hope you are going well 🙂

  8. Hazel

    I love your altered vintage tin, it’s so gorgeous. I would never have notice the upside down page if you hadn’t mentioned it. Have a lovely weekend.
    xxx Hazel.

    1. Florence

      Thank you Janet. My dad did as well. I remember that you could still smell the pipe backie in them as well. Parcel arrived this morning. THANK YOU!!!!!! Always lovely to hear from you.
      Florence xxx

  9. Neet

    What can one say about this? It is absolutely beautiful, there are no other words for it. You come up with the most amazing things Florence and I just love this. So vintage, so elegant and so beautiful. A silk purse from a sow’s ear without a doubt. Who would think it started life off as a rusty old tin.?
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous creations with us all.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Lucy Edmondson

    I agree with Neet, absolutely beautiful! You have really inspired me to rush off and make a tin. I will have to get Col to take up tobacco rolling! You are so talented and turn your hand to such a range of styles, always interesting to see,

    Lucy x

    1. Florence

      Thank you Lucy. I can picture Col with his golden virginia and packet of rizzlas! LOL! They dont seem to sell tobacco in tins in Spain any more. It’s all in pouches 😦 Always great to hear from you.
      Florence xx

  11. lynne

    Hello Florence
    Sorry I have been MIA but here I am managing to snatch some time to catch up with friends’ art.
    My heart is melting – I absolutey adore this piece of altered art from the images you used to the embellishments to the perfect touch of rust this is so special. I could definitely visualise this in my Boudoir LOL

  12. baileyrosy

    Where did my comment go !!!!! I totally adore this amazing creation !!! You dont do anything by half do you !! Such detail, sheer perfection in every aspect. I insist you open an ETSY shop so we mere mortals can buy and admire your creativeness up close and personal !


  13. Sherry

    Thanks for your visit to my blog Florence, and for your comment on my altered book, much appreciated. I’ve just seen your altered book in the post below, it’s amazing! Love your niche.

    Your altered tin is fab too – and who cares about the page being upside down – that makes it a designer tin in my eyes – lol. I sometimes put things upside down on purpose – that’s about as rebellious I get in life – LOL.

    Have a great weekend x

    1. Florence

      Thank you Sherry. Hope you are ok. Really great to hear from you. You have to be a rebel some times. It keeps life interesting! LOL!
      Take care,
      Florence xx

  14. craftymonster81

    Oh wow! This is just so stunning Florence, what a beautiful altered tin, I love the vintage photo and the material, the buttons and flowers all look wonderful, just so gorgeous inside and out, really breathtaking. Hope you have been having a lovely weekend and some nice weather
    Lindsay xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Lindsay for calling in and for such a lovely comment. The weather is perfect at the moment. Not too hot…. yet!! 😉
      Sending hugs.
      Florence xx


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