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My new stamps arrived last week so I decided to have a play and make some cards.  These were last years Christmas present but Santa has only just been able to deliver them. I have added some photos of around the garden.  I hope you like them.


Whilst I was having a wonder and taking the photos, it got me thinking about different styles of card making.


{this photo is from Spring 2011}

If you are a card maker, what style of card do you like to make??  Do you stay with one style or does it depend upon who you are giving the card to??


I love making all sorts of different cards and for me, I think, it is dependant who I am giving the card to and their personality.   I always find it harder to make cards for friends, for them to give away , without knowing the recipient.


You know when you take the Christmas tree decorations down and it all seems a bit empty.  I had the same feeling when I made these cards.   I tried to keep the embellishment to a minimum.   This doesn’t sit right with me.  I am definately “if there is a space… fill it” sort of of gal.


Which brings me on to another question for you.  Who asks for the embellishments back!!! LOL!  ‘Fess up.  Who else is mean like me and gives a card out and says “if you are not keeping that, can I have the bits back”!  I have the giggles now.


I have used those big jumbo ink pads for these.  Sorry I can’t remember the name and I am too lazy to go up stairs to find out!  Now then, this brings me to another question.


I bought the big ink pads about two years+ ago and I think this is the second time I have used them.  What has been your boo boo purchase??  What little bit of stash, that at the time, you felt you must have, not used, and is now hidden away to stop you feeling guilty about buying it??


The yellow mesh on this is from a potatoe bag.  This brings me onto my next question.  If you are still with me that is.  If you are, I will be your friend for life lol!  What product/tool in your stash, would you say, is your best buy for 2011 and 2012??  Something maybe that has been good value for money or something that you have used and used??



For me, apart from my loooovely stamps, I think it would have to be crackle medium and my big shot.  I have to confess, when I first saw die cutting machines, I did think JeWizz…. used to be able to buy a second hand car for that!!!!   I did wait quite a while and saved my pennies before I bought one.  I wouldnt be without it now. Just can’t afford the dies to go in it!! The giggles have come back now so I


had better sign off for today.  Oh, if anyone is interested the stamps I used for these cards are Paper Artsy Lynne Perrella design and the text on the last card from Chocolate Baroque.

I am a little behind with my visits.  Apologies to all my lovely blogging friends whose blogs I follow.  You know who you all are.

Happy Crafting.

Best Wishes Florence x

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  1. I’ll definitely answer everything tomorrow Florence but a bit late for me now as I am only using my liitle pod. Love, love, love the pictures.

    Sleep well my friend

    Love Chrissie xxx

    1. Hi Chrissie. Great to hear from. It is a strange time for me to be posting. I will wait to see your replies 🙂 Thank you for calling in.
      Nighty night… Don’t let the bed bugs bite 😉
      Florence xxx

  2. Hi Florence, thanks for the special hugs, they are most welcome. Had my acupuncture yesterday, and the pains are worse today….it can only get better, it must! Love all your cards, and the lovely stamps. My fave crafty bits are all inks, brayers, blenders, stickles, my big shot and all the lovely dies and embossing folders, embossing powders, perfect pearls, heat gun, mod-podge, golden gel, brushes, paints, pretty papers, embellies, ribbons, lace, flowers….need I go on? But I LOIVE the idea of asking people if I can have the embellies back! Off to bed now, so good-night and sweet dreams, Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie. I have plenty of hugs in reserve for you sweetie. Hope you are feeling better soon. What a lot of interesting stash you have. I am surprised you have not mentioned “scraps”. The reason I am thinking this is because about 10 years ago I bought loads.. far to many and never really felt inspired to use them until I saw you using them. As for the embellies. My friends have started asking me if I would like them back!!! Not sure if I am pleased, obviously saves the embarassment, or to be offended that they dont want to keep the card! LOL! Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comment.
      Regards Florence xxx

  3. Hi I’m still here after your mega-post so I guess that makes me a friend for life -. Beautiful photos and the wings on the bee (think it’s a bee) are stunning (no pun intended). I haven’t asked for embellishments back, yet, but then I am very mean and tend to use my favourites on things I’m going to keep, that’s why I like altered art so much, but I have been know to ‘save’ embellishments for re-use on cards I receive, well you can’t waste them can you.
    Boo boo purchase? Probably those silicone moulds I bought last year, had a go, poor results so back in the drawer. They keep looking at me every time I open the drawer – need to push them further to the back.
    Best buy? Has to be all my stamps, and I have tons, my Distress inks and my Glossy Accents.

    Have a lovely weekend Florence.

    1. Hi Ann. We shall be BFF’s for life. You have set my giggles off again. Confessions of a card maker!!! I re-use embellishments (only off bought cards) but feel terribly guilty for destroying a card that I have been given!! 🙂 Funny you should mention moulds. I am so pleased you mentioned these. I have often wondered about them. I did read some where a book or a blog, not sure where now, about using dolls heads as moulds. Sounded a bit like Michael deMeng meets Barbie! 🙂 I am a bit of a stamp addict as well. I do like to collect my favourites. Glossy accents have gone on my shopping list. I noticed Alison the Crafty Trog using them as well the other week. Always lovely to hear from you Ann. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment.
      Regards Florence xxx

      P.S. I think this is a Carpenter Bee. They adore the Wysteria.

      1. Thanks Florence – got your message on my blog and would love to do a swap sometime. You can email me via my profile page

    1. Hi Jan. Hope all is well with you and yours. Loving the new stamps. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. Always lovely to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Nia. Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. Your visits are truly appreciated. Have a great weekend.
      Regards Florence xx

  4. Great photos Florence and love the Florence & Freddie bit on them. I´m sorry but I´d never give you your danglies back as I would either reuse them or just treasure the card as a work of art! As I´m not a crafter I can´t really answer your questions about bad buys but good ones (which I didn´t actually buy but which a very nice friend made for me…yes, that´s you!) are my needle book and pin cushion which are used and enjoyed daily! So, thank you 🙂

    1. Hi T, Hope all is well. Now I know why I am up late what is your excuse!!! 1.25 in the morning. Is there a party going on that I dont know about? 🙂 I am so pleased you get use out of the book and pin cushion. You are very kind. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for popping in and for your lovely comments.
      Take care,
      Florence xxx

  5. Morning Florence , not lookng good here for the Jubilee weekend 😦 but your cards are just fab 🙂 My worst buy has to be an embossing board you know the ones oh and glitter why did I ever think I wounld use the stuff lol
    Have yourself a great weekend 🙂
    Von x♥x

    1. Hi Von, Great to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed the celebrations. I have a couple of embossing boards. I just can’t use them! I am no good with instructions. I do use the board with the leaves on quite a bit just to emboss and cut the leaves out 😉 I could work out how to do that! 🙂 Many years ago I bought the cc box maker, I think it was the prototype as it was made out of MDF, but it has been brilliant and I have used so many times. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  6. Hi Florence….

    I made it to the end 😉 and your cards and photographs are wonderful!

    As a cardmaker myself, I dont really stick to one style and size, i believe variety is the spice of life and tend to make up my own card sizes as I go along and if the envelope doesn’t fit I just make one that will… My style varies from card to card too, it all depends on who I am making it for.

    Go too tools… I bought a Fiskars purple metal craft knife when I first started crafting and I have used it all this time, so Guess its my go to “thing” I also love scortape, keeeps things stuck down nicely…. My worst buy that got forgotten about after my first attempt was moulds and that awful moulding sculpey clay, the clay dried out and is now in the bin and the rose cabochan mould is somewhere 😉

    I also keep buying stamps, I adore them, but tend to just look at them rather than using them as often as I really should, maybe I need some of those fancy inkpads like you bought a couple of years ago and start making things with them 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend


    1. Hi Sarah, I think we craft and make cards in a very similar way. I have not heard of scoretape before. Will have to track some down. I use double side carpet tape. It is really strong but after a while the residue in the adhesive seeps through to the card. It looks like a grease mark. I do prefer tapes and than glue. I end up with too many smudges 😉 Another no go for the moulds then. I am pleased to hear that I am not the only one that just looks at the stamps. Before you invest in some ink pads try some felt tips pens. You can get some really nice effects especially if you blast them with a fine spray of water. I am such a penny pincher! 🙂 Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comment. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

  7. I love them all!! I also have a slight *ahem* collection of stamps and love adorning almost anything with them. I would love to make my own rubber stamps eventually but it looks like such a lengthy process! x

    1. Hi there. Hope all is well. I bet your garden looks beautiful at the moment. I’ve always fancied having a go and making my own stamps or at least try to come up with some designs. Have you ever tried those carving blocks? I bought a couple a few years ago but haven’t got round to designing anything on them……. One day! 😉 Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  8. Oh my goodness, sooooo many questions! Lol! I did read to the end though BFF! :o) As you know, I have a few different styles, mostly very inky. I don’t ask for embellies back, but I only use very special ones on things I keep, or give to peeps I know will appreciate. Love my Vagabond & sizzix dies, & Tim Holtz scissors & paper distresser I wouldn’t be without. Stamps & distress inks…goes without saying! Tell your friend Ann that moulds are brilliant with UTEE & friendly plastic, make great embellies!
    As for your cards, they are beautiful, love how you used the multi-coloured ink pad with them. Lovely photos from your garden too, especially the bee…amazing shot.
    Alison xox

    1. Hi Alison. Hope you are ok my BFF 😉 Now you see, that is what is great about chatting to crafters. Ann and Sarah had no goes to moulds. Would never have thought of using friendly plastic in them. Thanks for sharing that with us all. Hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments
      Regards Florence xx

  9. Have you been drinking ? LOL…What a wonderfully entertaining post today you have my friend…
    I cant believe you have a passion flower growing in your garden…i have never seen one IRL, we cant grow them here…when I was taking my course to become a florist, we had to make a project for our wedding, and this was my theme flower. All your work is so stunning…I ll need to have another coffee before answering all these questions LOL…. have a great week-end. hugs G.

    1. Hi Gisele, I have just realised what you put! LOL! Not a drop passed my lips! 🙂 That passion flower is really strange. It’s in a pot and I leave it outside all winter and temperature can drop to -10 but it survives. I wouldn’t have thought they were hardy. It is pretty. I love the construction of them. Now that is some new info. I didn’t know you that you are flourist. I would love to be able to do that. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

  10. Back to answer the questions lol
    Just love trying any style of card at all but if I know someone I will always try to make something that I think they would like in ‘their’ sort of style if they are a craft. I’m a bit like you when it comes to minimalism but I do so admire people who can make something special with only a few things on it. Heavens! No! I would never ask for the embellishments back but often my neighbours give me all of their old cards and mine are sometime among them complete with embellishments. Love the Big and Juicy pads they make easy backgrounds with a brayer. I did ruin one of mine my storing it sideways and all the colours ran to one end but it is an interesting colour now. Just thinking lot now and looking around but not big on buying new tools and only stuff I need really. I have had a Cuttlebug for a long time and sometimes buy new dies but rarely use them as a new one comes out and everyone seem to buy it so it is everywhere and it puts me off. I dig out the old ones when they have gone out of fashion lol.

    Not sure if that is everything lol.

    It was great to read what everyone put for sure. Thanks for the questions Florence and I hope your day is going well

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Hi Chrissie, Thank you for calling back. I do admire minimilistic style cards. Suze from Cant Stop Crafting (link on the sidebar) makes absolutely stunning LIM cards. Mine just look unfinished! LOL ! I bought a brayer with the b j ink pads (thats what they are called) but I just didn’t get on with it. Mind you I have no patience. Although I am not a follower of fashion, I like to keep up to date with new products. Most of the time you can make old stash look on trend with a bit of imagination. Always great to hear from you my friend. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xxx

  11. wow that is some post Florence. First I want to say I love all your cards and loving your new stamps……still saving for these, they will probably be out of print by the time I manage to buy them……lol Oooh you did make me giggle thinking about asking for the embellies back….NO I have never done that………..in answer to another question I usually try to create cards for specific people in mind but cannot say am much of a card maker, often end up buying them. For a best buy it has to be my Purple Cow Ultimate Trimmer, the guillotine part is used the most and of course my brushes and paint. Wishing you a lovely weekend Annette xx

    1. Hi Annette, Hope you are well and have enjoyed the weekend. Netty, I am going to tell everyone you buy cards! What a shocker! LOL! I have seen your beautiful cards but I know your time is taken up with painting and with other creative projects. Such a talented lady. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Take care,
      Florence xx

  12. Hi Florence, my, you’re in a chatty mood today :0) Your garden looks beautiful and I am so loving your new stamps. To answer your questions, well I’m a clean and simple kind of girl when it comes to cards – I have such a problem with ribbons, flowers, buttons, DP etc – hence I have heaps of these in my stash – I buy them cause they look so pretty but I just don’t know how to use them! I bought a Bind it All about a year ago – I had great intentions of making lots of mini books – however I’ve used it once! I also got an electronic Silhouette for my birthday, used a couple of times cause I can’t figure it out! I do however love my cuttlebug – such a handy little machine, I love good quality stamps too – they’re just so nice to use! Thanks for the nice chat :o) enjoy the rest of your weekend! Suze xx

    1. Hi Suze. Hope you are ok. [ Anyone who has read my comment above, this is Suze.]
      I remember looking at those binding machines. The finshed projects looked amazing. Pleased to hear I am not the only one who can’t work out how to use things. I dont know about you Suze, but if I can see someone doing something or someone shows me then I am fine. No good with instruction books at all. I usually just press buttons until something works! LOL! These stamps are beautiful to use. I fell in love with them last year. Well my friend, always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  13. Hello Miss Florence!!! I guess I’ll join the ranks of BFF as I read it and enjoyed it all. Fabulous flowers! As for the questions, I go in streaks of what I do. I get into a copic mode and do tons of cure cards then I try a new technique or go back to an old one and I am off making alcohol ink type cards, then I get back into my polymer clay and ignore paper for a while, then I go fishing/camping and ignore crafting altogether LOL.. I love my cuttlebug and dies, ATG gun, distress inks, memento inks, ribbon. tackytape or soowang tape, ruler and fiskars paper cutter and copics and pearls.
    worst purchase was probably the spellbinders grand caliber. it half embosses even when using the cutting sandwich. It even broke a plate the first time I used it. Spell binders sent me a plate but their only solution for the embossing issue was to use an extra sheet of paper or to wet the paper after or some such nonsense. I rarely use it.
    As for your friends with the molds and trouble with clays. There are several types of clay- air dry and oven bake. I use oven bake and rarely use sculptey brand. It is a very soft clay that hardens brittle. I recommend either Premo, FImo or Kato brand. I often use silicone molds because you can cook the clay in the mold. I have never used the air dry clay so I cannot comment. But I will say polymer clay can be super fun. Check out my blog this week and I will have many examples from our retreat this weekend.www.jazzydoodledesigns.com
    As for asking for things back. I haven’t …yet. never even thought of it. I do however have a stamp that you use on the back that says “This card was made by hand. If you throw it away, those same hands will make a doll in your image and stick pins in its butt!” I only put this on my closest friends and family but it always gets a laugh.
    so If you are still reading this I guess we really are BFFs.LOL
    take care
    Wendy and Jazz

    1. Hi Wendy and Jazz. Hope all is well. I have tears rolling down my face from laughing at your comments 🙂 🙂 🙂 Shame about the grand caliber. I looked at them when I bought my big shot. I did wonder at the time if I had made the right decision but I am pleased I didnt buy one after reading your comments. I will put a link back to your blog in my posts this week regarding the clay and moulds. Hope you enjoy the retreat. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. I am still giggling…. I want one of those hand made stamps!!!!! 🙂 Well my lovely BFF, thank you so much for your lovely and valued comments. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx One for Jazz X

  14. Hi Florence,
    Just getting to catch up with emails now, i am so bad at this LOL…I so enjoyed reading your post and looking at your projects. Fantastic stamps and your garden pictures are sooo beautiful. I think I may need to use your flower as inspiration for a future project, just gorgeous my friend!
    Apart from my big shot, I would say my flower dies have been my tool of choice and what has given me the best value… I think I am going to wear them out I’ve used them so much… : )
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs to you* Joann

    1. Hi Joann. Hope all is well. What a lot of people don’t know is that I check out the dies on yours and Lisa’s blog before I decide which ones to go for! LOL! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. It is always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xxx

      [ Joaan -Castle Park Designs blog (link on the side bar) and her sister Lisa – Crafting Cottage blog (link on the side bar) make the most beautiful creations using flower and other dies. So many wonderful and inspiring ideas.]

  15. Hi Florence, as well as a fantastic crafter you are a great photographer. Stunning flower photographs and as for the cards they are stunning, I do love those Lynne Perrella stamps so versatile. Have to admit I’ve never asked for embellishes back, but perhaps I should as none of my friends make cards so I only ever get shop bought ones (sob sob!) I also admit I’m a bit of a selfish crafter and tend to make stuff that I like and I find it difficult to make things for other people if I’m not interested in the subject. I have loads of fave crafty things, my new stamps of course, my fresco paints, but I think it must be new my sewing machine, it was a toss up between that or a grand calibur as they were about the same price, so pleased I plumped for the sewing machine I love it and now I can buy lots of lovely linen fabric. Boo boo buys, not keen on my melt pot, as I don’t think you really need one just embossing powder and heat gun really, all acrylic stamps as I’m to heavy handed to use them I prefer pure rubber te he. Bet it’s sunny where you are, we are having the usual BH rubbish weather, thoroughly pants. I need some sun. xx

    1. Hi Paula. Great to hear from you. Hope you are ok and had a good weekend. I am so pleased you decided on the sewing machine as well!!! 🙂 I did think about a melt pot for melting bees wax but I think a saucepan will do the job just as good. I know what you mean about the acrylic stamps. I have some My Paper World stamps which took a bit a time getting used to. I put too much pressure on them and they splodge out a bit (technical term! he he). I am a bit heavy handed especially when I am trying to eek every bit of ink out of my ink pads 🙂 Once I got used to them I was really pleased with them especially as they were very reasonably priced. The Craft Barn used to stock them but I dont think they do now.
      Really getting hot hear now and its only the beginning of June. I will send you some sunshine in a jiffy bag. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Melt pot off the list!! 😉
      Regards Florence xx

      P.S. Thank you for your kind words about the photos. I can not take credit for them. The camera is switched to automatic and does the work for me! lol!

  16. What a lovely post Florence. You must have a pretty garden. My Cuttlebug is my best friend in my crafting room. I have a LOT of boo boo buys – I’m a bit of an impulsive shopper for craft items. I have too many papers bought just because they were pretty. I’m trying to clean out but I find it very hard to throw/give away lovely things.

    1. Hi Lorraine. Hope all is well. I know what you mean. There are some fabulous pretty papers around at the moment. Some times its hard to use them because they are so nice! 🙂 Or, you find one design that you absolutely love and there are only two sheets in the pad so you keep them to one side for that special master piece! 🙂 Always great to hear from you. Thank you for popping in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  17. Beautiful post Florence. The cards and flowers are all lovely. I’ve also enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to your questions.
    My favourite go to craft tool besides my stamps is my Cricut. I use it all the time as you know. It never occured to me to ask for the embellishments back (LOL) but I won’t use them on a card if I know the person won’t even notice them! They definitely have to be embelly worthy!! I love getting new papers and have a really hard time cutting them at first. I sometimes just sit there and admire them for a while. I’m not sure I’ve made a purchase boo boo but I do sometimes come across things I’ve stashed away and forgotten about. I try to be organized but that doesn’t always work out the way I intend it. 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy. Hope you are well. “Ebelly worthy” …… thats a good one 🙂 I will have to remember that one. I find it hard to cut into a piece of really nice paper. Mind you I am the same with fabric. It’s so stressful!!!! 🙂 I can roughly remember where all my bits of stash are but sometimes I come across something I have forgotten about. Freddie is terrible. He will buy something forgetting he has one already. If you saw Freddie’s work room you would see why!!!! Talk about organised chaos! 🙂 Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  18. Hello – happy summer ! Thank you for the “walk” through your garden – what amazing flowers!! I love your cards and am in love with your stamps, what fun you had! We should do a card exchange…you are definitely someone who I would deam “worthy” of recieving a handmade card! (and you could keep it!!)LOL 🙂 I have a friend that saves me all the “crafty” pieces from things she recieves, she bundles them up and sends them to me for my creations.

    1. Hi Lisa, Hope all is well. I am always up for a card exchange especially if I can keep the bits! lol! 🙂 Now what would we do without friends hey! Like you I have a friend (Tanya – Chica Andaluza – Link on the sidebar) who saves for me all sorts of bits and pieces. She gives me her broken jewellery, bits of fabric, jam jar lids and corks…… the list is endless. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  19. Hi Florence! I love this post 🙂 The cards are all wonderful but the bottom one is my favourite, with the gears and the machinery it appeals to my inner scientist. ❤ ❤ I will have to think of answers to all your questions now lol! 😀

    1. Hi there, Hope all is well. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. If you do have time, would love to hear which tools or products you use the most in your jewellery making. Absolutely no pressure though. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  20. Hi Florence, You re definitely my kind a girl. I to create all kinds of styles and make cards with the receiver in mind. I find it hard to create for no one in particular and find that cards that were not made specially for someone just stay in my stash and never get send. When making cards, I also often think: if there is a gab: fill it. Haha. I do think these cards are lovely though!!! I can’t say that I have something in my crafting stuff that I do not use. Sometimes I buy a must have and then it will sit unused for a while because I do not yet exactly know what I want with it, but eventually it will become part of a creative process for sure and from than on it will be used more regularly. My best buy in 2011 or 2012 hmmmm, thats a difficult one! I absolutely love all my rubber stamps. Just looking through them gives me tremendous joy. The 2 distress embossing powders I have are also in the top list, aswell as the Holographic. Most used products though are the distress inks. Couldn’t live without them. I also enjoy my Double Do machine very much. Luckely it was in a sale when I bought it, but come to think of it, the collection of dies I own now surpass the cost of the machine easily haha.
    I never asked for the bits and pieces back, although I must confess I find thats a very good idea! But then again, I only make extensively decorated cards for the people I know will never throw it away. I think I now have answered all of your questions 😀
    Thanks for the fine! Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Anne, Hope you and Inge are both well. I think we are both very similar crafters. I love the Ranger distressing inks. I was thinking whilst I read your comment. One thing I did buy about 8 years ago, it didnt suit the purpose I bought it for, but I have used so much recently is a fixiative spray. You are right, sometimes there are bits and pieces that are put to one side. Then it is a light bulb moment ” I have something that will do that job” 🙂 Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Take care.
      Regards Florence xx

  21. Hi Florence. Your cards are fabulous and your photos beautiful.
    I’ve never asked for embelishments back but I love the idea.
    My worst buy is something that I bought years ago and that is a Fiskars Shape Boss, I think it came out of the box once and not long after I went and won the Fiskars Scrap Boss in a competition – they are still sitting on the top of my cupboards. I also have the Fiskars oval and circle cutters that I could never get on with.
    I have so many thing that I love but the love of my life at the moment has to be Pan Pastels and my best buy has to be a very small guillotine that I bought oh so many years ago, it’s used every day.
    Have a good day.
    xxx Hazel.

    1. Hi Hazel. Hope all is well. I have seen the fiskars shape cutters. To me they looked very technical and complicated to use. I have been reading all the comments above and yours. Something just struck me, no it wasn’t Freddie! lol!!”, I wonder if sometimes crafters struggle with certain gadgets because of the left and right side of the brain aspect. I hadn’t thought about it before until I read your comment. I would love to hear how you get on with and what you think of the Pan Pastels. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

  22. Hi Florence, your post made me laugh, i think its the first time you have asked so many questions sounds like your on a mission to write a book about the essential guide to crafting. My favourite tool has to be my Cameo. I bought it even before i put ink to paper and had no idea how to use it but now couldn’t live without it ! My worst buy ….well there are so many the craft cave is littered with them but find that eventually all things get a little use ! I’m really naughty and tend not to send many cards isn’t that awful I make so many and they rarely end up getting sent . My family and friends in the UK can vouch for this . I too am loving Pan Pastels at the moment and I think I prefer them to ink they are so easy to use too. Anyways look at you you have got us all gabbing ! Maybe you should start a weekly column or something lol. Your cards are beautiful and the stamps are sublime i want them and I want them now. Love how you have let the images spek for themselves and the colours you have chosen are a perfect match.


    1. Helloooo! Marie, Ooooo! your lovely Cameo silhouette cutter! Did you ever try cutting into leaves with it?? That’s another machine that looks very technical but I have seen the gorgeous results you get with it. I can’t believe you don’t send out your cards! What are you like!!! 🙂 Those PP’s are becoming popular. Not quite sure about them yet. 😉 For card making I can’t see that they are an economic option but I have an open mind!! I am interested to know how you get on with them. I know Lindsay from Craftymonster81 (link on side bar) uses them a lot. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Susan. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Hope all is well. Always great to hear from you.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Bente. Always great to hear from you. Hope you are well. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. Have a great weekend.
      Regards Florence x

  23. These are such great thoughts and questions, Florence! For me, it often depends on the personality of the recipient. Card making is such a significant labor of love, I don’t know if I could ever sell cards to strangers, or give them to others to give away – so in this sense I am like you. Also, no one would buy my cards if I were to pay myself decently for how much time goes into them haha! I have considered selling some projects just to be able to have some extra funds to support my stamping addiction. Wasteful purchases – punches with too much specificity – like elephants. Great purchases – versatile punches like circles and squares.

    1. Hi Vivian. Great to hear from you. There is a standing joke in our house. Everytime I make a card Freddie will say that has cost you £XX to make!!!! Oooops! Maybe the card kit packs are a better bet for someone who wants to make cards to sell. I know what you mean about the punches!! Your comment made me giggle. Been there!!! I have a very small santa punch. You wouldn’t know it was Santa to look at the punch out!! lol! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi AD, Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. I find crafting a relaxing hobby. It’s blogging about it that causes all the stress!! LOL! Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. Have a great weekend.
      Regards Florence xx

  24. Hello Florence, your photos are gorgeous, you must have a beautiful garden! I love to take photographs also, but my daughter is much more talented in that respect than I am, so I post her photos on my blog occasionally. I did read your entire post, so here are my answers. As to card making, I make lots of different style cards. I love the look of Clean and Simple cards with lots of white space, but have a very hard time leaving it blank, I just love color too much! I am not an over the top embellisher, many of my cards have none at all. I do choose the style of card based on the recipient, but I don’t ask for my bits back! My mom would have done that, which is probably why I don’t!
    My boo boo purchase has to be my Cricut stuff. It was packed away in a box for over two years and didn’t really miss it, I just put it in my studio again! I did use it for a card last week and it is fun to work with, but I mainly use it for scrapbooking and I am not doing much of that lately. My absolute favorite new item is my Scor Buddy scoring board! It is the perfect size for card making, small enough to keep right on my desk at all times and gives me accurate measurements for all my scores. I love this little thing and use it everyday!


    1. Hi Francesca. Firstly, thank you for reading all of the post. Another BFF! lol! I do admire people who can produce cards that are clean and simple in design. I can never achieve that. There are always some smudges or something to spoil them. Or, they look scruffy or empty. I was interested to read about the cricut. I have never used one. I agree with you on the score board. When I bought it I did think do I really need this but it has been really really useful. I wouldn’t be without it. Definately cuts out all the measuring. I really like the CC box maker board as well. I use that a lot. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments. They are truly appreciated.
      Regards Florence xx

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