Black and White Pin Cushion

Morning everyone.  This week’s  Out of a Hat Creations challenge theme is “black, white and one other colour”.  The project can be anything of your choosing in whatever style you craft in but the focus is on the colours.

Slightly stumped on this one.    I couldn’t think of anything black and white until I finished my project and then ideas like musical notes, piano keyboards, chess games and motor racing flags started to flood my mind.   Having said that, I was still focused on black and white.  It probably would have been easier to think of the “other” colour first.

I found some scrap pieces of black velvet and some black and white fabric in my scrap box and made a much needed pin cushion.  If in doubt, make something useful.

I made the little suffolk puffs/yo yos,  sewed them all onto  one square of velvet and added the buttons.  With right sides together I sewed the two pieces of velvet together leaving a small opening in the seam, turned it the right way around, stuffed the cushion and slipped stiched the opening closed.

Just a reminder about the mouse trap challenge on the 23rd August.  Hope you all have your mouse traps ready!!  Should be really good fun.  Hope everyone will be able to join in.

Tat tar for now.  Happy Crafting.

Best Wishes Florence x


  1. Wendy

    Hey Florence, Jazzy here, just wanted to say that that is a lovely pin cushion. I think it would be perfect for me to lay my head on. (If you took out the pins) You are a very talented lady. Two paws up!


  2. Marianne

    Florence, love, love you pincushion…isn’t it amazing that out of no ideas can come amazing ideas!!? I love the design and the red buttons, and of course the pins, like musical notes, add harmony!

    Besides not being on the computer much the last week, I was wondering how I’ve been missing your last few or so posts, and I just discovered that the email notices of your new posts were ending up in the spam folder. I don’t know why, but now will keep a sharper eye out. I don’t want to miss your wonderful creative spirit!

    Blessings for more bright ideas,
    Marianne xox


    1. Florence

      Hi Marianne, Thank you for letting me know about the spam. It is funny how that happens. It occasionally happens to me as well. There are gremlins at work some times 🙂
      Take care,
      Florence xx


  3. Paula

    Hi Florence, gorgeous gorgeous little pin cushion would be perfect for me now LOL, and funnily enough I have been making some of these puffs recently, great minds think alike eh. Have a lovely day. xx


  4. Monika

    Hi Florence. Love your pin cushion. Something useful is always good, even better if it’s pretty too 🙂
    Still trying to get hold of a mouse trap … xxx


  5. belocchio

    Woman have been making those yo-yo puffs since the pioneer days. But I don’t think they thought of such a delicious combination of fabric and colour. How wonderful vintage the pincushion looks – with just the right smattering of now. Virginia



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