Selection of Cards and Holder – Nature meets shabby layers

I hope everyone had a great bank holiday.  It has finally cooled down a little bit up in the mountains.  Only 29 at the moment.  Positively chilly! lol!

These are a few cards that I prepped during the Olympics and made up over the last week.  There are a lot of photos so be warned.  I am making cards for friends at the moment and decided to make sets as they seem quicker.

Please click on the images to enlarge

I’ve used pretty papers (I think they are Prima)  and just stamped on to some of  them to make them my own.

I’ve also added a few die cuts to build up the layers.

The colours are a bit lost in the photos as I had to take them indoors.

I think I went over the top with this one! lol!

Not all of the images have been stamped some of the images are already on the paper like the hen above.

I made a little carrier out of recycled cardboard.  I took off one layer and gave it a coat of white craft paint.

I used white envelopes, chopped off the tops to make them the size I wanted and glued them all together to make a concertina holder.  I then attached the envelopes to the two covers and added some garden string.

This is the back cover.  One thing I just want to share. I removed one layer of card board but I did find it easier to leave one side flat so that I could attach the envelopes.

If you have followed this post to the bottom then you deserve a big hug.  Sending one now…….. Did you get it?

Some of the stamps I have used are from Crafty Individuals, Chocolate Baroque and Kadomo Inc.

Thanks for looking.  Happy crafting.

Best Wishes Florence x


  1. Lynne Moncrieff

    My first blog visit this wet and dreich (I love that Scottish word!) Monday and what a way to brighten up the day as this collection is positively dreamy and right up my street and absolutely adore the carrier, that is surely unique.
    Have a wonderful day.
    P.S. Thank you for your special comment on my muslin bag

  2. yellowtimer

    Got the hug ((((((thankyou)))))) ……fabulous cards LOVE the corrugated cardboard idea, lovely layers so lush. Would ya like some of our rain, wind and cold weather – I can send it to you no problemo? Cxxx

  3. Lisa

    Love it – I am impressed with your collection of stamps and “dodads” – you must have a very fun studio! Hugs to you!

  4. baileyrosy

    Thanks for the hug they are always welcome ! fabulous, fabulous , fabulous , Gorgeous cards those papers are fantastic and who needs to stamp when something is so pretty. Marvelous layering and i of course loved the over the top one best of all. The carrier is a fab creation both front and back.


  5. Nancy L.

    Florence, I am in awe of your talent you cards are amazing…you have an eye for putting things together that I would have never in a million years thought of! Love each and every bit of your work!

  6. butterfly

    Very lovely cards – deliciously layered up and beautiful variations on a theme… your carrier is just lovely. What is it about corrugated cardboard!? Such a workaday material, but it’s such fun to play with (I’ve got some coming up, but can’t post it yet…). Gorgeous work, as always – love visiting here!
    Alison x

  7. Cards & Co

    So very beautiful. I would love to be able to create cards and a project like this. I admire this style but just can’t get it right. You are an inspiration Florence, thank you.
    Lorraine (and thanks for the hug)

  8. chrissiesz

    Fantastic gift for anyone Florence and a great idea using envelopes to make the pockets. Thanks for sharing it with all of us

    The cards are just terrific with so many beautiful elements to them

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. craftingcottage

    Oh Florence!! These are so pretty! I love all the different elements you used! I adore cards with multiple layers and yours as always turned out Perfect!!! You are so creative!! It is a pleasure visiting your blog to see what you have been up to!
    Hope all is well with you!! *hugs*
    Lisa 🙂

  10. Marianne

    Gorgeous cards, Florence!! You are so talented and have a great eye for detail. I apologize for not visiting sooner. I’ve not been blogging lately, and will not be on my journal for a while, but I will be sure to visit my dear friends as much as possible.

    Blessings and lots of hugs,
    Marianne xox

  11. Darnell J Knauss

    Thanks for coming to visit me, Florence! Your work is positively stunning! I am amazed at all the layering and texture and yet how pretty and “uncluttered” they look. I cannot rock that style, so I’m impressed to see someone who does it so well! Each one (and, of course, the holder) are little gifts in and of themselves. Thanks for the hug! Back at you!

  12. Florence

    WOW! THANK YOU!!!!!! everyone for your very kind words. I really admire all of your work and to receive such lovely comments from you all means so much and is truly appreciated. So pleased that the hugs were received!!!!!
    Kindest Regards,
    Florence xx

  13. pollyspaper

    Oh Florence these cards are just so amazingly beautiful. I am in awe at how many cards you made with similar embellishments and paper…but they are all very different and unique : ) No favorites this time….I love them all! Regards G

  14. restlessjo

    Your cards are delightful. I do find it strange that you’re doing this in the mountains of Andalucia. I’m sure there’s a good reason? And I can think of many worse places to make cards.

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