Fat Book – Recycled packaging

Morning everyone.

Hope everyone is well. What a glorious day it is going to be.

I am so excited.  As a lot of my blogging friends know, recycling plays a huge part in my crafting.  This week’s challenge theme over at Out of a Hat Creations is to use  recycled packaging in your project.  Yey!!!!  Ooodles of scope for this one.  The packaging can be anything from cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes… oh, the list is endless.

For my project, I’ve used some strips of card taken from some cardboard boxes  and also some scraps of material from some old clothes.

please click on the photos to enlarge

I have used a frame die to cut out the embellishment for the front cover.  The card was a little think so I ran it through my die cutting machine, just through the rollers first, and then through with the die.  I then painted on some white paint here and there.

All of the pages have been made up in the same way.  I firstly cut out some small pieces of card for the toppers,  removed the outer paper to reveal the corregated card underneath.

I gave each sheet of card a coat, front and back, of white craft paint.  Not really being very tidy at all.

I worked on each individual topper at a time,  just adding bits of fabric here and there, and sewing it to the card board to build up the layers.

I tried to aim for 8 or 9 different elements on each page whether it be fabric, colours or embellishments.

I added buttons, a cinnamin stick, buttons, strands of wool and tags….anything really I could lay my hands on! lol!

A little piece of wire mesh and a minature metal coat hanger have been added to the page above and sewn on by hand.

I just want to share something on the page above.  The faux felt flower center was created using 100% acrylic wool, wrapping it around in a circle shape, flat on the table and then blasting it with the heat gun.  The synthetic wool melted together enough for what I wanted but  I added a few stiches to secure it.

For the pages:  I cut some strips of card to the size I wanted, again removed the outer paper and painted them white.  I sewed them together, creating a spine and the pages and then added my toppers using PVA.  The same as you would for a little paper book.    If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to give me a shout.


Happy Crafting everyone.  Tat tar for now.

Best Wishes Florence x


  1. baileyrosy

    Bang ! That is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor, hold on while I pick it up ,,! Well woman you have really outdone yourself this time , this is more than amazing, must have taken forever, how do you find the time ? gorgeous , texture,lace,fabric and beautifully crafted live e gorgeous blues , oh how I wish I had a teeny weeny bit of your talent ahhhh big big sigh



  2. lynne

    This brings together one of my all time favourite looks – pretty and feminine teamed up with rustic with re-cyling taking place. Incredible book art Florence.
    P.S. It is cold and windy here and has now started to rain!!!!!


  3. Marianne

    So creative and a surprise on every page. I love it, Florence. I always look forward to see what you do next.

    Blessings for a perfectly creative day,
    Marianne xo


  4. butterfly

    Completely fabulous, Florence! Your fat book just makes me happy – every single page, every single element… Corrugated cardboard is the best ingredient for rustic beauty!! This is so pretty, yet so deliciously rugged at the same time – I absolutely love it!
    Alison x



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