Make a Santa Sack in 5 minutes


Hope you are all well. This is a quick post as I wanted to enter this project into this weeks Out of a Hat Creations Challenge and also Freddie has finally got off the computer for 5 minutes!

This is really a follow on from my last post but if you didn’t catch it, the Hatters Christmas in October challenge theme for this week is Christmas parcels or packaging.  Please click on the link above for more information about the challenge and also to join in the fun.

This  is just something I wanted to share because it is soooo quick and easy.

I found a load of these skirts in the Charity Shop last year.  I love the fabric.  They only cost a few cents each.

All I have done is sewn the hem together to make a sack… thats it.

I used a an old scarf to tie around the top.   I bought this scarf a few years ago to use as a table runner.

Hope to catch up with everyone over the weekend.
In the mean time happy crafting.

Florence x


  1. chrissiesz

    A great idea–the colour is just right for Christmas as well.

    Love the idea of sitting on the sheepskin rug and now I want one lol.

    Hope your day is going well

    Best Wishes Chrissie xx


  2. Lynne Moncrieff

    So fabulous, in fact you have blown me away with your up-cycling of those charity shop skirts. The sacks look so expensive, as though purchased in a Home Decor shop.
    You are such a clever cookie.


  3. Marianne

    Brilliant idea, Florence..creative, fun, and very attractive. The scarf is beautiful, too, and the rug, agreed, adds just that special northpole cozy look. You gals really can get some great bargains at your charity shops there in the UK.

    Marianne x


  4. papercraftnut

    Great idea for those large, awkward gifts that are hard to wrap. It sounds like it was cheaper than buying a roll of paper and much prettier too! BTW that sheepskin looks fab for cozying up in with a cup of cocoa or tea and a good book. Hugs, Tracy


  5. Susan Bain

    I’m amazed that this used to be a skirt, what a find! I was looking at Santa sacks in John Lewis the other day and they were £30. Time for me to trawl the charity shops! xx


  6. kalfury

    You are so clever Florence, this is so classy, made me feel all festive, and I’d love that sack to open on Christmas morning, x


  7. Florence

    Sorry, I’ve have not been in blog land much over the last couple of weeks. THANK YOU to everyone for calling in and for leaving such lovely comments. They are truly appreciated. Marie and Karen thank you for keeping the conversations going! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Sending hugs,
    Florence xx


  8. baileyrosy

    I hope you are having fun whatever you are up to ! Love the sack and would really love it to be filled to the brim with crafting goodies that or some young hunky man. I bet you thought I was going to say Gin bottles now didn’t you !


  9. butterfly

    Simple but brilliant idea – I’ve never seen such lovely texture on skirts.. will have to go in search! And the sheepskin rug creates a great background for the sack photo – and looks so inviting…
    Alison x


  10. stempelwolfinge

    Hello Florence,

    Looks lovely with that scarf around it. Think its special how you can look at something old and come up with ideas to alter or take apart and recreate to make new thinks. Wish i was that creative.





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