Christmas in October with the Hatters – Decoration

Morning everyone.

We hope you are enjoying the Out of the Hat Creations Christmas Challenges as much are we are.  This is our third week of the challenges.  Haven’t they gone quickly!

This week we are asking you to make a Christmas decoration.  This can be a decoration for the table, door, wall or Christmas tree.  Anything you would like really.  Lots of scope for this one.  Whether your project is traditional or quirky in style we would love to see them.


I raided my scrap box for bits and pieces to make this.  You know all those little pieces that you keep just in case.  I did have 3 large leaves but the one fell out with the iron!!!  They were a bit creased so “no brains” here thought ironing them would be a good idea!! lol!  If you have got old crinkled leaves pop a bit of copier paper over them before you iron them!

I used a piece of chicken wire (yep, this is in my stash) for the base.  I rolled a small piece up and then shaped it into a ring.  I then wrapped a piece of wadding around it.  If you have not got wadding any old fabric will do… old blanket or towelling fabric.  Anything really.


I cut some strips of the neutral coloured fabric and then just wrapped it around and around until the wadded was covered. I just added a few stiches here and there to secure it. I then added the old pearl necklace, lace and gold cord and secured them in the same way.

Tip: If you have not got scraps of fabric to use, old trousers work really well for this because you can get 8 to 12 long strips from one pair.  Old jeans or woolen trousers look really nice.


I made the flower from fabric from some shirts I bought from the charity shop.  It is really hard to buy fabric where I live.  I cut used a dinner plate and a side plate as a circle template.  I drew on the fabric and cut the circles out.  I then turned the edges over about 8 mm all the way around, ran a running stich around the turned over edges and pulled the thread tight. I secured the wooden bead in the centre of the smaller flower and then attached this to the larger flower.  I tacked on the leaves to the wreath with needle and thread and then attached the flower using hot glue.

This didn’t quite turn out exactly as I pictured it but I hope you like it anyway.

This is a wreath a made soo many years ago but thought I would add the photo to this post. Sorry about the quality of the photo.  This was just made up with things in the Christmas decoration box.  The dried artichokes and walnuts are from the garden.


I can’t wait to see what you make.

Happy Crafting, Tat tar for now!

Best Wishes Florence x

39 thoughts

  1. Nice ideas Florence and great tips as to where to get what. Must be great to have things growing the garden that you can use for decorations as well.

    Love Chrissie xx


  2. Oooh this is superb Florence, a fantastic decoration made from your scraps love it. Unfortunately I do not have chicken wire in my stash LOL! XXX


  3. Florence, this wreath is beautiful!! I love the layers and the neutral colors! I may just have to give this idea a go myself…..I’m thinking this may be something I can actually do!

    Take care,


  4. I love Christmas wreaths – we’ve started putting them on internal doors as well as the front door, as we’ve amassed so many over the years! This is lovely – such a clever idea. And seeing that chicken wire structure made me hanker after a “naked” one too!! Gorgeous work on the pine cone one aswell. I’m resisting Christmas crafting (can’t get my head round it in October) but so enjoying seeing what you’re all creating…
    Alison x


  5. Both wreaths are beautiful, Florence. I like that you used nontraditional things to make them. I LOVE that you added dried artichokes and walnuts from your garden! The fact that you even grow artichokes and walnuts is awesome. I hope your iron survived the leaf fiasco, lol! Sounds like something I would do. 🙂 Hugs, Tracy


  6. I can do this Florence. I have a trunk filled with fabric pieces – and lots of odds and ends of things for decorating. Brilliant way to use these little treasures. I knew I was saving them for a reason. Virginia


  7. Wow, fabulous decoration. You sure have a way of recycling stuff that I would never think about.
    Yvonne x


  8. You have one crazy creative mind missus !!! Old pants for wreathes never would have thought of that ! Looks amazing as does your older version both are fabulous. I bet Christmas in your house is amazing !



    1. Hi Lorraine. This only took a couple of hours max, including a tea breaks, to make. Really simple. No fuss. I dont do time consuming 🙂
      Hugs, Florence x


  9. Hi Florence,fabulous wreath,love what you have used to make it (Freddie are you missing any trousers,LOL keep an eye on her)
    Janet & Brian xx


    1. Janet, If you saw Freddie’s trousers, you wouldn’t even use them as dusters! 🙂 He is well known for being….lets say, scruffy!!
      Hugs Florence x


  10. It is always so nice to hear from everyone. THANK YOU all for calling in and for your lovely comments and kind words.
    Crafty Hugs,
    Florence x


  11. Wow that wreath is spectacular. I love all the different textures of fabric wrapped around and the gold cord. Something about wreaths that always warms my heart.


  12. Oh Florence, now this is just so beautiful….I REALLY really love it. I’ve never been allowed to have a Christmas wreath as my hubby thinks that the real ones somehow remind him of death??? but surely he couldn’t object to one made of fabric. This is absolutely gorgeous, you used one of my favourite things….pearls, I just can’t resist them. As for Marie’s idea of using old pants, what can I say? She was probably sozzled when she wrote her comment X



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