Seasonal Tags

Hi everyone.

I am back on this blog early than I thought. I had planned to be out in the garden for the next few days but the rain came in and it is also forecasting snow and sleet.  Instead I thought I would clean up my craft room.  Terrible thought I know.  Anyway, I found all these little pieces of scraps and die cuts so I abandoned the cleaning and made a few tags instead. I am so lazy!!!









I have recycled a cardboard box to make the base of these tags.  I used the large Sizzex die to cut the tag shapes.

Thank you to all my blogging friends who have been in touch with me and who have left comments on my blogs over the last couple of days.  I am sending you all humongous crafty hugs.  I will be around later for a catch up and a cuppa so pop the kettle on!! he he!

 Have a fantastic weekend. Happy Crafting.

Florence x


    1. Florence

      Hi Alison. Were your ears burning yesterday? I have just ordered a jelly plate thingy and I blamed it all on you!!! LOL! Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. Always lovely to hear from you.
      Hugs, Florence x
      P.s. Freddie says “Thanks Alison”!!!

    1. Florence

      Hi Valerie. Hope all is well. Always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. Thank you also Valerie for the heads up on this tag die. I really love it.
      Hugs Florence x

  1. baileyrosy

    Coffee !!! Tell the truth I had gin and you had red wine and spam !!!! and I mean the tinned variety ! Yes I miss you on Pinterest its not the same without your daily input. Glad to hear you have bad weather cos we have it too and we can rejoice in your amazing tags ! I wish I had half of your talent , you always manage to combine so many elements without them looking like a dogs dinner, I’m exhausted just looking at them ! Hope the weather continues to be awful for you then maybe we will see more of your masterpieces !


    1. Florence

      Shhhhh!!! You are telling all my secrets!! lol! At least you didn’t tell everyone that I would have prefered cornbeef but it is a 1 euro more expensive than the tinned spam! he he! Lovely to hear from you Marie. Thank you so much for calling in and for your kind words.
      Hugs, Florence xx

  2. butterfly

    These are so wonderful, Florence – it’s great to have you back. And NOT lazy… just choosing to employ your energies on something more worthwhile than clearing up!!

    You’ve created four beautiful tags; the layered embellishing complements the Mucha images to perfection – just lovely.
    Alison x

  3. Rita

    Hello Florence, you are one amazing crafter. I think your tag is wonderful with so much to see and all those different textures too. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx

    1. Florence

      Hi Rita. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your very kind words.
      Sending hugs to you all in Scotland from Spain.
      Florence xx

  4. Lynne Moncrieff

    Yes, hurray for bad weather and for abandoning your cleaning because these are sensational. Art Nouveau has always held an interest for me so to see your Mucha inspired tags, well they are inspirational Florence and of course, you know how I adore the use of scraps.

    1. Florence

      Hi Lynne. Now I know your scraps are far pretty than mine. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your lovely comments.
      Hugs, Florence x

  5. papercraftnut

    So glad you abandoned your craft room clean up because these tags are gorgeous! Creativity beats cleaning every time! Nice to have you back on this blog. I’ve tried following your cardmaking blog but it doesn’t seem to email me when you post for some reason. Am I doing something wrong? Hugs, Tracy

    1. Florence

      Hi Trace. There seems to be a problem with e.mail subscriptions at the moment. Lynne has been experiencing a few problems and I know I am not receiving all of mine. I think I will clear my subscriptions, reload them and then just use the reader. Anyway Sweetie, please dont worry. It is always lovely to hear from you when you get a minute free to call in.
      Take care, Florence x

    1. Florence

      Hi Netty. I wish I had some paint splotchings. All I seem to have made over the last month or so is cards. Can’t wait to see what you have been making. No doubt wonderful creations.
      Hugs, Florence x

  6. Paula

    Hi Florence, I adore these tags, they are fab. I have been searching for Mucha stamps for ages. The only ones I found were by Katzelcraft and not as nice as these little beauties. xx

    1. Florence

      Hi Paula. I had a look last night. I think these stamps are available from Creative Expressions. The only thing is, I wished they made them larger. These are quite small.
      Hugs, Florence x

    1. Florence

      Hi Marianne. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. I will be over shortly for a catch up. Always great to hear from you.
      Hugs, Florence x

    1. Florence

      Hi MaryAnn. Hope all is well. I will be over for a visit shortly to catch up with all of your lovely makes. Thank you so much for calling in and for your kind words.
      Hugs, Florence x

  7. chrissiesz

    Welcome back to this blog Florence–it will be great to see what you are making.

    Love the tags and what a great way to use up this and that.

    Have a great day-I hope the weather is better now

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Florence

      Hey Chrissie. Great to hear from you. A glorious day today with clear blue skies…..will be freezing tonight though. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words.
      Hugs to you and Vic.
      Florence xx

  8. pollyspaper

    Oh my stars you are the Queen of layering…..these tags are truly works of art….and sooooo many layers : ) I just love them all. I’m so glad to see your back…..the creative world is a little brighter with you in it : ) Keep up the inspiring posts….I’m hanging on your every one!!! xoxo G

  9. sheila 77

    These are fantastic fun and look addictive to make. I very much like all your tags and that amazing layering; if I absolutely had to choose I prefer the first and last (Spring and Winter) but all four have so much to look at and admire in them. I quite like it when it snows as it is a good excuse to make art rather than tidy garden.

    1. Florence

      Hi there. Great to hear from you. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words. To follow: When you are logged in to WP and visiting my blog or any other wp blog at the very top of the screen, just beneath the tool bar you should see a box with a + Follow… If you click on this, the + will turn into a tick and you are then following this blog. There should also be a black follow box at the bottom righthand side of the screen (when you are on this blog) again if you click on that, it should expand and give you a box to fill in your e.mail address.
      Thank you for mentioning this. I have had a couple of similar comments recently. I will sort out an alternative as well for non wordpress blogs.
      Looking forward to following your blog.
      Regards Florence x

  10. Carol L

    Oh my goodness, making these gorgeous tags was not time wasted, that’s for certain! Each one has it’s own distinctive look, and all I can say is WOW!! They’re beautiful! I love the cogs on the first one to welcome spring!

    1. Florence

      Hi Ad. Hope all is well with you and yours. Missed you lots. Still not in full blogging mode yet but hopefully will get there soon. Thank you for calling in.
      Hugs, Florence x

  11. Sonja Milojevic

    I love your work. These tags are gorgeous! I smiled when I read about your cleaning the craft room, we all do that, don’t we? 🙂 Starting with a wonderful idea of making everything pretty and in order, and then find so many fun things we forgot we had.
    Everything I see on your blog is beautiful.

  12. roylcoblog

    I have a huge soft spot for Alphonse Mucha artwork–my fiance is from the Czech Republic and his parents have large Mucha prints placed very fittingly throughout their walls (the mama is a huge interior design buff)! These tags look gorgeous, however. Perhaps I’ll get inspired to make one for his mama’s Christmas/birthday presents?? 🙂 Thanks for the inspirational post!

    1. Florence

      Hi there. Great to hear from you. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Sounds like a perfect present. I cant wait to see it when you have made it.
      Florence x

  13. phaerygurl

    Thanks for liking my post, and may I say, holy crap, these tags are AMAZING. I’m amazed, I so love them! I’ll read your post later, but I really want to know what you used and how you made them. Man, I want these! 🙂 Beautiful work…

    1. Florence

      Hi there, Thank you for your visit and your lovely comments. I did reply to this by e.mail. If you didnt receive it. Can you let me know.
      Regards Florence x

  14. Nicecrane Designs

    Absolutely a delicious to watch,,,,,love the way you mix Mucha picts with steampunk style and lace,,,,,love them love them,,,,you´ll must be in my DT,,,,,my friend,,,,.Thanks for your comments at Alison blog about my little reader digi,,,so feel free to choose any product from my store for free…. email me to


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