Splodges and Splashes – Playing with Gelli Arts Plate

Hi everyone

I spoke too soon last week thinking the good weather for the year had arrived.  We had glorious weather in the mountains as you could tell from the photos on the last post.  I had this week planned out and yes Paula you were right (what a great memory you have!) I wanted to bring the beast out and start turning.  However it was not to be, the winter came back in a blink of an eye.  The temperature dropped dramatically and we even had snow!!  It is so cold.  Next week promises better temperatures as it says it is going back up to 25.  What a contrast.

My time in doors was not wasted.  I thought I would have a play with my Gelli plate (a birthday gift).  I had so much fun with it.  In fact I think it could become addictive.

I collected a pile of scrap 350 gram card stock of various colours even some hideous bright yellow card which I have wanted to use up for a couple of years and just went for it.

The pages below are the bases for some pages I want to make so it is a bit of a work in progress.

Copy of DSC_0007

This is all new to me but it was really enjoyable  just trying different paints and masks and seeing how they turned out.   I know a load of old paint splodges! lol!

I did find some of the stencils a bit hard to use with the roller and ended up using a sponge to apply the paint.

Copy of DSC_0077

I  quite liked the ripple effect given by using thickish paint.  The other thing that I found, when the paint colours were to bright, was to use water colour paints on the plate to give an overal mottled effect which toned down the colours.

These pages are not the screen print style that I was trying for but just picking up paint here and there and stamping over  areas.

In the next session I want to use some of the big bold rubber stamps in my stash to take paint off the plate before putting on the card. Can you tell I am so excited with this product!!  Doesn’t take much these days! lol!

Thats all from me to day.  Thank you for calling in.  Always great to have your company.

Have a fantastic weekend and happy crafting.

Best Wishes Florence x

37 thoughts

  1. Love what you’ve done here! Awesome patterns and colors and so great you were able to find a use for your old papers! I am so excited to receive my gelli plate. Just ordered it yesterday!


  2. looks like lots of fun, I am really tempted by one of these plates. Looking foward to seeing how you put your background to good use x Lavinia


  3. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t had the opportunity to try these yet, but it does look interesting and the colors you chose are nice and bold.


  4. Actually Florence, I think they look like a wonderful piece of art collected together the way you arranged them. I think worth framing. I especially like the top one.

    Blessings for more fun experimenting,
    Marianne xo


  5. How interesting to see the varying effects using the gelli plate – makes me think I should have a go sometime soon. Shame about the weather though although it hasn’t been too bad here the past two or three days.


  6. You had fun!! It is nice to have these to work up from – I love my stash of backgrounds. I am always amazed when I pull them out – at the time of printing I dont always appreciate them but after putting them away for awhile and revisiting them I see their potential!


  7. Hi Florence. Love all the bright colours. Looks as if you were creating some hand made tiles. Great patterns. Hope the summer has returned by now. XXX


  8. Hi Florence, I just recently received a nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and am now passing it onto you. Please visit this post for more details: http://wp.me/p2rZcZ-wu. I would love to nominate you as one of our favorite blogs! There’s no requirement to accept this award but I thought you would like to know you made our list 🙂 Happy blogging!


    1. They are so much fun. I was put off a bit because of the price of these to be honest but the amount of enjoyment I have had with this already and the paint effects that I can now achieve it really is a no brainer. I am blaming the Crafty Trog for this expenditure!! LOL!
      Crafty hugs,
      Florence x


  9. These are fantastic hun and thank you for popping by mine and leaving such a sweet comment on my challenge card recently…means a lot!!
    hugs and xxx


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