Domino Book – Flight of the mini bee

Hi everyone

Firstly, thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post and on face book.  Your comments are truly appreciated.

Today I wanted to share a little domino book I made.

I love making these.  They are really easy and I always find them to be a little therapeutic as with all crafting.

CB DT April Projects 041ATflo

please click on image to enlarge

I covered two dominos with mulberry paper using mod podge or modge podge as I always thought it was called!! lol!

When the glue was dry, I stamped the little leaf design on each outside edge (the flat side without the dots) of the domino and added a bit of distressing ink to the edges.  I give it a quick brush over with another coat of mod podge to seal the ink.

I edged the outer edges of the dominos with gold pen and added a couple of peel offs.

 I cut a piece of card 28cm (this is the length and can be anything you choose) by 4.5 cm (the height of the domino).

I then repeat stamped and colored the elegant boarder the length of the card.

CB DT April Projects 044ATFloplease click on image to enlarge

I then stamped and colored the little bees. When they were dry I covered them with diamond glaze.

Halfway through making this I decided I wanted some sort of edge, larger than the dominos.

I glued several book pages together until it was the size I wanted, approx. 29cm x 6.5 cm.  I then glued my stamped piece of card onto the book pages.  I folded 1/2 c.m of the book page over the bottom edge of the stamped card to give a nice finish. I then gave both sides a coat of mod podge.

CB DT April Projects 039ATFlo

please click on image to enlarge

I trimmed the pages to size and ruffed up the edges.

I scored lines along the length of the stamped piece of card every 2. cm.  The 2cm being just smaller than width of the domino.

I glued a piece of card (2.3cm x 4.5cm) to each of the inside edges (the side with the dots on) of the dominos.

I then attached the ends of the concertinaed card to the card on the inside edge of the dominos using diamond glaze but any strong glue will do.

I then just used a piece of ribbon to secure close.

Stamps used:  Chocolate Baroque – small bees from Honey Bee and the leaf and boarder from Elegant Edges.

  Thank you for stopping by.  It is always great to have your company.

Florence x



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