#Chocolate Baroque Color Challenge

Hi everyone

 Really exciting news to share. Chocolate Baroque have now started monthly color challenges.  The first challenge starts today the 16th July.

Here is my project for this months challenge.


I started off with a 22 cm x 23 cm piece of wood.  Just a scrap piece from my stash.

I sanded the wood and then roughly painted on it a white base coat.  I wanted a bit of a weathered distressed look so I didn’t paint all the way to the edges.

I then masked off a 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm square in the center using copier paper.

Now then, I did want to use relief paste but when I reached for the tub it had all gone hard.  Not a happy bunny!!  So, as normal, I raided Freddie’s shed and found some tile grout.

FloLangleyBird Plaque 004A

I applied (say a golf ball size amount) onto the wood and then scraped it with a piece of thick card so that it was about 2mm thick all over.  I left this for approx 20 mins and it was starting to set.  Different tile grouts and thickness of application may take less or longer time.  Experiment and have fun.  Worse comes to the worse scrape it off and start again.

I then took my stamp and covered it in green and blue (water based) craft paint using a bathroom sponge.  Just dabbing it on until it was covered evenly.

Stamp Used Woodland Dreams

Bird Plaque 004B

I then stamped into the tile grout trying to get as central as possible.  After stamping I immediately placed my stamp into some warm soapy water.  Tip: Soft tooth brushes or nail brushes are great for cleaning your stamps.

I painted the tile grout around the image with some watered down blue craft paint and sanded it a little to highlight the texture.  I then colored the stamped impression, again using some watered down craft paint.

It is only one layer on the wood.  I think the first photo makes it looks like two.

To finish, I applied one coat of gel medium to seal and added the little birds eyes.

Thank you for looking.

Happy crafting

Florence x

23 thoughts

  1. Love that gorgeous texture. I had to smile as tile grout is what I first used when I first got into stamping and didn’t own texture pastes.
    The colours are amazing. I hope you have this displayed in your home.

    1. Hi Lynne. Lovely to hear from you. I was thinking about you today. The tile grout is more economical as well! Thank you for your lovely comments.
      Hugs Flo xx

  2. Love it, the colours are perfect! Tile grout, have to remember that, am a bit nervous of using these weird and wonderful things in case of ruining the stamps, so good to hear you had no probs xx

    1. Hi Aileen, Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I always have a bowl of soapy water to hand so that I can pop the dirty stamps into straight away. Most products I use are water based but then I might use something a little obscure but I have never had a problem todate.
      Take care,
      Flo xx

  3. Great creation Florence, I love this canvas, it looks like a real art work to put somewhere in your living room !!


  4. I think this is very beautiful and thank you for the tutorial , tile grout here I come!

    1. Thank you Ruth. It is such an economical product to play around with. Lots of fun. Ruth, if you have a blog can you let me have a link to share.
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Florence x


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