Humpty Dumpty Wall Hanging – #Chocolate Baroque Color Challenge 2

Hi everyone

Thank you to everyone for leaving comments on my last post.  They are very much appreciated.

This month has flown by.  This is the second week of the #Chocolate Baroque Color Challenge 2.  Please click on the link for full details of the challenge and to see the fabulous inspirational pieces by the DT.

For this months challenge I have made a stamped Humpty Dumpty Wall Hanging from bits and pieces lying around my craft room.

This is a really long post.  For anyone who wants to skip the bumf there is a full list of what I used at the end of this post.

All the King’s horse and all the King’s men…….

Humpty on wood 001C4

Where to start, where to start!!

I will try and break it down into the four main sections.

For the base

I took a piece of plywood 13.5 cm by 29 cm x 5 mm and drilled two holes at the top for hanging purposes and a small hole, centrally, in the bottom edge, to fix Hump.

I painted the plywood board first with a coat of Gesso and then two coats of rust colored craft paint.

When the paint was dry I painted over the rust colored paint with a coat of Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium and left it to dry.

Humpty on wood 002A1

I then painted over the crackle medium with a coat of white Craft Paint and left to dry and crackle.

I put a small amount of blue Craft Paint on an old plate and dipped a bottle top into it and used this as a stamp to create the large circles.

I applied some yellow/brown craft paint to a small ornate patterned stamp using a sponge and stamped over the circles/crackled board.

I then applied a coat of Gel Medium over the top to fix and seal.  I used Gel Medium because it was to hand.  Tip : If you want an oldy worldy look and as this has been stamped in paint house hold Varnish would be a good alternative.

The Horse Focal Piece.

Humpty on wood 002C1

I took 5 wooden lollipop sticks and gave them a coat firstly of Gesso and then a coat of White Craft Paint.

When the White Paint was dry I temporary fixed the sticks together, by lining them up, in the positions I wanted, and attaching them to a piece of low tack tape.

Once they were secure and as near as possible to each other as I could get them, I held my breath and stamped the horse image using blue Craft Paint.  Again, I just applied the paint to the stamp using a small piece of sponge.  I added a little bit of diluted blue Paint, using a paint brush to the edges of the horse to add a little bit of shadow and definition.

I created the round circle patterns at the top and the bottom of the sticks using a some felt pen lids and some Craft Paint.  In the same way as I mentioned above on the base piece.

I painted in a little bit of color and left the pieces, still fixed to the tape, to dry.

I removed the lollipop sticks from the tape and added a hint of blue around the outside edges just with some diluted blue Paint and my finger.

I coated all of the sticks with Gel Medium to fix and seal.

To permanently fix the pieces together I glued, horizontally, two cut to size, lollipop sticks, to the reverse side.   A bit like a picket fence.

I then glued an additional piece of wood to the reverse side, on top of the horizontal pieces and fixed the whole piece to the base board.  The additional piece of wood helps to raise this piece a little to give a 3D effect.

Ok, who is that snoring??  Fess up!  Oh, it’s you Lynne. I thought it was Ali for a moment LOL!  Sorry this is a bit long winded. Just needed to lighten it a bit.


I used a Sizzex Die to cut the Soldiers out of 3 mm cork.  I painted each layer of the pieces of the Soldiers in Craft Paint (colors as seen) and then glued the pieces together.  I then coated them in Gel Medium to seal.

Humpty on wood 003B1

I then attached them to the base board using a strong glue.

 Humpty Dumpty

I drilled some holes in an old wooden coaster. One at the top for fixing purposes and two for his ribbon legs.

I base coated the coaster (front and back) first with Gesso and then painted two thirds of the coaster with blue Craft Paint and one third-ish with the rust colored Craft Paint as seen here.  I gave everything a good sanding to distress   it a little especially at the edges.

Humpty on wood 004A1

I painted over the blue, using the tan colored craft paint, a sort of egg shape as seen above.

I then masked off Hump’s head, just leaving a small area for stamping on and applied some paint to the stamp and stamped the crackle pattern.

I then painted in some eyes, nose and mouth using white and blue Craft Paint.

I masked off the whole of the blue section so that only the rust colored paint was showing.  I then applied some white paint to my stamp (as above) and stamped the wall pattern.

I applied an even coat of Gel Medium to the front and back of the coaster.

I threaded a piece of ribbon, in from the front, through one hole and then back from the reverse of the coaster through the other hole. Tip: I do find this easier than have lots of ugly knots.

I threaded some old wooden beads on to the ribbon for his feet and secured them with a knot.

To finish off I attached a chain to the top for hanging purposes and parts of an old bracelet and a hook to attach Humpty to the the main plaque.

….and that my lovely friends is that….. Phew!!  I thought there was a hurricane coming in then when I heard the sound of you all sighing with the relief. He he!!

Items used:

Chocolate Baroque Stamps: Gothic Fragments (small ornate square on base), Carousel Horses, Abstract Fragments (the wall), Echoes of Italy (the crack in Humpty’s head – Fab stamp this. I use it all the time for lots of projects).

Craft Water Based Paint – Blue, White, Brown, Rust.

Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium.

Gell Medium (Varnish, Mod Podge or similar will be fine).

Strong Glue (PVA or Wood Glue)

1 piece of 5mm plywood 13.5 cm x 29 x cm.

5 Lollipop Sticks

3 Pieces of A5 size 3mm thick cork.

Various bits of chain and links from old jewellery.

A small 1 cm wide x 15 cm long (approx) piece of ribbon or cloth.

Wooden beads for the feet.

Tip: There are lots of different craft paints on the market.  If you are stamping with paint and the paint is too thin or the fluidity of it is too runny it can puddle within the image and distort the lines.

Just to share: (I have no connection with the company) DecoArts Stamping Medium is really good and worth having in your stash.  You just mix it into your paint.  There are probably other similar products on the market but I do use this one occasionally (depending on the paint I use) and it works.

Thank you for looking.

Take care everyone.

Florence x

15 thoughts

  1. That was superb, Florence! And your Humpty Dumpty plaque is a delight. It certainly is worth all the work you put into it. I like the colors and the horse is really lovely…the shading around the edges is subtle, but gives it depth and beauty.

    Blessings on your next project and you as well,

    Marianne xo


  2. Spectacular hanging, Flo!! How fun would this be for a child’s room?! 🙂 I loved nursery rhymes and Humpty was one of my favorites 🙂 This is such a fun piece!! XOXO-Shari


  3. What a wonderful item! And lots of effort has gone into it, not only the hanging but also the blogpost! I could picture you (or someone, can’t really picture you) holding your breath when stamping the horse – if I was there with you I would hold my breath too. Love the soldiers here as well, I have been thinking of getting them a while ago, but then I couldn’t think of an occasion of where to use them. They fit very well here!


  4. Your instructions are wonderful and the piece is really “fun”. Lovely work, fun work. Being creative is not really work tho’ is it? lol Great piece! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Was my snoring that loud?!!!!!!!!!
    Snoring, definitely not me, I firmly point the blame in the direction of Ali!!!
    WOW, WOW, WOW, (no, I am not channelling Kate Bush!) this is amazing. So many stand-out elements but I especially love the soldiers standing to attention, incredible attention to detail and also the beautifully stamped horse.
    This is a piece that will stay in my mind for a long time.
    Hope you are having a lovely week.


  6. Wow, this artwork is a masterpiece, beside the composition and the colour combo, it shows a great technique. The stamped area catches your attention, I thought immediately how hard it’s been to stamp on that no-flat surface. Love the soldiers, too! Just brava, Flo!!


  7. Wow! Thank you so much everyone for calling in and for your kind words. I know I say it all the time but I do mean it, your comments are very much appreciated.
    Hugs, Flo xx


  8. Who would have the nerve to snore !!!!!! let me at em !!!! A fabulous piece of art Florence and thank you so much for the detailed post it really helps the less artistic of us ( well me then ) in trying to make something similar ( chance would be a fine thing ) Humpty dumpty is amazing love his little leglets. This must have taken forever but am so glad you are back to making such wonderful pieces of art well done you !!!




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