Alcazaba – Medieval Moments

Hi everyone

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post. I was overwhelmed by your kind words and generosity.

Today I would like to share a project I made just for the fun of it.

This post is heavy on photos but less on words.

The finished size of this is 50cm x 40 cm.

FloLangleyMedieval Moments 007BA20R12jpg

I painted the MDF backing board (50cm x 40 cm) in 3 coats of brown craft paint and using a stencil and tile grout I made the relief pattern around the edge.

FlolangleyMedieval Moments 015AA20

I cut the small pieces out of hard board (40cm x 30cm). Please see cutting guide below.  All of the stamped pieces have been decorated and made in the same way.

FloLangleyMedieval Moments 012A20

I base coated each piece in craft paint (colors as seen) and smudge some paint here and there to give them a distressed look.  The texture on the piece with the man on (shown above) was made with tile grout.

FloLangleyMedieval Moments 018AA20

I stamped onto the little pieces using Archival Ink.  The coloring is a mixture of paint and felt tip pens. The ink on the images has been fixed using a spray fixative.

FloLangleyMedieval Moments 021AA20

Each piece has been attached to the backing board using strong PVA glue. and the whole project was finished with two coats of Gel Medium and some little brass corner pieces (CI).

Inspiration for this project came from a recent visit, with my blogging bud Kylie, to the Alcazaba in Malaga


FloLangleyMalaga 128AT1A

Distressed roof tiles

FloLangleyRoof with Kylie 112AT

Cutting Guide

Tip: Number the pieces with pencil or chalk before cutting them out. It does save a lot of time.

flolangleyboard 002AFor me, I do find it easier to cut the board firstly into quarters as shown by the white lines and then cut those into strips as shown by the red lines.  Then it is easy to cut the small pieces off.

flolangleyboardcutting002bBy cutting it out this way it does make it easier to change the pieces around within the quarters and columns keeping the exact size.

That’s all from me today.

Thank you for looking.

Florence x


  1. baileyrosy

    Oh my goodness Florence this is amazing !!!!!!!! It looks like something that should be hanging in a museum. Now Im one of the very few bloggers who have had the fortune to see you art up close and personal but this is just right off the scale. How you had the patience to begin with to cut all those pieces of wood is beyond me the result and your attention to detail is flawless. If you have the time i would love to know which stamps you have used as they are amazing and would love to acquire them.


    1. Florence

      UB!! Thank you so much. Got to be honest I got on the band saw so it only took a couple of minutes. It is so nice to come back to crafting. Thank you for your encouragement. I used quite a few stamps on here. Some are now discontinued but there are a lot of current stamps I have used. I have emailed you with the CB names.
      Take care,
      Flo x

  2. Valerie

    Wow Flo this is absolutely magnificent! I love the stamps and the fabulous relief texture framing it, I’d love to try something on these lines 🙂
    Val xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you so much Val. They are so much fun to make. I think you would enjoy it. Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday. We are both looking forward to it.
      Tat tar for now.
      Flo x

  3. Kylie

    Oh. My. God. Where do I start? This is obviously so meaningful to me, Flo. Seeing first hand where you got this inspiration from, you have nailed it. What an amazing project. I simply adore it xx

    1. Florence

      Hellooooo Mrs. B! It is so lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well. Thank you for calling in and for your kind words.
      Big hugs for Jazz.
      Florence x

  4. Marianne

    That’s is really gorgeous, Florence!! I love the grout leaf designs around the edges – very nice! And of course your tile pieces are superbly done. They look like old wooden blocks…sort of like the tops of wooden stamps. The distressing, colors, everything is wonderful. Great project.

    By the way, I wanted to also say about your last two Christmas cards, that I like the background paper you use, also, like the polka dotted black and white. It really adds to the design of the card.

    Thank you for sharing all of these lovely goodies.

    Marianne xo

  5. gio

    Wow, Flo, it’s stunning! And I impressed by the size , such a wonderful display to hang in every room! Gorgeous colours and medieval theme!

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