Little wooden fat people – Doing a turn.

Hi everyone

Thank you so much to everyone for leaving such lovely comments are my last post. They are very much appreciated.

I think it is safe to say that Autumn has now arrived in the mountains.  The lovely cool weather is here and “Oh what bliss”.

It was even cool enough to get outside in the shed and rev up the beast  this week.  I wanted to make some wooden fat people.  I had a couple of accidents, one was when I sneezed and one was when Martha my ninja Chicken came to see what I was doing and started scratching about in the wood shaving.  I tell you..she scares me to death sometimes.  She just appears from no where!!

FloLangleWturningFAT People 008A

So, to correct the accidental scores I had to keep taking more wood off hence their lack of chubby figures.

I know they look a bit…well….strange!! lol!  But, they are ‘armless.

I was really aiming for something like the little Kokeshi Dolls but then no brains here decided to shape them to suit the ideas I had for their painted clothes. So the thinking cap is on as to what I need for their arms now.  I think it would have been much easier to leave them one shape and paint the arms in.

FloLangleyWTFAT People 003AJust to share how it started off.  For the smaller one of the two, with the clothes and body in mind I marked the wood, head, body, skirt, long legs and chunky boots.

This is a sort of work in progress and I will be back with the finished ladies soon.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Florence x


  1. Oooh woodturning! I’ve still got to place my woodturningmachine somewhere, it’s currently stalled at my parents place. I have done it a few times and it seemed like a nice hobby – it’s just that cardmaking is less cold and itchy-er. Still, making good woodturned objects is still on my to do list. Maybe when the kids are a bit bigger – I don’t want them to be able to get near the tools.
    Your puppets look great! Maybe add those old fashioned clothespins (or half of them) for arms?


  2. My thoughts were the same as Lucy’s Flo, if I have time I may pop up so you can refine me ;0)
    Can’t wait to see the finished painted figures. We had lunch in a beach bar at Salobrena today with waves crashing and men kite surfing, fab food too! Got back to a Skype with Charlie so a very good day :0)
    Val x


  3. Ooh looking forward to seeing how these turn out! Can I come to Spain so you can work your magic on little fat people!

    Lucy x


  4. Its great to see how these fat people started and am curious to see how they evolve . Lucky you to have the beast not play with. keep us informed of their birth !




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