Decorated Box – Mixed Spice

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and snuggling down for the winter.  Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post. They are very much appreciated.

Today I would like to share with you a wooden box I decorated/altered for this month’s Chocolate Baroque Color Challenge.


I started my project by removing the hinges and giving the box and the coaster a really good sanding down.

I then base coated the wooden heart shape box (lid and base – inside and outside) with 2 coats of Gesso.

I then painted the lid (inside and outside) with three coats of red paint.  Please note that the amount of coats required is dependent on the paint you are using.

When the paint was dry I stamped the flowers and tiny patterned images on the lid using Plum Archival Ink.

FlorenceLangleyElephantBox side view032AFL I painted the base of the box (inside and outside) with three coats of rust colored paint.

When the paint was dry I stamped the the floral pattern around the box using a light brown Archival Ink.

With this shape box, I find it easier to place the stamp on the table, ink it up and roll the box onto the inked stamp.  I did over lap the image slightly but in real life it is hard to tell.  To be honest it looks a bit like embossed leather…well from a distance 🙂

FlorenceLangleyElephantBoxBackView039AFLI think this photo of the back of the box gives a better idea of the rolling method.  I placed the stamp at the very edge of the table (as mentioned above), trying to get the edge of the stamp as far into the top of the heart indent as possible and then just pressed and rolled.

FlorenceLangleyElephantBoxEmbellishment005AFL1detailI used a little wooden coaster to make the embellishment on top of the box.

I base coated both sides of the coaster with two coats of Gesso and three coats of a peach colored paint to the top side and three coats of light brown colored paint to the underneath side and edge.

I added the shading around the edge of the top side of the coaster by half loading the paint brush with a light brown paint.

I stamped my Elephant image using Black Archival Ink.

I masked the Elephant and then stamped the floral pattern, over the Elephant, using a Brown Archival Ink.

I colored the image using watered down craft paints applied with a small paint brush.

 I painted the lid, the base and the round embellishment with 2 coats of Gel Medium as a protective layer.  I wanted the finish to be mat so I gave all of the pieces of the box a quick spray of fixative.  This also takes away any tackiness/stick that you some times get with these sorts of finishing mediums.

To finish off the box, I re-attached the hinges and fixed on the row of faux gems and the Elephant embellishment to the lid using a strong PVA as per the photos above.

Chocolate Baroque Stamps Used: Dusky Damask and Indian Elephant

That’s all from me today folks.  Thank you for looking.  Always great to have your company.

Happy Crafting

Florence x


  1. Debbie / Daqa

    The title and first picture made my mouth running, somehow I associate it with delicious (sweet) food.
    “That’s all from me today” – like it’s not much. It’s gorgeous! I like your method of rolling the object instead of the stamp, and it does look like embossed leather.
    The coaster, the little gems and the colours just match the stamps very well, and great painting/ colouring.
    Now there is only one question left:
    How many Chocolates fit inside?

  2. Sophie

    Ein Hallo und guten Tag…
    vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich habe mich riesig darüber gefreut.
    Es ist so schön, wenn andere Blogger meine Kreativität mögen.
    Aber du hast ja ebenfalls sehr schöne Werke kreiert.
    Und so herrliche, wirklich besondere Schachteln/Boxen. Ich bin begeistert 🙂
    Ich liebe diesen Elefanten, und ich habe diesen Stempel auch, sowie noch etliche von Baroque 🙂

    A Hello and good day …
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I was very happy about it.
    It is so nice when other bloggers like my creativity.
    But you’ve also created very beautiful works.
    And so wonderful, truly special cartons / boxes. I’m excited:-)
    I love this elephant, and I have this stamp too, and quite a few of Baroque:-)
    I wish you all the love and still very much pleasure in crafting ❤

    1. Florence

      Thank you Sophie, It is lovely to hear from you. I very much enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all of your wonderful creations and they are truly wonderful.
      Take care and Happy Crafting
      Flo xx

  3. Shari T.

    Wow, Flo!! You’ve turned a plain wooden heart shaped box into a gorgeous and posh memory or trinket keeper! The colors you’ve used are so rich and elegant and love those red gems! So pretty!! XOXO-Shari

  4. maria

    Wow Florence this box, is so haert braking beautiful!! I really love the colours but olso your perfact way to stamps on a box, and I know it’s not so easy to do, it’s a perfect gift to put under the christmas tree!!!

  5. baileyrosy

    PF I am not getting notifications of your posts so please excuse me not turning up but am here now for what its worth. Im in love with this heavenly box and its rich and sumptuous colours. I’m a sucker for anything heart shaped but this is , this is, well this is just magnificent ! The stamps are beautiful and the tip for stamping on shaped boxes is a real help I would never have thought of that.
    Am off to catch up on your other works of art.

    Miss you xxx

    Ugly bum xx

    1. Florence

      You are forgiven and I know you have a lot on at the moment. Was that you whizzing through the skies last night 🙂
      I have now sorted my notifications out but I did have to go in and change the settings which seemed to have changed on their own.
      Hugs, Flo xx

  6. Florence

    Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments and kind words. Special thanks and a big warm welcome also to all of the new followers to my blog.
    Have a great weekend everyone,
    Hugs, Florence xx

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