Decorated with Fruit – Altered Wooden Box

Hi everyone

Today I would like to share with you a wooden box I decorated using paint and rubber stamps.

I had so much fun making this.  I think probably because I am more in my comfort zone stamping onto to wood…easier to cover up the mistakes!

To see the detail, please click on the photos to enlarge.

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 044

The size of the box is 26cm x 19 cm x 13 cm which is perfect for 6 jars of jam

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 009

I wanted to create a sort of faux Delftware look with lots of aged crackling effects.

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 042A

I am being really truthful here, I didn’t measure anything out I just went for it where the stamping was concerned and it turned out ok.  Having said that, it is a good size box with lots of room to manoeuvre.

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 047

I would recommend to start stamping on the front edges of your project.  That way if you are slightly out you can always adjust the stamping at the back of the box to suit.

If, you do want to be more precise, just measure the box and your stamp image size. You will then be able to calculate how many times you can stamp the image and how much space to allow between the stamped images.

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 050A1

We have a £10/11Euro limit on Christmas presents in our house and this project comes within that limit including the homemade jam.  I made this for my friend who loves to quilt so l used scrap squares of gingham instead of circles of fabric on the jars so that they could be used again.  I used pieces of 85 cm long pieces of string, deliberately leaving the string pieces long so that she could recycle them and use them in the garden etc.

FlorenceLangleyFruitBox 030F175

The following steps are a guideline as to how I decorated the box.
As always, if you have any questions please give me a shout.

Remove all hinges and fastenings and sand the box lightly.

Base coat the box inside and out with 2 coats of Gesso and 2 -3 coats of white craft paint.

Put a small amount of blue paint onto a plate or plastic container lid and dilute it with some water to a think milk consistency.

Dip your finger in the diluted paint and rub it around the outside edges of the lid and all of the outside edges of the box.  Tip If you apply too much paint or you are not happy with it, just gently remove the paint  with a wet wipe, leave it to dry or dry with a craft heat gun and then repeat.

Mix equal parts of blue craft paint with DecoArts Stamping Medium. Start off with small amounts say, a teaspoon full of each part and mix more as and when required.

Apply the paint mix to your stamp using a bathroom sponge.

Start stamping the images onto the lid of the box and on to the base of the box where desired, washing the stamp in clean soapy water every other stamping. Tip: If you miss-stamp or if you are not happy with the stamped image, remove immediately with a wet wipe, leave to dry or dry with a craft heat gun and stamp again.

When all of the stamped images are dry, paint the leaves using some diluted paint as mentioned above. (optional).

When you are completely happy with all of the stamping you can then apply finishing mediums of your choice.

On the box above I had a happy accident.  I grabbed a bottle of Weathered Wood Crackle medium by mistake and applied one coat to the box with a paint brush.   I left this to dry completely, realised my mistake, and then applied, using a paint brush, a coat of One Step Crackle Medium (which was the one I had intended to use on it’s own on my project) and left this to dry.  I then placed some blue paint onto a plate and picked some of it up on my finger and rubbed it all over the surface and took off any excess using pieces of kitchen roll and wet wipes. I quite liked the effect made, using both mediums, because it gave me both white and blue crackles.

I then applied two coats of Gel Medium over the painted and decorated surfaces of my box.  This gave a nice smooth finish over the crackled areas.  As I had used both mediums the crackles were quite deep but the Gel Medium was perfect for the job.

An alternative method of sealing the project would have been to just varnish the box.  As I had used water based craft paint, the varnish would not have affected the stamping as it can do when using ink.  I have used varnish on lots of projects over the years and it gives a nice aged look if you use a tinted varnish.

To finish my box I just re-attached the hinges and fasteners….job done.

I did have a thought over the weekend.  This is quite a large box. A smaller box with with one jar of jam and say, some breakfast tea bag would look nice as a gift.

Chocolate Baroque Stamps Used:  Mellow Fruitfulness, Autumn Edges and Honey Bee.

Thank you for looking.

Always great to have your company.

Happy Crafting

Florence x

22 thoughts

  1. This would be an amazing gift and I love your idea of a smaller box too. Your stamping on wood is second to none. Just a beautiful project, my friend xx

  2. A wonderful project and a fantastic gift idea. Love the blues and the stamping. Your friend will love this.
    Yvonne x

  3. Stamping on wood is one of my fave things to do also, if you get the time i recently posted a project on my Blogger blog which you might like to see.

    A wonderful and thoughtful pressie in all ways. Thank you for the step by step, jam looks yummy! 🙂 xxx

    Mo’s crafty blog can be seen here
    or click the link on the sidebar

    1. Hi Mo, Thanks for sharing what you have been making. I love it when blogging friends add what’s on their blog in the comments.
      Your sewing board platform is brilliant and the bunting is fabulous.
      Hugs, Flo xx

  4. Wow, such a masterpiece and gorgeous gift. The decoration of the box is amazing, and the blue and red of the jars…perfect together!

  5. This is an AWESOME box, Flo!!! What a lovely gift, within a gift!! 🙂 When all of the jams are gone, your friend will still have this wonderful keepsake box–happy accidents and all! 🙂 I like those kinds of accidents!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your steps, too, Flo! A labor of love, indeed!! XOXO-Shari

  6. just an absolute beautiful box and the goodies to go inside too of course. Perfect for a quilter. She can use the box for all kinds of things! Love the crackle and the blue. I would be proud of this one!!!! truly

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Florence. I would love to receive a gift like this. I am sure your friend will be delighted!

  8. Flo this is an amazing gift, the box alone is fab but filled with homemade jam,wow!! Love the delft look, blue and white is so striking. So nice to receive a present that has beeen totally handmade:)
    Val x

  9. OMG! Shame it already has a owner, I was about to ask you if you wanted my address lol.
    I love blue and white, which makes me love this project even more! Xx

  10. You triumphed with the look you achieved, it definitely mimics Delftware so beautifully.
    Such a beautiful way to present homemade jam. Oh my goodness, the thought of homemade jam …… mmmmmmm!

  11. Hi Flo, your work is always delicate and awesome, I love everything you create. 😀 So of course I love this wonderful decorated box, a bit vintage and so feminine, a real beauty!!! Hugs from France, Coco xxx

  12. I’ve fallen for this gorgeous box Florence. Thank you so much for the details on how it was created – so kind 🙂
    You’re so artistic, I’m so pleased I found your blog 🙂

  13. wheres the jam recipe ! and who is such a good friend that they get six jars of jam or did you have a glut this year !!! Nearly forgot about the box which is splendid and I would be happy to have it without the jam. The colours and stamps are perfect for such a gift especially with those little bees all over the shop. Once again a super project and very informative post even if it didn’t have the jam recipe !


    Jamless in Thessaloniki


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