One of the new baby chicks – photo

Hi everyone

Not long now for the weekend!!

This is a really quick post because I just wanted to share a photo of just one of the new additions to the family.

This is a photo of Sylvie (Sylvia’s mother) and her little chick who is one day old.  This little one was born naturally in an urn in the garden.

Flo Langley Syvia's Mother 037awm1

It’s not the best of photos but she wasn’t in the mood to pose for me this morning.

I have about 7 new chicks at the moment.  A little bit of a drama the other night when I had to break open two eggs (from the incubator) to free the chicks.  Every where I read on the web was saying don’t touch them…don’t be tempted to help them out and then I found one website that said she had had to do the same so I went for it and the babies are doing fine….phew!!  I really don’t think they would have survived otherwise.

Any suggestions for a name for this little one would be appreciated.

Take care,

Florence x

9 thoughts

  1. So sweet! You did the right thing with the two eggs. I saw a youtube video where a woman had to help twins to hatch from an egg. It took quite a while, as it was a very delicate procedure, and she put the babes in an incubator and they were fine.

    Enjoy a lovely day,
    Marianne xo

    1. Hi Marianne, Hope you are well. Yes, I saw that video as well. It was really interesting. I didn’t envy the lady trying to free two chicks!!! Oh my, the stress of it!!
      Thank you so much for calling in and for your lovely comment.
      Take care, Hugs Flo xx

  2. What a cute photo Florence, I love this pic and your little story… it’s good to know thank you! Hugs, Coco xx


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