Lollipop, lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli…..

Hi everyone

I am back again with some little projects for the Crafty Individuals Face Value Challenge.
To see full details of the challenge, all of the wonderful inspirational pieces and to join in the fun please click on the link above.

I had a so much making these.  It took me back to when I first started stamping and had very little craft stash.  A few stamps, an ink pad and a few felt pens!  We lived on a sail boat at the time and my craft stash was stored in a small plastic container. I used to beg, borrow and steal anything to stamp onto.

FlorenceLangleyCIJulyFaceValueLollipopProjects 012AWM2

Please double click the image to see the detail.

These are really quick and easy to make.
They can become a little addictive.

The wooden lollipop sticks are from the pound shop.

To make them
Base coat the lollipop sticks with Gesso.
Apply two coats of white craft paint.
Stamp the images using Black Archival Ink.
Mask off areas with a post-it note to mix and match the images.
Color the images with felt pens or whatever is available to you.
Apply 3 light coats of spray varnish or alternatively apply 1 coat of spray fixative and a coat of Mod Podge or similar.

Stamps used: All from Crafty Individuals.

There is still plenty of time to join in the challenge fun.

Crafty Individuals have just released some fabulous new designs and they can be seen here. Awww Loving the bears!!!!

I will be back soon with more projects.

Thank you for looking
Happy Stamping
Florence x


  1. baileyrosy

    Amazing !!!! how is it possible PF ??? Such a small surface, perfect stamping and such bright vivid colours and no sign of colour bleed. You are a genius my friend, am feeling all riled up and inspired plus I have lots of lolli sticks.


  2. Suze Bain

    Hi Florence, just got back today from a 3 week holiday and these beauties really caught my eye in my in box. They’re fabulous, each one a mini masterpiece! Xx

    1. Florence

      Thank you Suze. I wondered where you were I called around to your blog the other day, on my virtual scooter, to see what you were up to and you were out. No doubt living the high life, partying and dancing on tables. 🙂 🙂 Hugs Flo xx

  3. Marianne

    Florence, these are quite crafty and lovely!! I definitely agree with bailyrosy, that the stamping is perfectly done on such a small item. I think they are a delight. I love the way you colored them!

    Have a fun and flavorful day,

  4. lynne

    I am blown away by each and everyone of those delightful creations! Absolute winners!
    I think many of us can relate to your tale of your supplies stored in a small container, I was exactly the same. In fact I remember I had some small, square ink pads, absolute rubbish, not a proper ink brand and it took me until I built up the courage to step into the stamp shop (which has since closed its doors) to ask about an ink pad. Isn’t it amazing how far we have all come in such a short time.
    BTW, what you can do with a post-it-note is nobody’s business if you can achieve results like the above!!!!

  5. Shari T.

    Holy Moly!! Flo, these are wonderful!! Oh My Goodness!! Art Sticks!! You’ve made art on sticks!! I LOVE them!! Very clever and creative and amazing–each and every one!! XOXO-Shari

  6. Florence

    I just want to say thank you again to all of my crafty friends for calling in and for your kind words of encouragement. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Thank you also for the WP guys for hitting the like button. Very much appreciated.
    Hugs Florence xx

  7. coco

    Just wanted to tell you again how much I adore this project, wonderful!!!!! 🙂

    By the way, I have a little question: which spray fixative to you use to seal your inked creations? I have several different fixatives either matte or glossy for pastels, acrylics, etc. but no one that I can be sure it is the best one or very suitable for inks to last and remain beautiful over time…

    Well, you have lived on a boat, really?? You must have great memories of this period of your life! Hugs Coco xx

    1. Florence

      Hi Coco, apologies for the delay in responding. Ok, I use really what I can lay my hands on. I use just basic fixatives that I buy from an art shop when they have it in stock. These fix the ink enough for me to then add a thin coat of mod Podge or gel medium. I always apply it to the lighter colored areas first as sometimes the ink can still move. I have just been looking at what else I am grabbing off my shelf and one is an acrylic spray varnish. And that seems to work well on wood and card!!.
      I wouldn’t like to say which ones would stand the test of time the best. If it was something special as a gift etc I think I would always put on an extra sealer like, Mod Podge. Ranger gel medium seems to give a nice finish. I quite like that one and the colors look nice when it is dry.
      The base coat paint can effect the finish over time. I remember once stamping in black Staz-on and the color of the stamped image, over time, turned green and faded quite a bit.
      I also did have problems with a brown staz-on. That would not fix and the colors separated. It only happened with the brown. I have never used it since.
      I do use a lot of Archival Ink now and I don’t seem to have as many problems.
      I seemed to have woffled a bit!
      Hugs Flo xx

  8. jnetsline

    Oh I love these! I immediately picture them as bookmarks (not that many people use real books any more!). Drill a hole in the top and add a tassle or a beaded cord and you are all set!


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