The Boudoir – 3D Mini Theatre Project.

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope you are all well.

Today I would like to share a project I made that I would like to link to the Crafty Individuals January Challenge.  This months theme, chosen by the lovely Gio, is Lace, buttons, bits and bobs. To see full details of the challenge please click on the link above.

Full instructions on how I made this project can be seen after the photos.

Florence Langley Boudoir 2 CI Jan Challenge 002AWMsmawb2

Main focal embellishment

Florence Langley Boudoir 2 CI Dress Form SecSmSmall stamped poker chip embellishment

Florence Langley Boudoir 2 CI Emb2WMSmSecSmall clock button embellishment

Florence Langley Boudoir 2 CI clock secwm


Crafty Individuals stamps used: French Script CI017, Clock Maker CI 279, Vintage Perfumery (lovely vintage perfume labels and bottles) CI 341,  Elegance is Timeless CI 441.

Deco Arts Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Deco Arts Americana Acrylic Paint: Warm White, Royal Fuchsia, Bahama Blue.

Inks and powders: Clear embossing ink , white embossing powder, Ranger Peacock Feather Distress Ink, blue permanent ink, Black Staz-On.

Crafty Must haves: Dress form, Tando Mini Theatre Stage, brass frame, poker chip, lace, ribbon, buttons and other embellishments.

White Gesso.

Other materials:

Paint brush, plasterers tape or stencil, small sponge, white card. scissors, clothes pegs, PVA glue, hot glue or silicon, double sided tape, scrap paper.

Paint all of the pieces of the theatre with 2 coats of Gesso.

Paint all of the frame pieces except for the backing piece with two coats of Bahama Blue paint.

Paint one side of backing piece of the theatre with 2 coats of Royal Fuchsia.
Apply one coat of Crackle Medium and leave to dry.
Paint one coat of Warm White over the crackle medium and leave to dry naturally so that it crackles and the Royal Fuchsia shows through a little.

Stamp and emboss the lace border image on the sides of the front piece of the frame.

Glue all of the frame pieces together.
Tip: use clothes pegs to secure the pieces together until the glue has dried. Use pieces of scrap paper between the clothes pegs and the surface of the frame to avoid any indentations to the painted surface.

Apply 2 coats of Bahama Blue paint to the back and to the sides of the theatre.

Stencil any patterns on the front piece of the frame using ink and plasterers tape or preferred stencil.


Dress Form:
Paint the dress form with 2 coats of Gesso and 2 coats of Warm White.
Using a permanent blue ink, stamp the script image onto the dress form.
Take a small piece of ribbon or fabric and attach it to the dress form to create a skirt.
Add any other embellishments using hot glue or silicon to secure in place.

Poker chip embellishment:
Paint the poker chip with white Gesso and with a coat of the Bahama Blue paint.
Stamp the perfume label onto a small piece of white card and color.   Glue this to the poker chip and trim the edges.
Attach any other embellishments.
Glue 1 or 2 feathers to the reverse of the poker chip.

Small button clock:
Paint the brass frame with one coat of Gesso and one coat of Warm White paint.  Scratch a little of the paint off with your thumb nail to create a distress look.
Attach a piece of double sided tape to the back of a button for holding purposes.
Ink up the clock stamp with Black Staz-On.  Using the tape to hold the button on the end of your finger, press the button onto the inked stamp image.
Attach the button onto the brass frame using silicon or hot glue.


Attach the lace to the inside backing piece of the theatre using silicon.
Tip: Apply the silicon to the reverse side on the heavier embroidered part of the lace so that the silicon doesn’t show through.
Attach the decorated dress form.
Attach the buttons, clock and poker chip and any other embellishments using hot glue or silicon.

If anyone has any questions please give me a shout using the comments box below.

Thanks for looking
Take care
Florence x


12 thoughts

  1. Hiya PF what a fab boudoir absolutely gorgeous and such detail and girlieness and froth and fabness or did I already say that, well it’s worth saying twice or thrice and whatever comes after thrice.

    Yours truly UB

  2. Yo Flo! cor thats a proper lacey boudour! But I do feel I should tell you that shes got no top on – the little trollop!!! She wants her vest on this weather! Great work as always my friend and sending you a big hug and hope you are well! Cxx

  3. This is beautifully crafted Florence and the colour is very pretty and I love the mix of material lace and embellishments which give a great finished result.

  4. Totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Love this to bits!!!
    And thanks for the detailed instructions Flo, that’s always great to have the details.
    Wishing you a lovely day
    hugs, Coco xx

  5. Hey Florence , A very happy, healty and creatif 2016 to you , I really love all the work you show, you are so talented, I love to visit your blog and to admire all your beautiful art work!! Go on, with this fantastic job!! I love it!!

    Have fun!!


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