Decorated Box CI Challenge

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and life is good.

It’s time for a new challenge over at Crafty Individuals.  This months challenge theme is “Anything Goes” and has been chosen by Jean.  Please click here to see full details of the challenge and a few little rules.
If you are new to Crafty Individuals please click here.

Here is my little box that I would like to enter into the challenge.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 006AWMuSm

For the top of the box I used one of my favourite pieces of CI backing paper.  I stamped onto it a little bit to tie it in to the base of the box.  I attached the piece of paper with Gel Medium and then applied a couple of coats to protect the surface.  I did find that applying the medium with a brayer gave a better finish.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 034AWSm

I base coated all of box, inside and out, with one coat of Gesso and then 3 coats of warm white paint, lightly sanding between coats.
I then, using my finger applied the Williamsburg blue paint to the outside edges of all surfaces including the lid.  I used my finger and palm of my thumb to blend the paint a little.
I then lightly sanded all of the surfaces.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 018AWmSm

I randomly stamped the images starting with the script and the postage marks.

Flo Langley May 16 CI Chall 1 020awMsM

I then stamped the yellow leaves.  Just randomly and over lapping them in places.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 025WMSm

I then stamped the red flowers.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 024AWmSm

I smudged the little red flowers on the side but you can’t really see it in real life.   It does, however,  stick out like a bears bum on the photo!

I used plum Archival ink and that does seem to take an age to dry even though I zapped with a heat gun.  So one to watch out for.

Flo Langley CI May 16 Challenge 4 011AWSm

All images have been stamped using different colours of Archival Ink.

Crafty Individuals Stamps Used:
1893 Script CI 214
Ferns and Grasses CI 207
Beside The Seaside CI 278
CI  Background Papers Book 7 Shades of Summer.
Four Old Gold Corners with Foot Charms.

That’s all from me today.
Look forward to seeing what you create for the challenge.

Take care,
Florence x

35 thoughts

  1. OMG Florence, this is gorgeous, the papers, stamped images and colours are wonderful. How on earth did you manage to get the fitting of the papers around the metal bits?? it’s all so perfect, love it to bits, Kate x

    1. Hi Kate. Thank you so much. The paper piece is only on the top of the lid. So it was quite easy. I did take all of the metal hinges off before I painted the box and the feet are attached at the end.
      Flo xx

  2. I did wonder about the metal bits too, before remembering the box comes with the hinges separately! What a lovely transformation, a great idea for a very personal gift to someone… I too find Archival slow to dry on acrylic paint or non porous surfaces, even the black!

  3. WOW this is gorgeous Florence, I love the design and gorgeous stamps.
    Linda xxx

  4. Hi dear Flo. I love your box, simply gorgeous, and so beautifully and delicately done as all you do. Love these white and blue colours, and all your stamping of wild leaves and flowers… Well, that’s good to know that brayering some gel medium can be done!! I never would have thought to do that otherwise, thanks for the tip, I will try!! 🙂
    Hugs to you xxx

  5. I tried and tried but I couldn’t see the bears bum must be a small one or I am nearly blind. Then again knowing you you are exaggerating again. Simply stunning Flo I really mean it the stamping of the flowers gives a 3d effect, such an elegant and romantic box perfect for a special gift and for a special person ( me)

    Yours as ever UB

  6. This is totally gorgeous Florence and right up my alley, if you know what I mean. I shall now be hunting down a pretty box to paint. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful work.

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