Christmas Decoration

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well.

Today’s little project is a faux encaustic tile Christmas decoration.

I  like the green and greys tones and colours from winter landscapes and natural elements that are around this year.


Using a palette knife I coated a small wooden coaster with gesso and then with two shades of green paint.
I stamped my tree image using Grey Staz-On.


I then covered the whole surface with Versamark and embossed the surface using ultra thick clear embossing powder.
The embossing gives it a waxy chunky finish although the photo doesn’t really show it.


I cut a small piece of fabric to size and dabbed onto it some white gesso and attached it with some gel medium (glue would work equally as well).  I broke a wooden lollipop stick in half and rubbed a small amount of gesso on it, stamped the sentiment and embossed (just the stamped area) with clear embossing powder.
I then attached the lollipop stick piece to the fabric with gel medium (again, strong glue would work).
I stapled a piece of thin garden string to the back of the coaster for hanging purposes.

Crafty Individuals stamps used:

Trees Galore CI 429
Alternative stamp suggestion – Listen To The Trees CI 450
Words and Wishes CI 438
MDF Coasters CI crafty must haves

Thank you for looking

Happy Crafting

Flo x

31 thoughts

  1. SO pretty!
    The colours you chose are perfect, and you’re right, it does have that ‘encaustic’ vibe to it.
    The stamp you chose works so well. The image tells a story all of it’s own, and it ‘fits’ perfectly.
    (You’ve reminded me that I have a bundle of encaustic stuff – waxes, iron, stylus, proper card, and everything, but haven’t used it for about 2 years. I loved playing and crafting with it .. but … I think I’ve ended the affair. My heart doesn’t feel ‘the call’ anymore. I hear Ebay calling instead I think.)

    Y’know … I’ve just looked again at your tile and, if you had a Christmas Tree with some strong enough branches – this would make an incredible Christmas Ornament – and the back could be used to record the date/year and maybe something of a memory about making the tile, or about something which happened during the year, or maybe a Christmas memory.
    But that’s just me, thinking out loud again! LOL

    Sending love ~ Cobs. x


    1. Thank you Cobs. I have always wanted a go at encaustic art. I did think about these for Christmas tree decorations but they are a little heavy. I have got some sheets of thin ply some where so I did think of cutting it up and doing something similar on that. I do like your idea of the date on the back. I have gifts from friends and the date is on a few of them. Nice to look back.
      Hugs Flo x

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      1. I have some ‘baubles’ made from MDF, which are smaller than your mat, but they’re light in weight so wouldn’t drag a tree down. Being smaller, they don’t have much room on the back so only really enough for the date.

        I’ve noticed, with our own trees over the years, that some of our heavier ornaments (and one or two are HEAVY), that if I put them on the lower branches, but sit them about half way back on the branch, the branch seems to be able to take the weight then. All I do to ‘dress up’ the end of that branch then is tie a ribbon bow on it – or in my case, I use(d) a ripped up plaid shirt of Mr.C’s, and made ribbons from that. Make sure you rip, not cut, the fabric, because that way you get that fabulous vintage feel to it then. Oh .. and you don’t have to tie a bow with this style, you just tie it on without making the extra bow bit, so it saves ribbon/fabric too. xx

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        1. Thanks Cobs, Great tips. I will have to have a go when we put the tree up this year. Like the idea of using Mr. Cob’s shirt. Love recycling. I am determined to get the trees up earlier this year.
          Huggeroonies xx

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  2. So precious!! I love it, Florence – so pretty and creative. The colors you chose work very well, and I like your use of all the varied mediums. You are so inspiring me. I am in the middle of a creative conundrum. Because I’ve been writing – mostly because I didn’t have the time or space to really do art – my blog has been geared now more to that creative medium. But I am missing creating artwork – paintings, cards, tags, and such. I’ve been very lazy because I see farther than a job that is taking more from me than it gives. And I truly despise it. It’s just knocked the creative spirit right out of me. I haven’t even been writing on my days off. Sorry for spilling the beans, but you truly are encouraging me to get back to my first love. And my blog has lost it’s original intent. So I suppose I’ll just keep admiring your work and hope to recover myself again, soon. Thank you for your consistency.


    Marianne ♥

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    1. Thank you Marianne. You know, I have often wished that I lived near to you. If nothing else than to give you a big hug. You are one of my oldest blogging friends and you are always welcome to “spill the beans” on my blog. I am also only at the end of an email if ever you need a chat. We need to get you back on track whether it be your with your wonderful creative writing or with your amazing artwork. You are such a talented lady!!! Start with little steps sweetie and we will have your striding along before you know it. Maybe you could use a mixture of your artwork and creative writing in journalling. I am sending an enormous big hug through the blog space to you. I hope you get it.
      Take care my lovely friend,
      Flo xx


  3. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful Florence, the colours are wonderful, so like the winter light of now. Lovely composition of images, love it Kate x

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  4. It looks unusual, I suppose because the trees aren’t fir trees, the traditional Christmas trees. Of course I don’t know if they are any of these in Spain, except in the Pyrenees!

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    1. Thank you Christine. Lots of firs trees around here. We have just had to cut one down in the garden. I do miss the lovely big trees (oaks especially) in England in the winter. There is nothing nicer to do on a lovely frosty morning than to look across the fields in the country. It is a magical scene.
      Hugs Flo x


  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Looks simple to do.. though so beautiful!!
    I love also your framing, and the space between the coaster and your delicate painted frame… This is such a great idea.
    Thank you dear Florence for your precious tips, advises, wonderful samples and presence in the team!
    I appreciate it so much. xxx

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