Neighbours – Decorated House Hanging

Hi everyone

I hope you have had a great weekend.
Thank you all for your visits and comments on the blogs over the last couple of days. It is always lovely to hear from you.

Today’s little hanging is another Christmas project made using the little houses from Crafty Individuals.  There are 7 houses on these sheets and I made 6 projects from one sheet. I had so much fun making them. Truly.  I hope you like them.  I am part of the CI team but I am giving these houses a huge shout out because I love them.


This probably isn’t traditionally Christmas but I used the leaves to represent holly, the numbers on the domino for the 25th, the relief paste bubbles on the back for snow and the children waiting for anticipation for Santa to arrive. I kept the design very loose to the theme so that it can be used for other occasions.

The base of this is ply wood.    I painted all surfaces with one coat of gesso.  I applied relief paste bubbles, using a stencil, on the front side. I then painted the surface with another coat of white gesso. I pained the reverse side black. I painted the surface, over the bubbles, with  a coat of craft paint.  I then sanded back the surface to make the bubbles stand out more. I painted the edges of the base with black paint.  I sealed the surfaces with Mod Podge.

For the little houses, I painted the surface of the little houses with craft paint. Added the stars using a stencil and a mix of gel medium and yellow paint.  I added the circles using a felt pen top and white gesso. I then attached the paper pieces and images using wet glue. I then coated both house with a coat of mat Mod Podge.  Lastly I added the tiny domino using Gel Medium. PVA, silicon or hot glue would work as well.

The hanging was made up as seen by attaching the decorated houses and leaves to the base using Gel Medium.

To finish off, I painted some diluted black paint around the edge of the embellishments and attached the little clip with Gel Medium.


That’s all from me today.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

18 thoughts

  1. Lovely wall art Florence. I look at the houses and I can see the potential for an Advent (or any countdown) calendar, what’s behind the door today!!

    1. Hi Pippa. Thank you for calling in. An advent calendar is a brilliant idea!!! Not sure if you saw the Crafty Individuals shows on Hochanda on the 14th July, but one of the ideas they had was to put family photos behind the houses. Which I thought was great. So taking your idea of an advent calendar and then putting family photos behind them wouldn’t that look great. Oooo! Might have to have a go at one of those.
      Always lovely to hear from you.
      Hugs Flo x

  2. Delightful hanging. Really like the bubble background look and I have a penchant for buttons. Your flower buttons are so cute.

    Enjoy your creating,

    Marianne ♥

  3. another adorable make Flo, beautiful and so well done using these cute houses!
    You really did a great work with this sheet, I’m in awe.
    Hugs, Coco xx

  4. What a fabulous project Florence, I love the cute images.
    Linda xxx

  5. What an interesting and unusual piece of art, I love the and the photos in the windows, brilliant design altogether, Kate x

  6. (playing catch-up because real life is like a demanding child sometimes)…..

    Flo … sorry I’m a few days late in commenting on this one.

    Love everything about it. Cannot truthfully, say that I’d change any part. It’s just incredibly beautiful. Although you say that it isn’t traditionally Christmas …. it really does have a big vintage vibe going on, so it feels perfect.

    Love it Flo. Truthfully.
    Have a great day ~ Cobs. x x x

  7. Absolutely adorable!! So sweet and delicate! Love very much the dimension of the bubble stenciled background with that dreaming color and all the details you used for the Christmas thought, it’s not immediately and surely can be used in some occasion! Fabulous project again! Thanks for sharing your very creative ideas!!


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