Tudor Mood Book

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well and settling into to the weekend.

We have been watching the Tudor over the last couple of weeks. Love the program but it is a bit “Don’t look Ethel” isn’t it!? My word!  My biggest question for this century is why wasn’t Henry Cavill chosen to play James Bond!!  Seriously he was made for the part!!  Anyway, getting back to this post. The Tudors and anything historical really interests me, always has done.  I have been thinking about Tudoresque projects and when I saw the PaperArtsy challenge I thought I would make up a sort of mood book or inspiration book if you like. Somewhere to put ideas etc. The challenge is books (big, small bindings) so lots to play with. I knew I wouldn’t get a completed book finished in the time and this is one of those books you just keep adding to, when you want to, but I thought I would start one off and enter it into the challenge.


The base of the front cover didn’t really go to plan. I ended up painting it with my hands and then lost control of the black so it turned out a little bit grungier than I wanted.  The past two weeks have been incredibly hot with the humidity at about 15% and I physically couldn’t get the paint on quick enough before it dried using a brush. The colours should be olive and cranberry. Then I put splashes on which don’t go. Having said all that lots of positives came from this project and lots of ideas for later use.


The embellishment on the front cover was inspired by antique miniature portrait broaches and Codex Rotundus books.


I thought it would be nice to have a book on a book.

The pages for inside.


I used really cheap and cheerful water colour paper for the pages and just spritzed them with diluted ink, through stencils.
I then aged the edges using a heat gun and  some lemon juice.  Everything went wrong this week. My heat gun is playing up (probably the heat sensor) so I had to use the industrial type heat gun.  It worked fine but it scorched some areas.  Nice charred effect in other though. The trick was to keep it moving all of the time.  If you do try this please be careful. The paper can catch fire.


The pages were finished and I just couldn’t face sewing these into a book and I didn’t prepare the book cover to do this before I started (my bad planning!) so I just used a metal binding.


A quick and simple metal binding.


Pages ages with lemon juice and heat gun.


The photo above was taken in a light box and the colours are slightly different.
It is just to give an idea of what inside the front cover looks like.

Below are a few of the pages I started adding things to. Just the basics and then lots will be added at a later date.


I like to add photos or images to these pages.  This image is an old post card.


I quite like the flower page as it is.  So I thought maybe I will add just some prompt words to this at a later date.


The keys on the page below have been stamped, fussy cut out and glued on.


Another post card (Alcazaba Malaga) on this one and I thought it suited this stamp image. A sort of reflected idea.


A bit more scorching!!


Another pretty one to add some words or thoughts to at a later date.


To decorate the book cover

I base coated an old book cover with Gesso.  I glued onto the front a plastic lid and then covered all surfaces with tissue paper.  I then gave it all another coat of Gesso. I added some patterns using relief paste and a stencil, painted the the surface and added some bronze relief paste.  As I mentioned above, I added to much black so I sanded some of it down, to try and highlight the patterns and the creases in the tissue.  Well….. put it this way, it didn’t do it any favours!  I then and then added a bit more bronze paste but that didn’t help much either.  So, at this point I gave up and thought it will have to do!! 🙂  All good fun though.

Thank you for looking.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Flo x



    1. Florence Langley

      Thank you Beverly. Lovely to hear from you. The process fascinates me. I have always liked the idea of making paper and then binding it into a book. Yet another project for another day!!
      I hope today is a good one. Take care, Flo xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Kate Currie

    What an amazing project Florence, I am loving what you’ve made here, brilliant processes to it, love the image in the front of it and all the wonderful pages, so artistic, Kate x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Marianne

    What a beautiful and interesting idea, Flo!! Love the creative pages and the cover is quite Tudor-like. This is really splendid. It would make a perfect journal. Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s remarkable how when things that go wrong can actually turn out so perfect. Be well and enjoy your weekend, my friend.


    Marianne xox

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  3. thecobweboriumemporium

    Florence … your “it will have to do” is you wearing your blinkers. The book is truly lovely. I can see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even the ‘burnt edges’ to the pages look right. The stamped images were well chosen and the inks you used were the exact tones you needed.

    A truly GREAT MAKE Missy!

    Now then … The Tudors . . . if you think the Tudors are a little racey …. wait until you watch ‘Versailles’. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! 😱

    I couldn’t even watch that with Mr.Cobs sitting in the room! I was never more grateful for him liking to play on his X-box for an hour of an evening. (his version of crafting I think lol)
    The scenes are uhmmm… well, the first time I watched it (back in 2016 – when it first aired) my mouth fell open into a large O shape and my eyes bulged. But … I was drawn into it…. (I LOVE costume dramas) and so stuck with it. So glad I did because I really began to care about some of the people and it gave me a much better insight and understanding to the times as they were.

    I won’t give anything more away incase you do plan to watch it.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Florence Langley

      Hi Cobs, Thanks for the heads up on Versailles. Will try and get hold of it. We have no tv so we rely on friends telling us what is good to watch so your recommendation is really appreciated. I always love to look at the costumes as well. I’m a play station gal myself. I like the old fashioned games though. It took me 2 years to finish Lara Croft tomb raider!! My thumb nails are only now just starting to grow properly. Hope your week is going well.
      Hugs Flo xx

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      1. thecobweboriumemporium

        Hello Flo.
        I also HIGHLY recommend ‘Victoria’.
        It’s a British drama television series created by Daisy Goodwin. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the writings which Daisy Goodwin has produced so I had high hopes when this series was announced last year. It didn’t let me down.

        We’re about to start on the second series here, so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to find the first series somewhere. Fingers crossed.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. scrAPpamondo

    Oh my!!! This feels really as a precious ancient book, and LOVE how you made the pages, so sweet! The lemon juice with the heat gun did a fab effect! The cover looks just amazing, great use of stencil and paste, I thought it was embossed! And the circle book on the front with the outline of pearls is so clever!! A lot of wonderful details here, and I think has been lucky that you have done some mistakes!!! The way you changed your mind has had a fab result on the book!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Rollet

    Wow and Wow!!!! FABULOUS book Flo!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will never cease to amaze me.
    Thank you so much for all the (great) ideas, beautiful pages to look at, amazing cover and this wonderful post.
    I wish you have now a better weather, less hot!
    Hugs, Coco xx

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Kim M

    Well whatever did or didn’t go right (which I know is really frustrating and because we keep trying to correct it, we are our own worse enemy lol), I really like it. Love the different pages inside and you can see all the work that has gone into it. The lemon juice and scorching idea, now that’s something for me to try later too, thank you muchly. Beautiful project :)x

    Liked by 2 people

  7. gio

    This is stunning, Flo, oh that texture and those elegant pearls, a gorgeous touch. Even if you struggled, and sometimes it happens, the outcome is amazing .
    I watched the Tudors a couple of years ago, but never watch the 4th season, still, I really enjoyed it.
    If it were for me, I would gawk at Henry Cavill in any movie ever!:-)

    Liked by 2 people

  8. A Creative Newmie

    I’m such a perfectionist. I’m glad you decided to post, even though it didn’t turn out how you wanted. Its still an awesome project! I love the charred pages. I’m always nervous to try burnt pages. I’m so scared it will catch on fire.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Florence Langley

      Hello there Ms Newmie. I am a bit more of a perfectionist when a project is for someone else but for challenges it is just for fun. Just happy crafting! lol! A craft heat gun is a safer option. I have never had any catch fire when using one of those but care should always be taken. If in doubt try and do it outside the home. It is good fun. Hope you are having a creative week.
      Hugs Flo x

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