Bird Brooch and Blogging Break News

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend.

Apologies for my absence in blog land and lack of visits.Β  Please don’t think I am ignoring your posts. We have quite a lot going on at home the moment so I have decided to take a complete break from Blogging for a few weeks. I hope to be back in March and look forward to seeing you all then.

I am adding a project onto this post because I need a photo for the front page πŸ™‚Β  I made this domino brooch…..Oooo way before Christmas.

and a little box to pop it in

Stamps used:

Crafty Individuals Seven Cheeky Songbirds CI 230

News from Crafty Individuals HQJean Hardy will be on the Hochanda Craft Channel on Wednesday the 24th January at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.Β  Always fabulous demos and stamps from Jean.

Take care,

Hugs Flo xx

31 thoughts

  1. Hi there Florence, pleased to see you back, hoping it’s nothing too serious and we’ll see you back again soon.
    Beautifully designed brooch, love the bird design and the little box is so pretty, love them both.
    Take care kate x

  2. I know you won’t see this for a while,Florence, but just a little note to let you know I’ve been thinking of you and sending prayers that all may be well with you and your family. Sweetest brooch and such a delightful box for it. Looking forward to your sweet presence in blogland once again. God bless you,

    Marianne xox

  3. Hi Florence, don’t worry for missed comments, we all have some times full of things to do… there are always priority in anyone’s life!
    Your vintage domino brooch is so cute, love those IC birds and they look great on the front page πŸ™‚ The gift bag is delightful too and – such a surprise- I can see an Italian book page for the back layer πŸ˜€
    Love the rustic twine on both the project!
    Hugs and take care!

  4. Take care too Florence, and don’t worry, we will be here in March when you will decide to come back.
    Myself, I’m so busy at home and with my workshops and also my family that I can’t blog anymore at the same pace as before, and follow all my crafty friends.
    That’s sad but sometimes, it’s just needed to break a little. And Life of course must take precedence…
    Well, loving your brooch, scrumptious!
    And also your wonderful and original box.
    Would love having one day something from you… πŸ™‚ maybe we will be able to swap a little piece of our own art at some time in the future.
    Corinne xxx

    1. Thank you Coco. Yes, it was a hard decision to make because I love visiting blogs and seeing what my friends are making and catching up with their latest news. I don’t see anyone for weeks on end so for me I also love the social aspect of blogging. Yes, most definitely, would love to do some swaps when everything is back to normal. Take care, sending hugs, Flo xx

  5. Well blow me down! How weird is this:

    I bought two sets of Dominoes early in December, to play with after Christmas, as a new play project as I’ve never ‘done’ dominoes before, so thought it might be something I’d enjoy. And then here I am, reading your blog post and seeing that you’ve done the very same thing – dominoes!

    I have no illusions of my first attempt being anything near as lovely as yours though. It’s truly beautiful Flo, and something I’d buy in a heartbeat. Love it, muchly.

    Going to really miss you while you’re on your blogging break. Please take care, and please, please remember to come back again as I couldn’t bear to loose yet another wonderful blogging friend who goes off for a break and disappears altogether.

    Sending big love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Cobs. Altering dominoes is so much fun. Looking forward to seeing yours. Gorgeous makes on your blog by the way. Sent you an email.
      Take care, hugs Flo xx

    2. Me again Cobs. Just a thought. You probably already have made them but dominoes make lovely miniature books. Maybe little fairy books to go with those little fairy shoes you cobble πŸ™‚
      Hugs Flo xx

  6. That is a lovely brooch and box for it. I hope that whatever is happening gets sorted out soon. I will miss you in Blogland as I am sure all your followers will but wish you well and hope you will be back very soon. Take care. God bless.
    Love Pippa

  7. I will miss you Florence. Hope everything is ok and gets back to “normal” soon. I love the little birdies on your Domino brooch. Gorgeous. XX

  8. Hello Flo, I will miss your wonderful artworks, and I hope will you come back in March. As long as it needed, I would drop blogging and visiting social media at once, sometimes it is the best thing to do to pursue your goals, or taking care of your family.
    The brooch is amazing, a tiny perfection!

  9. Hello Florence, sorry to message you like this but have lost your email address. Could you get in touch please, have a question for you from a pal in the village! Hope all is well xx


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