Floral themed decorated Domino

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the week.

This is the second post going out today. I have just posted a card over on my card making blog. If you have seen that post you will now know that the house move has now been executed! Yes, I think that is the word I want to use lol! Thank you everyone for your emails and kind thoughts.

We moved on the 8th March and have both been in bed with some awful virus since we arrived back in the UK.  Lots of cleaning and work to be done in the new house and I am surrounded by boxes that need unpacking….that’s going to be fun hey!  I have lost my lovely big craft room and all my stash is piled high in boxes but hopefully I will be able to find a surface to craft on somewhere.  Oh, I can wait!  I really have missed crafting.  I bought myself some sketch books and have been drawing to my hearts content for months. Absolutely rubbish at it but it was fun.

One good thing is that the  garden is full of beauties including red squirrels and rooks.  Darling Freddie is fascinated by the squirrels. Not so much with the fat pigeon that flew over and pooped on him earlier today.  That is so true. Honestly. I told him it was lucky and things must be changing for the better! ha ha.

Anyway, I did find a photo  of an altered domino, that I made towards the end of last year, that I would like to share today.

and a little decorated gift box to go with it.  Really, along the lines as previous projects.

and at a different angle

Crafty Individuals stamps used:

Floral postcard CI 302
Four post marks CI 124

The pattern for the gift box can be seen on a previous post HERE

That’s all from me today. Hopefully normal blogging and crafting will resume very soon. Can’t wait to see what you have all been up to.

Oh, before I forget, do watch out for the lovely Jean Hardy from Crafty Individuals on Hochanda tv next Thursday the 29th March at 8a.m. and 3 p.m.

Take care all.

Hugs Flo x



  1. Sue

    Really like the stamp you used! I do love Bees and flowers! We must do all we can to save our Bees. Good luck in your new home and don’t worry, those boxes aren’t going anywhere. Be good to yourself! REST.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. scrAPpamondo

    Oh, having squirrels around home is a delightful thing! Pigeons too…. 😀 they are cute enough when they don’t fly on people’s heads LOL 😉
    Enjoy your new place, a little day by day…. It will take a bit before that all around you is how you want…
    Love so much your altered domino, such amazing design on it! A true piece of Art! And the little gift box looks very sweet.
    Hugs, take care!

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  3. Carol A. More

    Ugh, Florence on the move and virus. The move is bad enough — physically/mentally but the virus, too? So very sorry. Just did the same thing myself the end of 2017 and you’ll be surprised how quickly those boxes empty (wish they could unpack themselves!). Take care of yourself and as usual….these pieces are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Kim M

    Glad to hear the move went well and can totally sympathise as we moved December and have only just got straight from all the building work aftermath and like you, I have barely crafted, and haven’t had a minute to blog but hopefully that is all done now and we can resume normal life (If there is such a thing lol). Hope you’re well on the mend and look forward to your wonderful creations 🙂 x

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Kate

    Hi there Florence and welcome back to Blogland. Oh my house moving is up there with Death, Divorce and then the dreaded house move. Honestly, it’s the third most stressful thing in peoples life. Pleased you’er getting settled in to your new home and I hope you will both be very happy for many years to come.

    I love your little domino, beautifully stamped and painted and the box is gorgeous.
    I’m sure you will be up and running with your creations soon, hugs Kate x

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  6. Marianne

    Love your sense of humor, Florence. I certainly hope you are much better, and I pray you are both well very soon. Moving is a very stressful circumstance, and moving from one country to the next, well, extremely stressful, so I imagine your immune systems were lowered. But you will be back to normal in no time, crafting and blogging and wowing us with your creative spirit. I have really been getting the crafty itch, as I haven’t made anything in such a long time. I’d love to make a simple apron – seriously thinking about it. I haven’t sewed in years.

    Well, be well, my sweet friend, and I’m so glad you’re home. You’ll get settled in time.

    Love and hugs,
    Marianne xoxo

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  7. baileyrosy

    Hellooooo . So sorry to hear you are both ill but glad to hear you are safely ensconced in your new abode. I really miss squirrels its one of the few things I miss about the UK, did you have them in Spain ? Never seen one here in Greece. I just love that little domino so much detail on such a small object and I love the box and its unusual shape. I too am losing my craft room when I move but its a good chance for me to get rid of lots of crap that I;ve been holding on too.

    Yours as ever UB

    Liked by 2 people

  8. corinne Rollet

    Hi Flo,
    Loving your domino and gift box of course!!!!
    Both SO beautiful.
    I hope you feel better, and make your marks now in your new space!
    I also hope you will be happy in this home despite the pigeons Lol.
    Good luck my friend! Thrilled to see you back on your blog.
    Sending hugs,

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Jannet

    I love your beautifully elegant domino, and the matching gift box! Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Wonderful to hear you have red squirrels, we only have grey ones here.xx

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Pippa

    I do like your domino’s and little boxes, they are so pretty. I’ve been trying to work out where in the UK you are, red squirrels makes me think somewhere up north, mind you from Somerset everything apart from Devon and Cornwall is north! Hope it will not be too long before the house is a home and you have a crafting space to play at. Take care. x

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Florence Langley

    I will be back to reply to each individual comment but in the mean time THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! You are all so very kind and as I have said in the past on many occasions, I have the best blogging friends ever!!!
    Sending hugs to you all, Flo x

    Liked by 2 people

  12. gio

    The domino is so lovely and beautiful, along with the matching package, pure perfection and elegance. I missed you move back to UK, wow, I hope, since we are in late April, everything is settled fine and you are crafting again. Have a great week Flo 🙂



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