“Sometimes” – Artist Trading Coins

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and busy creating and crafting to your hearts content.  Thank you for your lovely comments and kind words on my last posts.

I finally moved into my new craft cave. I still have a lot of work to do in it ie, shelving and so forth but I decided just to dive in there, make a mess and sort it all out another day. Life is too short.

So, to kick off crafting in my new space I made a set of ATC coins that I am swapping with a friend on FB. I am hoping she has received them.

I do love making these little coins. They are so much fun.





All of these coins are 2.5″ diameter.




They have all been made in the same way.




I painted the backgrounds and attached the ladies.  I would have liked to use magazines pictures but I haven’t got any.  I need to ask around to see if anyone is throwing any out.




I do like to paint over the images just to change their hair styles, add some colour to the cheeks and other details.

The backgrounds did turn out a little bit busy and the coin base colours I initially picked for each lady changed but I don’t care! ha ha

Credits: AS per TOU – Digi elements (The ladies) are from ItkuPiLLi Imagenarium at Mischief Circus.

Thank you for you looking.

Flo x


  1. Kate Currie

    Amazing faces Flo, coloured beautifully too, loving the bright colours in the background. You’ve managed to get some amount of details on this little coin, Kate x x

  2. Carol A. More

    These are darling, Flo. Your use of color is amazing. Loving the smoking hot eye shadows! I am laughing about your not having any magazines. So, I buy any musty-smelling old mag I find in a junk shop, even ones what are literally crumbling at my touch (love the old brown color in my collage work). Wish we were neighbors, I’d give you a lifetime pass to my special ‘vintage’ mag drawer!

    1. Florence Langley

      Hi Carol. LOL! I never buy magazines. I do have a look around charity shops. Yes, I wished I leaved near you and I could raid your stash. I hope everything is OK. I have been missing in action and I saw on your blog about Florence. So pleased that you are all safe. I will get back into a better blogging routine soon…I hope!
      Hugs Flo x

  3. scrAPpamondo

    Wow!!! Amazing ATC coins, Florence!!! You have done so well playing in your craft room! Do it again! 😀 Love, love, love the way you put together the beautiful painted background with the woman’s faces! They are all so different and striking! Very impressive works of Art!

  4. corinne Rollet

    Oooh, these ATC coins are great Flo!!! And what a very interesting way of doing them.
    It’s strange maybe ha ha, but I didn’t know Mischief Circus and their digis (or I forgot, lossing my head a bit at the moment!) I’ve just have a look thanks to your link, it seems that there are wonderful collections in the shop! Will take time to go further into the various items. I need to use more images and digis, to go out my comfort zone!
    Sending hugs, and continuing my walk even without tea and cakes 🙂 xxx

  5. Rita

    At last I found you Flo. I couldn’t find a way in and never thought to click an image. Getting to old I think. Hope you’re doing ok. Thank you for the lovely comments on my post. Hugs Rita xxx


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