Vintage Postcard Lavender Bag

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

I’m exhausted!!  I have been buying dress making patterns on ebay.  That is seriously nerve wrecking. My heart was racing waiting to put my final bids in. Does anyone else buy much off ebay? Do you feel the same when you do it? I was lucky and got most of what I wanted. Oh, the joy, after many, many years, of not being able to lay my hands on craft stash.

Anyways……..A quick little post tonight to share a project that I recently made for Crafty Individuals using one of their new fabric panels.  Loved using them. Jean and Malcolm sent to me one of each of the new panels to use. You know when you have one of something and you are sure you are going to cock it up!! Luckily, everything was fine and I was happy with the projects when they were finished.

The panels are soft, white cotton with the image printed in black.

For this panel I painted the fabric panel with some clear gesso and then painted it with some thinned Acrylic ink. To finish it off, I added some fabric paint dots.


The gesso and ink transformed the soft cotton panel into more of a canvas which I loved because then they can be used for a lot of different projects such as gluing on wood, making hangings or purses. They make great embellishments and pockets for bags…some of those are coming up over the next week. Using them to embellish home decor projects is another one. The list is endless.

Don’t think you have to use clear gesso or acrylic inks. I did a bit of experimenting as carefully as I could with the panels. You can use fabric spray inks and fabric paint on them. If you have a fabric medium, you can use your acrylic craft paints. You can embroider them! Only just thought of that one. Pretty little beads in the center of the flower would look nice.  You can give the white panels a vintage look by dying them in tea or coffee.

Jean Hardy from Crafty Individuals is demonstrating the new panels and some gorgeous new Christmas Stamps on Hochanda TV tomorrow Monday the 3rd December 2018 at 12 pm and 4p.m UK time.

That’s all from me.

Thank you for looking.

Flo x



27 thoughts

  1. Flo, this is so pretty! You created a lovely pillow with the colors and your fine touches. Thank you for sharing with us. I never bought anything on ebay, but it sounds like you had a fun time – nervousness and all. I hope you share them with us when you receive them. I’d love to see what you bought. Have a wonderful Monday, my friend. Sending hugs.

    Marianne xox

    1. Thank you Marianne. Hope you are feeling much better. One of the items I bought was a classic little girls toy from the 70’s!! Just waiting for the sewing patterns to arrive so I can have some new clothes!!! lol! Take care, hugs Flo xx

  2. Hi Flo,
    This is an adorable creation on fabric. I love it!!
    I don’t sew, but maybe one day, I hope.
    Thank you for this beautiful inspiration with this great flower vintage stamp, and also thank you for the reminder about Hochanda today. I will try to watch the shows, I hope I can see some of your makes not blogged yet! πŸ™‚
    Hope you are well,
    sending hugs xxx

    1. Thank you Coco. I must admit I haven’t done any sewing for years but have started to get back into it now that I can get hold of fabric. It was always difficult up in the mountains. Hope you managed to watch the shows. Sadly not everything makes it onto the blog. Sometimes I run out of time to take photos. I do try though! πŸ™‚ Hugs, Flo xx

  3. You did a wonderful job with the panel Flo, it looks beautiful!
    And thanks for all the tips, and reminding us of the Hochanda shows too.

  4. Fab project Flo, and a gift idea to boot! This reminds me I have an already sewn cushion cover (incredibly, cut and sewn by yours truly despite my lack of skills!) waiting for me to decorate and I have all the textile paints too…
    P.S Never bought or sold on ebay!

    1. Thank you Christine. That’s the thing with sewing isn’t it. You can start something and go back to it later. Its much easier these days because of all the different fabric mediums around. I did some geli printing on fabric a couple of weeks ago….I can see that becoming a new addiction!! πŸ™‚ Really good fun. Looking forward to seeing your completed cushion.
      Hugs Flo xx

  5. Oh, such sweet little project!! It ha a fabulous vintage loo and love the softness, it could be a so unique gift Thanks for sharing these new cotton panels, they seem so fun to play with!!

  6. Well done with your projects Flo, the Lavender bag looked wonderful on TV. I had the same feeling myself about not wanting to spoil things but it all worked out fine and I really enjoyed trying something new. I would never have thought of using Gesso on fabric but it’s worked beautifully as your colouring is superb. I haven’t bought anything from eBay in years but I did used to find it quite exillerating when it was time to push the button. Take care and stay warm, it’s freezing here today. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

    1. Thank you Sandra. Yes, the nerves kick in when you only have one of something but you are right it always turns out ok. Maybe with a little rescuing at times. Jean mentioned to me that she had dropped an ink pad on one of her projects after she had decorated it. I would have cried!!! πŸ™‚ Hugs Flo xx

  7. This is beautiful Flo and I did see it on the tv shows, and glad you are able to get back to doing some sewing. I have a machine but it doesn’t come out much. x


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