Funky Steampunk Bag

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a fun time over the Christmas holidays. Has anyone made any resolutions? I think this year I am just going to see how it pans out!!! Oh, one thing is to have more than 3 posts a year on the blogs!!!

I have nothing new to share with you at the moment although there is a lot of activity going on in the craft room. Crafty Individuals are bringing out some new stamps very soon. They are fabulous as always but I can’t show the projects made with them until next month.

I have oodles and oodles of craft projects on my list to design, make and create. Santa very kindly left me some goodies including some fabric and some jewellery findings and…….some vintage Sindy dolls!!!  I will probably either just do them up a little with new hair and costumes or make them into some sort of art dolls. Not decided on that one yet! lol!

Anyway, I thought I would share this project which I made a while ago.



Ok, to be honest I am not sure if the panel is on crooked or its the way the bag is sitting.

I made up the bag out of some scraps of curtain lining fabric which I had sprayed with fabric ink  and then added a pattern using a stencil.


The panel was sprayed with the same ink and then I added some high lights using fabric paint.  Just to share, the spray fabric ink I used for this project,  I bought in Lidls ages and ages ago but I really like it.

The fabric panel is another one of the Crafty Individuals printed fabric panels that I was using before Christmas.

Well that’s all from me. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year really.

Thank you for looking.

Flo x


  1. Alice

    Hi Flo, Happy New Year!
    Wow, such amazing and vibrant bag!! Love so much the shape of the bag and the wonderful CI panel with the frilly border! The design of the background is so impressive! I have never seen spry paints at Lidl, but hope to have a chance because they seems working so well! 😀

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  2. Kate Currie

    Happy New Year to you Flo, I hope you had a lovely Festive Time.
    Your bag is gorgeous, wonderful colours and images.
    I’ve decided to cut down on spending on crafting goods, I get overwhelmed by the amount I have and appalled by the cost of it all some things are never used. I don’t usually do resolutions, they are never kept, but determined this year, hugs Kate x x

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  3. Marianne

    So cute!! Hi, Flo…thank you for sharing this fun and funky tote. I have a friend who loves tote bags and is never seen without one. This reminds me of her – bright and full of “yes, I’m fun and funky!” Looking forward to seeing what’s brewing in your craft room. I do have some new year’s resolutions – more of throwing off the old and bringing new and exciting things into being – even if it’s making old things new again. My new saying is “I’m not looking for great opportunities, great opportunities are looking for ME!” Have a wonderful day, my beautiful, creative friend. xox

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  4. baileyrosy

    Hello PF this is the first post I have received via email for such a long time first i thought it was Wpressssesesssss fault but I see reading your post you haven’t been blogging much. Same here but I intend to rectify that. What a fabulous bag I love the crazy colours just my cup of tea and love the fringy detail ( can remember the technical name my English is rubbish now ) Hope you both are well give Freddie a kiss from me

    Love ya


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